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Ron Olson

Ron Olson
Posts from August 2012

today is the day I _________________.
Today is the day I compliment all my co - workers.
Today is the day I buy season tickets for Tiger football.
Today is the day I clean out my closet.
Today is the day I start walking/running 3 miles a day.
Today is the day I start reading a new book.
Today is the day I sell a painting.
Today is the day I start really listening to my wife.
maybe to three of these.
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What to wear to work? Are we slacking off?
According to a new survey, people are getting more casual with their work clothes. More than half of employees have seen guys who look like they just stepped off the golf course....49% have seen women displaying bare legs...45% have seen them showing offcleavage...45% have co workers who show aoff tatoos...and 8% have seen coworkers wearing Hot Pants. Hello Joe Lackie.
You should see what DJ'S wear to work. Shorts-tshirts-sandals. Whatever is clean. love ron
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