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Chris Michaels
FM100Memphis: RT @brandydavis01: .@The_Becktacular loved that breath mints comment on @FM100Memphis about speed dating tonight! 😂

Ron Olson

Ron Olson
Posts from June 2012

5 Reasons you need a Vacation
This is a very important list that you should read and digest. Why you need a vacation. They do really help you out Big Time.

5) To Boost your Productivity. Time off is crucial for stress recovery.

4)To improve the quality of your relationship. The more time a woman took off, the happier she was at home

3) To be happier -even before you leave home. The anticipation increases happiness

2)To extend your life. I like this one.

1)To protect your Ticker.You can slash the risk of heart disease by 30 per cent.

Enjoy your vacay.

love ron
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Topics: Human Interest

Super Glue Strikes again
This is one of those stories that I live in fear of happening everyday.The old Super Glue on the toilet seat.
Last week, police in Kentucky were called to a Walmart after a woman used the bathroom..and ended up SUPER GLUED to the toilet seat. It took emergency crews more than an hour to get her free. An investigation is under way.
I love this joke but feel bad for the lady. It sounds like something I would do If I were 12. But I'm not.
Have a great hot day.
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Locations: Kentucky

Top five signs you know it's Summer in Memphis
Here we go:

5)Bullets don't go as far because of the humidity

4)Your groceries get cooked on the way to the car from the store.

3)Homeless guys ask if you can spare some Freon.

2)Too hot to wear undies

1) The squirrels are dipping their nuts in my ice tea.

Bonus signs:

Gangsta's can't wear hoodies
Jerry lawler is selling fireworks on tv
Jerry's snow cone : (not lawler) lines long
all you hear is the hummmmm of air conditioners
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Locations: Memphis

Want to live like a Millionaire?
According to a new study, having a million dollars isn't enough to actually live like a millionaire. You know....to have the classic millionaire lifestyle, with a fancy house in a nice neighborhood, vacation homes,luxury yacht, and a killer car. You need at least four million dollars.....so get back to work or marry rich. love ron.
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Five new germ covered things to worry about
Here's the new list of germ covered things that you forget about on a day to day basis. Get the Clorox wipes ready.
5) Condiment Dispensers: salt and pepper shakers. Ketcheup bottles. dirty hands handling them all day long.
4) Escalators: Nuff said

3) lemon and Lime  Wedges; The fruit is never washed. Skip the lemon.

2) Restaurant Menus: They never get wiped down. Ever.

1)Gas Pumps; Never ever ever get cleaned. ever.

Keep the hand sanitiazer handy. It's hard not to be a germa-phobe these days.
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Why is Memphis so much fun?
Several reasons: It's Graceland and Elvis. The Grizzlies. Fresh clean water in abundance. Afforable housing. Southern Hospitality. Beale street(kinda). The Mississippi River and all it adds to the city. Stax records. Rufus Thomas. Silky Sullivan. The orpheum. Fed x forum. South main. Four distinct seasons. watermelon. Beautiful southern women. Gus's chicken. Mosquitos. Great restaurants all over the place. Bar B Q that is world famous. Chuck N Lisa's Indian village. The memphis zoo. Justin Timberlake. Jerry lee Lewis.and B.B. King. Air conditioned movie theatres. Great golf. Did I say gorgeous women? yeah the best.
And radio that kicks butt everyday. We are on top of all that goes on and proud of it. We love Memphis.
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FM 100 is sounding Great!
Have you noticed how great the music is on fm100. Lots of tempo. Fun finger poppin stuff. Like One direction-Rihanna-Fun-The Wanted-Katy Perry-Pink- Andy Grammer-John Mayer-Neon Trees- Bruno Mars: the list goes on and on. I just heard the new Matchbox 20 yesterday. Awesome. All these songs add up to a great summer feel. Goyte-Carrie Underwood-Beyonce-One Republic. Not too much one way or the other. It's all good. Every morning we are cranking out 10-12 songs an hour and having fun on top of it all. This is a great time to listen longer than ever. Rediscover the fun and portability of your radio. We love doing it.
PS: This is all possbile because we have a great program Director named Chris Michaels.

ron olson
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Top five things you hate about Monday
Here's our list for today.

The top five things you hate about Monday 

5) Having to wait for five more days until the next weekend

4) The fun is done

3)All the people in traffic that forgot how to drive over the weekend

2)  It poisons monday

1) The mood my co-woker will be in from her drunken weekend. 
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Topics: Human Interest

Top Five summer drinks 2012
Here's our list from Facebook.

5) Peach Lemonade

4)Watermelon Margarita

3)All four kinds of beer; hot-cold-yours-mine

2) Gin and tonic..extra lime

1) Goldschalger

not sure about Goldschalger as number one. I liked Mojito's and mint julep's. and a good spicy bloddy on sunday mornings. Or perhaps a John Daly...Lemonade and sweet tea vodka.
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Fed X st. jude : it starts today. Big week for Memphis
The Fed X St. Jude tournament really starts today. The Best golfers in the world and the biggest party this side of Las Vegas. Great weather. National coverage for four days. Four days of looking good. Four days of fun and sun. Beer tents. Porta-pottys. Great looking women. Skinny guys that make a lot of money playing a game. A Big salute to two of the biggest Icon's in the city. Fed X. and St. Jude. Do your part to attend and lets not take this thing for granted. And be glad it's not 99 degrees. Looking good. Get out there. take a kid with ya.

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Locations: Las VegasMemphis

Top Five greatest inventions of all time
New feature: ron and jill's top five. fun stuff.
Today : the top five inventions of all time. These are from our post on Facebook.

5) Refrigerator

4)remote control

3) the internet

2)Air conditioning

1) skinny Girl Margaritas

My list

5) Birth control
4) beer
3)The underwire
2)shoe laces
1)Clorox wipes
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