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Ron Olson

Ron Olson
Posts from March 2013

Facebook Facts: must read
A new study has found the average person visits Facebook 14 times a day, and now spends a total of 32 minutes and 51 seconds on Facebook every day. That comes out to right around 200 Hours per year..or almost eight-and -a half full days per year on Facebook.
How about that? Friend us right now. Ron olson also has his own Ron Olson Memphis page.
So there
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A new quick way to get to work
If you hate your commute, do what they do in parts of Russia. They hire a fake ambulance to get them thhrough the congestion. Love the plan. It helps to listen to fm100.
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Future Headline: "Tigers Beat Spartans"
I have the ability to see into the future. I am Swammi Ron, your psychic basketball friend. I predict the Tigers win against Michigan State on saturday. They will win big. I am willing to bet michelle's cat,Tripod on it. If they lose the cat goes to the shelter. Go tigers. Stay kitty.
love ron
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Head cold got you down? I have the solution
I had the worst head cold this weel. I went to the doctor and got the "sinus cocktail" shot and a z pack. I'm back baby. ron
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Good things Going on in Memphis
I love to brag about memphis. So much to do and see. For example the Memphis zoo has their New Sting Ray exhibit opening this weekend. The Kroc center has opened at the fairgrounds. It's a 30 million dollar workout and health facility for Memphis. Compliments of the Kroc family- the original McDonalds founders. Bass pro shop is getting closer to opening the Pyramid. The tiger basketball team is smokin and on the way to the Big Dance. The Grizzlies are really fun. Ron olson has a new partner that he loves. The redbirds open up the first weekend in april.

Lets keep it up
PS: try to pick up any litter you see laying around. It's a pet peeve. Clean city is a good city.
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