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Chris Michaels
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Ron Olson

Ron Olson
Posts from October 2012

Kelly Osbourne's weight loss secret!
Here we go: it's the plate diet, which is based on studies that show people eat up to 20 percent more when they use a plate that's the same color as their food, compared to when they use a plate of a contrasting color. It's the power of Illusion. It's thought a high contrast between the clor of a plate and that of common foods, such as rice or pasta, serves to make you look at the size of your portion and think again.

Here's my tip: burn up more calories than you take in. Start walking today. Join a gym and have a relationship with a treadmill that's elevated just a scoouch. Be consistent. You must go to the gym or walk the neighborhood.

Get some headphones: listen to ron and jill...run one song...walk one song....do it for an hour. It will work and you will be totally entertained.

That's all so easy to say.
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Keep things is perspective
Keep things in Perspective> That's what I learned big time this week.I found out that my mom has stage four Lung Cancer. The ugly C word has raised it's ugly head once again.. I am sadder than sad for her and my family but I learned one important thing. All the little stuff that bothers you on a day to day basis is ridiculus when you hear something like the news about my mom. So today keep your head up,walk past the little stuff, hug your friends and take care of your momma. My Mom is a breast cancer survivor and now it's come back to her lungs. I will be at Race for the Cure leading the charge against cancer. See you October 27th.
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