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Ron Olson

Ron Olson
Posts from May 2012

Clean up the City: I have an idea
OK..here we go. We have tons of tourists coming to town all summer long. Can we try to clean things up a bit. It seems like every interstate off ramp looks like crap. Cut the grass-pick up the trash- hire some people thru labor day to focus on the areas that are exposed to a lot of folks every single day. Get a crew that drives around the city to pick up tires,trash, and all the crap that shows up on a daily basis. You got the mowers Mayor wharton....kick it in gear. I know there are lots of problems but......lets try to project a little community pride around the fringes. Can we try? I'll be in charge for free. Just call me.....I'll drive the mowers and push the brooms....pick up trash....Why not get something organized? What can citizens do?

Lots of questions. I need some answers.

ron olson 
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Italian Fest could be one of the best Jams of the summer
I really think this weekend at the Italian fest is a treat. It's kinda what Memphis in May use to be. A real homey salute to pasta and friends. I love Italian food more than anything else in the world. That's the main reason I work with Jill Bucco. She is Italian. Real Italian. Loves cooking and wine. And anybody that loves cooking and wine is alright in my book. There is plenty to eat and great music and bocce ball. It's in Marquette Park at park and Mendenhall. Take the family. Enjoy...

PS: the weather friday will be killer. high 76   saturday 83  
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Locations: Memphis
People: Jill Bucco

Tourism to bring 55 million tourists to the state
It's one of our biggest industries! Tourism. And they are coming this summer.Dollywood has a new Rollercoaster called The Wild Eagle. For the first time ever you can actually sip Jack Daniels at the Jack Daniels distillery. It's been a dry county but now you can enjoy one of our best exports. Graceland has opened the stables up to the public. You can see home movies of the king clowning around on horses and sit in his saddle. The Smoky Mountains are hotter than ever. Visitation up 15 per cent. If you have never been to the Smokey Mountains....please do so....remarkable beauty.
There's tons of concerts here all summer...Botanic gardens....Mud Island....Snowden grove.
The Childrens museum: the Pink palace: Uncle Lou's chicken. Chuck and Lisa's Indian Village. The redbirds. The Zoo is kicking butt. And on and on it goes.
Be nice to our visitors....they are very nice to us.

I'm just sayin
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Top Ten reasons to listen to fm 100
1) Ron and Jill bringing it every single morning. Consistent  fun and killer tunes.
2) Free stuff: concert tickets and more
3) Social skills
4) Working out and listening seems to make the time fly
5) Jill is a new mom. Her baby needs to eat...the more you listen the more her son gets to eat.
6) Jill's daily Dish is spot on with all the entertainment news. If it's big she is on it for you.
7) Chris Michaels has a Goatee
8)Justin Beiber is coming to town
9) Sheryl Stewart is a Human party Machine.
10) The other stations are just...well....ummmm- terrible. There I said it.
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Southaven Mayor Greg davis is back in Vegas
I can not believe he is back to his old tricks. He is Vegas on a business trip. A business trip for five days and nights. This is amazing. Don't miss wreg tv tonight. They are in vegas tracking his every move. I am at a loss for words. Southaven ....are you there? I thought Willie Herenton was a couple of tires short of a full load, but Greg Davis takes the cake. Good luck Soto.  
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Topics: Hospitality_Recreation
Locations: Southaven
People: Greg davisWillie Herenton

Mark Zuckerberg got married on saturday! What?
Mark Zuckerberg got married on Saturday. Surprise wedding to his girlfriend-Priscilla Chan. 100 folks come over to celebrate her graduation from Med school and surprise....One week ago today, Mark Zukerberg turned 28. That same day, his girlfriend graduated from Med School. Then on friday, Facebook went public and his shares made him 19 BILLION. They partied to music by Michael Jackson and received a million likes with the annoucement of their marriage on facebook.
And finally, because yo're curious...Mark didn't wear a hoodie to his wedding. He wore a black suit and tie.
19 Billion.....one lucky woman....one lucky guy.....now what do we do? How much money does it take to live? Is 19 billion enough?
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Words of wisdom : Reagan was right
Words of wisdom from Ronald Reagan: A few days before his son got married, President reagan gave him this advice. He said" A real man doesn't prove he's a man by cheating on his wife....he proves it by putting effort into his marriage, staying loyal, and making his wife happy. And also saying "I love you" every day.

I love this wisdom. Simple but so true.

love ron olson 
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Memphis is on a roll
Love this time of the year. Memphis in May Bar bQ is the big social event of the year. Remember Last year we were flooded out and this year it's Blue skys and sunshine. No reason for it not to be a huge jam. Grab your friends and head down tonight or early saturday morning and soak it all up. Take a camera and capture the fun. There are plenty of samples to enjoy and if you ask a few questions you might learn something about grilling out. It's fun on a grand scale. we are Memphis. this is what we do. 
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