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Ron Olson

Ron Olson

Good stuff: ron olson spotlights it all

four days and counting:

1) I-Phone 4 s ..is coming on friday

2) Memphis Madness: finally something good for the university of memphis. The basketball team starts the good vibes at the school that can't play football

3) MEMPHIS ...the broadway show opens at the orpheum friday night. 

4) FOOTLOOSE: THE MOVIE  directed by Memphian Craig Brewer- opens friday

Good news for the city. And good news for tekies. Good news for tiger fans. and good news for the orpheum and all the restaurants downtown.

Go have fun. life is short. Don't let em turn you around. Push thru the negative ....
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Doritos King has passed on to snack heaven

We lost one of the biggies this week. The guy that brought the Dorito idea to Frito-lay. He stole the ideas from some guy making fried tortilla chips in San Diego. It turned into one of the best snacks of all time. Think how many Doritos you have woofed down in your life time. It was a revolution for snacking. It broke the potato chip mold. Be honest DORITOS made a difference in the world. Have you? I know .."not yet'.

Arch west God bless your self. His eulogy will end.."ashes to ashes...orange dust to orange dust."
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It's time

I went to the Tigers/SMU game on saturday. I drove down central avenue to the game. In the past, there would be cars backed up for miles. Panic about parking would set in. Should I  park in the yard of the guy with the RED FLAG and take a chance on the car not being there when the game is over. I noticed the  TIGER PAWS on Central had faded big time. So has something else. The program. No traffic problems. No tiger paws. I felt stupid paying to park. Tiger Lane looked awesome....one kid throwing a ball. The band ready to go. The stadium looking pretty good. A bloody mary and a chicken biscuit. Small groups of freshmen girls going to homecoming...wearing shoes that were impossible to walk in...especially if going to a football game . At 10:37 there were about two hundred people in the stands. I sat next to Don DeWeese, the famous Gibson Donuts guy. He was there with his grandson. They wanted to see a game. What they saw was nothing close to a game. They enjoyed some ice cream, peanuts, a couple of Sprites and the sunshine on a 72 degree day. Halfway thru the first quarter, Don's grandson proudly proclaimed to me that he had his "football underwear" on. He was more than ready. It's time for Shirley Raines to put her football underwear on. It's time for RC Johnson to put his Football underwear too.

Its time people. Put your football underwear on or move on somewhere else.  I am ready for parking two miles from the stadium in the yard of some guy with a red flag.

love ron olson your pal
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Thank you: national Gratitude day

What can you do to show some gratitude today? Email a friend. Call a friend. Buy a co worker some lunch. Clean out the fridge at work and show some gratitude toward your fellow 8-5 pals. Be thankful for turkey and dressing getting together. Show some love for the guy that invented the convertible. How about some love for the man that ate the first oyster. Hey "if you invented" the light bulb ...much love to ya. If you work at the animal shelter...thanks for all you do. If you let me in traffic yesterday on poplar at 4:34 .thank you for being so nice. Thanks to my wife Vicki- everything she does amazes me and I probably don't let her see my gratitude enough. I gotta do something about that today. She is my biggest cheerleader. I don't think she has ever heard a bad radio show. The wind beneath my wings. OK...It's time to go. A little cheesy moment has just occured. Show some love and gratitude today. Flowers- Gavin Degraw tickets..you get it- go now and gratitude it up.  love ron
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Mark the date APRIL 27: It takes off in Memphis.

What takes off? THE AMERICAN QUEEN: the world's largest paddlewheel steamboat. So cool for Memphis and tourism. The maiden voyage is april 27th. A beautiful spring day. Three day cruises and week long excursions available....3 night crusies go for 995 a person. You'll travel up and down the Mississippi river...making several stops along the way. See the river the way it was meant to be seen.

You might have noticed BEALE STREET LANDING under construction on RIVERSIDE DRIVE. This is the kind of news I love hearing....GO MEMPHIS.
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perfect weather: attitude soaring

Have you noticed...your attitude seems to match the weather most of the time. Love fall. Embrace the shorter days and longer nights. The seasons are a changing. Remember the scene from "Titanic" , when leo was standing on the bow with his arms stretched out wide soaking up the wind like a Boston Bull going for a car ride down Sam Cooper Blvd, remember that moment. Do that today. Catch every breeze. Leave some change in the Coke machine. Hold a door open for somebody today. Buy a friend's lunch. Hug a Tiger football player and say we all have days like that. Smash the poop out of a tennis ball and pretend you are in the finals of the US OPEN.

ROLL DOWN THE WINDOWS. Listen to fm100 and find one song that hits home for you.
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This week sounds like fun

Tigers take on Mississippi state thursday night at the Liberty Bowl. Get a ticket and a friend. Support the Tigers. I confess that I did not go to one game last year. That sucks on my part. I will be there saturday come hell or high water. Tailgating and wearing blue. And with hope in my heart. Hoping that maybe thursday night will be different. I would love to be walking back to my car talking with a raspy voice about this play and that play and high fiving everyone ... A guy can dream right.

Train at Harrahs friday night

Delta Fair starts friday. Love it

Labor day weekend. nice plan.

Great weather too. That makes a big difference
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greatest sandwich of all time

The fried Peanut Butter nNanner sandwich could be the most famous sandwich of all time. Sure the "ham" sandwich is poplular. A BLT has some popularity.  Egg Salad sandwich could make a run at number one, but fall miserably short. Elvis loved em. Butter(lots of it) - nanners-peanut butter-skillet. Put the butter on the outside of the bread....the nanners and peanut butter on the inside. Throw it in a skillet or on a griddle. Brown it up. Gulp it down. Milk is a good partner. For extra pleasure...ya need some bacon.Elvis loved bacon. Have a memphis moment and "here's to the KING.'

You can find this very sandwich at the ARCADE downtown.

love ron
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Ways to stay cool in Hot Memphis

1) Make out with an eskimo

2)Stay in USHER'S shadow

3)Slurpee in your pants

4)Cover yourself with CHRIS MICHAELS  hair gel. It repels heat.

5) Chew ice while standing naked in front of fridge.

6)Hot tub full of margarita's at KIM IVERSONS condo downtown

7) Swim with the polar bears at the zoo. maybe not.

8) wearing your SOFIES at the mall

9) Smoking MENTHOL cigs at work despite the fact that it is politically incorrect.

10) Beer cooler: CLUB 152 on beale street
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WEEKEND STUFF: by ron olson

At first , I didn't think there was much going on. Wrong again. Here we go:

Tonight- "walk the line" at the the orpheum. jennifer goodwin will be there.

Fed x Forum: sade and john legend

Beatle and Memphis exhibit: rock n soul museum downtown.

Sat: The concert for bangladesh starriing george harrison, bob dylan and leon russell. levitt shell

Bob Dylan and leon russell at mud island saturday night.

The redbirds home saturday at Auto zone park.

14th annual sportsball at minglewood for big brothers and big sisters.

chris tucker: orpheum saturday night. funny man. jackie chan might be there.

"cowboys and aliens" at the movies. I'm going to this one.

Cooking out ribs with my family satuday night at my house. If you want my new rib receipe, you can scroll back a few blogs this week and there it is. Come on by if you want.

stay cool...see ya...at the Liberty Bowl golf tournament on monday
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top five reasons diets don't work: and my tips

Well finally somebody says diets don't work. here's a secret. burn up more calories than you take in.

Get out and walk four miles a day. It takes about an hour. Go early. Drink water. eat cereal in the morning and at night for a snack. drink more water. Say good bye to french fries and chips.

Rocket scientists have come up with these reasons diets don't work

1)They don't have the willpower to stick with it

2) They don't see an immediate change in their body

3) Diet food is so boring

4) they don't feel supported by others

5) diets get in the way of their social lives too much
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painting: my new distraction

It's so weird. I've discovered painting. I am really elementary about it,but it is so much fun. It's all about color. Nobody telling you how to do it. Anything goes. It is so relaxing...no cussing. No self doubt. Fearless. Try it sometime. Not painting the kitchen. You can buy supplies at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. It all started with my mom,my mother in law and my neice. They all love painting. Now I got it all...music everyday in my headphones at work. And an art studio in my living room. Plus a smokin hot wife. That's all I know today. How do you spell therapuetic?
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I did it. I cooked ribs for the first time ever

It was so easy. Vicki and I made ribs saturday night for the first time ever. I always thought it would be a hassle and certainly not come out as well as they did. Perfection. So easy. You can do it.

1) put two slabs of pork ribs on a cookie sheet and add 1/4 cup of white vinegar. Cover the ribs and cookie sheet with aluminum foil and put in the oven on 400 degrees for 75 minutes.

2)sauce: mix a cup and a half bar b q sauce ( I used Kraft) with a quarter cup of brown sugar and a quarter cup of pancake syrup. maple.

3) When ribs are out of the oven....place them on a medium heat grill...meat side down. baste the other side let sit for five minutes...flip em over and baste again with the sauce. Flip over again if you want. The sauce really adds a sweetness and a little crunch to the ribs. They fall apart. finger licking good. add tons of napkins and you are home free.

It brings me one step closer to a cooking show.

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my best punch drunk chicken receipe

this is a family tested  secret weapon> serves 12 or 8 really hungry folks. matbe I can be on "hells kithcen"

Drunken Chicken


12 boneless skinless chicken breast halves
3/4 cup light rum
3 tablespoons light brown sugar
3 tablespoons lime juice
3 tablespoons soy sauce
1 teaspoon seasoned salt
1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 cup butter or margarine
3 cups sliced mushrooms
2 cups dairy sour cream


Place chicken between 2 pieces of wax paper and pound to 1/2-inch thickness. Pierce in several places with fork and place in single layer in shallow glass dishes.

Place rum, sugar, lime juice, soy sauce, and seasonings in bowl and stir to combine. Pour over chicken. Cover and refrigerate 30 minutes to marinate, turning once.

Melt butter in large skillet over medium heat. Remove chicken from marinade and set marinade aside. Sauté chicken in butter. Remove to warm platter.

Add mushrooms to skillet and sauté about 3 minutes. Reduce heat, stir in reserved marinade, cover, and cook over low heat 5 minutes.

Remove skillet from heat and slowly stir in sour cream. Spoon over chicken.

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fun stuff this week: sandra,the stones and chicken

The orpheum is showing "the Rainmaker" tonight. The john grisham movie. Filmed right here in memphis. tomorrow night it's "The Blindside"....I wonder if sandra bullock will be here for the showing. Some say she is in town talking to some VIP'S about a movie to be made here soon having to do with you know what.

The overton Park shell is also showing summer movies. Growing up in Memphis, my parents were big Rolling Stone fans. They always had there music on in the house. You can see "gimme shelter" at the shell friday night. The stones love them some memphis.

The B-52's are at minglewood. One of my all time favorite good time bands.

Best sandwich of the year: the chicken sandwich at jack pirtles chicken. Ordering it is always a challenge with the crew of scientists that take your order at the drive thru...but once your past that and wait for 20 minutes to get the dang sandwich...it is one of the "hands down" best I have ever had. so there.

chicken sandwich, the stones, sandra bullock and "tin roof rusted". Get busy.
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back from vacation: so much happened

One week away and wow. Even in summertime stuff keeps happening. Casey anthony gets away with you know what. Sadness reigns down on memphis when one of it's finest gets killed in the line of duty. The USA soccer team wins a big match over brazil. My phone goes out. I've been without my phone for six days. The royal couple comes for a visit.  Kate hudson and victoria hudson have their babies. Transformers rules the boxoffice. and finally Kraft Foods has added veggies to it's "mac and cheese". The simple to the serious. The heat is on. Can the school bell ringing be far away?  stay thirsty my friend.

ps: bruno mars takes over tomorrow at 6pm.
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fireworks: here's my list of boom boom spots

Patriotic pyrotechnics:

SATURDAY: Navy lake at millington naval air station. Collierville and bartlett. And I think the redbirds are doing them both saturday and sunday at auto zone park. Pickwick lake..at grand harbor saturday.

SUNDAY; JULY 3. redbirds...I think. But the big downtown jam is sunday night. Music. 2o minute show.

always cool to see em downtown. The sound bounces off all the buildings downtown and makes the bridge look so cool.

MONDAY; JULY 4TH: Germantown- olive branch and southaven.

There are probably more but that is most of the good stuff. Be careful. It's the biggest beer weekend and the biggest movie weekend and the bigest fireworks weekend. Beer and lighting fuses- never a good combination. Remember the rednecks famous last words"...watch this ya'll".

Go America.
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ways to stay cool this weekend

I know you know about swimming pools. right? Pitch a tent in one this weekend. It's gonna be hotter than Holly hancocks pant suit. She is the weatherperson on TV that always wears polyester pant suits that look really hot. Hot as in temperature not sexy hot.  more ways to stay cool. Ice cube on your wrist. It cools your blood flow quickly. Keep a spray bottle in the fridge. soak your feet in cold water. A bucket of cold water in the living room works. Not real sexy but who cares if you are hot. and you can also do what I do...wear a Bandana. So when I go to loews looking for weed killer I look like Brett Michaels. kinda. not really. I look more like chris michaels.

stay cool and remember to capitalize as many words as possible today.
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great summer movies

I Can't wait for harry potter. and transformers. and the alien and the indian movie. or cowboys and aliens. or out west with the UFO's. The "I hate my boss" flick should be something we can all relate too. three typical boss types. 1)The know it all. the guy that knows all the answers and won't listen to anyone around him. 2) the boss that hogs all the good stuff that happens as if it were his idea. 3) The "yes man"..he's the guy that says yes to everything you say....

Its hotter than Mearl purvis's bikini bottoms. Have a nice fourth of july. go to a movie this week.

PS: I just rented "the mechanic". With jason what's his name. It is rock solid.
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shirtless guys on the beach

It's summer so here are some shots of your favorite guys last week at destin> or you can focus on the the bank robberies on poplar and the carjackings that happen everyday. Which is it.
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summertime: I wish I had a pool...kinda

I have never had a swimming pool. always wanted one. How cool would it be to come home and cool off in your own backyard pool. swimming and splashing and diving in. But I wonder how much work they are. Is it worth it? is it really that good or is it like a pool table...you play it for a couple of weeks and then it becomes a place to fold the laundry. I wish I had a neighbor that had a pool and when they went out of town on vacation I would go over and swim for hours. Never worry about chemicals or chlorine amounts. Whenever we go out of town, I still love hitting the pool. There is something so relaxing about a pool. Swimsuits- thats a whole nother topic. I don't mind letting the ladies enjoy the scenery when I reach for a towel. Some say it's the best exercise out there. FYI: make sure you get your kids swimming lessons. i know it's a pain in the butt,but it is something they need to know...like how to balance a check book, talk into a microphone, read a gps,how to introduce themselves, how to shake hands, how to cook a great steak and tater. in the too much information department...steve conley has a pool. When he went out of town last year ...I went skinny dipping in his pool. Don't tell him.

I'm a bad boy.
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Check out the new "Footloose" clip from Craig Brewer

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fathers day: sunday: gift ideas

Here's a list of stuff I would like you to purchase for fathers day for moi. I- pad would be nice. Golf shoes. 4G phone to replace 3G. Shotgun for hunting. Steaks. Brighton belts. art supplies. Pilates lessons. decking for patio. Bourbon. I could use a black tie...skinny one. New suit. Sunglasses. fly rod. New tennys. some face time with my daughter...thats free. Sleep. sunshine. good ratings...you can't buy them. most important ....call or hug him in person. please copy and give to my family.
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what bugs me: secretly

This is one of my pet peeves: litter,trash,tire treads,chairs, plastic grocery bags all the crap that is everywhere on the streets. We were "city beautiful" at one time. It has got to stop. Make an effort on your part to pick up the trash and litter. I wish the city made a better effort at it. I know resources are limited and budgets are being cut but the image is important. Right now memphis couldn't get hired looking like this. What can we do to help stop the dirt and trash and pollution? I am willing to commit to helping. Somebody call me and say "ron we need your help".Keep your trash and smokes in the car until you get to the trash can at mcdonalds or costco...then you can put litter in it's place. It seems so simple. Be an influence today. people are watching you. be a leader. It starts at home.

Travel and leisure magazine has Memphis in the top ten dirtiest cities in america. New orleans number one. Lets turn this around somehow. I know it's a monumental task. Just ask me I'll help. Just ask for the task. Pick it up today. love this city. lets go.
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best life experiences

so many good ones. But our listeners[had the best ever. Most people would say the birth of a child or getting married to the best person ever. One lady called in to say she got to spend an entire year in naples italy with the military. One guy had actually played augusta national golf course. Its impossible to get on. One guy had the courage to come out to his parents. One lady saw the recent royal wedding in person. another studied humpback whales in australia.

I started thinking about the trips and adventures I've been on. Europe,amsterdam,cayman,canada and of course arkabutla.

Getting married was cool. seeing jessica born was also on top of the list cause she truly changed my life. My first job in radio was pretty special. Falling in love with your job is pretty cool too.

get out and do something. ron
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weekend to remember: got some ideas for ya

Number one: fed x st jude classic. The best golfers in the world. the best looking women in the south. Pronto pups. coverage on cbs all weekend. Memphis looking good. go john daly. and shaun micheel. we are watching.

Bona roo:  in east tennessee....lots of bands and weed and young kids discovering what they want out of life.

Germantown charity horseshow. 63 years. Jumping and riding and sweating up a storm.

must see movie of the weekend: SUPER EIGHT. speilberg - popcorn- dark theatre.

Bowling with ron and jill: saturday at bartlett lanes....cosmic bowling. I am good at that most of the time. New style of throwing the ball that is catching on. 2pm. see ya there.
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three out of five women say it would be creepy

Take a wild guess. Is it wearing his golf shoes? Is it an uncomfortable hug from your old science teacher. Is it a one hour free massage from your current boss? or getting nude photo's from a guy? bingo. It's getting nude photo's from a guy. I don't get this for some reason. Maybe I'm to shy to send a nude photo of myself. I can't think of any reason to ever  do this. It's so private. the privates are private in my neighborhood. Not even in a funny moment. It will haunt you. Ask mr weiner. and now there is a little weiner to worry about. anyhoo.

fyi: 74 per cent of the men say its sexy to receive nude photos from a female. There is the difference between men and women.

have a good day.
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Good news: charity horse show and why do golfers love memphis

Germantown charity horse show in full swing at the germantown arena  (right next to germantwon high) Tons of horses and jumpers and girls in tight black stretchy pants with hats . 63 years of bringing the horses to germantown. I'm afraid of horses. They are to big and to unpredictable for me. But don't let my fear of being kicked discourage you from taking the kids to the event. Horse manure isn't one of my favorites either, especially when it's a hundred degrees in the shade.

St. Jude fed x classic. This is the best field ever. All the stars are coming out. CBS is covering the event . So is the golf channel so you can watch from home where the A/C is set on 69. The world will see memphis and st. jude and john daly's crazy pants. If you can make it, put on your shorts grab some ice tea and get it on. The golfers say that memphis is one of their favorite stops....WHY YOU ASK? well it's because of the women. Several pga guys have told me that Memphis and Houston have the best looking women in the world. Pretty cool. And I agree. Not so sure about Houston. But Iknow Memphis inside out. 


ron olson
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Is there a DIVORCE in your future?

I hope not. here are the three occupations most likely to get a divorce. massage therapists- bartender- and choreographer. long hours and erractic schedules. and the hands on the body thing. and the drinking late night thing. Choreographer not sure why. Don't know many or any. It seems like band member, bank teller, and sonic drive in girl should be on the list. Think about it. If you're in a band you are hanging out late with the bartenders...if you are a bank teller...there's money all around and you can hand pick the customer with the most cash as your next boyfriend...and the sonic drive in girl speaks for it self...always bringing good stuff to the car.

best way to avoid a divorce. be honest. go home. cook out. eat sushi. listen to fm100 together and laugh a lot.

try to stay cool today. be nice. get some sleep. hit the ball straight. la la la la   

stay single or married. ron
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I did something that I haven't done in a long time

It was a saturday night. I had just rolled back home after zztop at the botanic gardens. My wife's best friend ,GiGi, was in town from nashville. We were so glad to get back into an airconditioned room and uncork some wine and talk about life and the weekend. The subject shifted to music and we started listening to Pat Monahan and martina mcbride together on country cross roads. We switched to Josh kelly, Roy orbinson, and Lady gaga. Running the contrasts from a to z. Before I knew it...the table was pushed back and we had a party. Me, dancin with two of the coolest kids on the planet. relaxin,laughin, and enjoying some volume. I wonder if the neighbors were out walking the dog at 1;38am?  I'm sure the sight would have been hilarious. It was one of those fun moments. Music brings folks together.

I'm just saying.


ron olson
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life's simple pleasures

There is a new list out about life's simple pleasures. Here are some of my favorites. Fresh clean sheets. a really good hot shower early in the morning. crunchy bacon. cookies that are made for a cold glass of milk. the sound a well hit golf ball makes. an early morning hello kiss. grill marks on a steak. my daughters laugh. the smell of a baby. you know, not the poopy part but the natural sweet smell of little baby. also I love baby feet. I want to eat them. I love the smell of gasoline and fresh baked bread. corn on the cobb covered with lime and butter. a good back crackin. and the way Karen Perrin looks at me when I lean over the copy machine. also the smell of fresh cut grass...almost forgot that one. How about listening to fm100 on the way to work with the windows down.
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I had to look!

Shaquille O 'neil has retired from the NBA>one of the nicest guys anywhere. He started with penny hardaway at the orlando magic. I knew Penny so I flew to Orlando to see him play with Shaq. I had never been in an NBA lockerroom before, so I wasn't accustomed to the way things work. There are male and female reporters everywhere. There are naked basketball players eveywhere. The reporters are trying to interview players. The players are towel drying off -fresh out of the shower...nobody seems to care. naked everywhere. There I was trying to be cool and act like I knew my way around the world. Where do ya look when surrounded by a bunch of naked guys? One of those guys was  Shaq. There he was naked as a new born baby...I was staring at the ceiling....looking anywhere but downstairs. But I felt like it was my duty as a member of the media to get the whole story....I peeked.  Wow...it was a quick look...I have just seen something that most people will never get a look at. You can call me for details....I HAD TO LOOK.

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The heat is back: ways to stay cool

The memphis heat is back bigtime: what's the best way to stay cool. Number one tip...don't work on your attic. Whe are attics so dang hot. why am I sududdenly writing this way. (must have hit a button) anyhoo. Why don't attics have big fans that blow all the hot air that hovers over your house, outside. It seems like attics should be air-conditioned. I digress.

ways to stay cool:

1) work only inside at ice factory


2) life gaurd at "adventure river"

3) moose tracks ice cream tester

4) michael buble towel boy

5) zz top beard trimmer

6) coach josh pastner inside basketball blower upper

7) AC wharton's best friend. cause he is always cool.

8) lauren lee (fox 13) personal assistant for all her movies

9) work for the grizzlies. They are extremely cool.

10) Jill bucco's shampooer....cold water...lots of hair...everybody wet....hello summer fun.
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box turtle rings the happy bell

Sometimes you forget how something as simple as a box turtle can make you happy. At least if you are a four year old kid. It's one of those things that you never forget. I had a couple when I was a child. they move slow and don't bite. You can name them and release them in the yard a week later. This weekend I found out that some  good friends of mine were looking for a box turtle for their four year old. An all points bulletin had been sent out across the land. monday morning I'm driving home from Heber springs and see one. Right in the middle of the road. I stop,risking life and limb to pick him up. I make a U-Turn and head back to steve and nancy's. me and the turtle riding shotgun. I'm sure its his first car ride. airconditioned. music. Doing 55. He has got to be freaking out. But he sat there quietly and enjoyed his moment. I knock on their door and much to there surprise at 7;16 in the morning a box turtle is delivered. The joy was everywhere. Last night I got a text that said the boys had named the turtle "selly". Very happy boys. another good day comes my way. And that's how I roll.
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the joy of a three day weekend.

It feels so good to get a day off. You can recharge your battery. Sleep in. stay up late. Get some stuff done. Go to the drive in.Check out a redbirds game. Go to a movie or two. Pop some corn. Make an attempt at making ribs for the first time. Compliment my wife on her haircut. Go to the apple store and stand around feeling stupid. I bathe in the intimidation factor. The AT&T store comes in a close second. Clean out your garage or your attic. steal your neighbors remote control and hide outside their house and secretly change the channels all night and let them try to figure out whats wrong with the TV. Go to the summer  twin drive in...sneak in. Get in the trunk and let your wife drive in by herself.You pop out to a million laughs once safely in the drive-in...and then make out all night . maybe not. Baseball games,zombie walks or better yet stay in the house and facebook all day.

we got work saturday morning and monday morning. so enjoy you're three day weekend. Let me know what it feels like.  ron
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whats goin on. it's crazy good...kinda

Osama bin laden is still dead. Kim kardashian is engaged. scotty is the new american idol. It's the last day of school. I'm losing weight. It's summer (almost). The weather has been more than nuts. I spend every night with dave brown looking for hooks on the radar. The river is out of its banks. Jill bucco is a mom. and a good one. It's nice to see someone really discover love like never before. The smile from her little elliot is remarkable.  My wife is closing her store. I can see a sense of relief from her. She is ready for something new. A new adventure. It's nice to look ahead at uncharted waters.  Life is always changing. It's constant. That's why doing a morning radio show is so much fun. Everyday it's different except in august when its just hot and humid and miserable. 

school is out for the summer. Can't wait. It'll go fast. get up at 5am and listen for the fun and sarcastic good times. plus tons of tunes.The summer and fm100 just go hand in hand.
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Billy bob wins IDOL

I just found out. They taped it this morning. I knew he would win from day one. Now I can go back to yoga on wednesday and thursday nights.
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what would you insure? The stars are doing it.

dolly parton insured her boobs.David beckem insured his legs . gene simmons his tongue.

Jim jaggers from news channel 3  insured his barometer. andrew douglas from tv 5 insured his voice and his six foot six height.

Jill bucco wants to insure her hair. Have you seen it. Long dark and very pretty. It's got to be a challenge to wash it every week.  I would 

insure "my guns".  Since I live in the gym, my arms are the "ninth wonder of the world" according to cindy in our promotions department.

I know you never see them cause I'm on the radio but I can bench press 75 lbs.  I think kim iverson should insure her natural  born

ability to talk. Sheryl stewart should insure her smile. And chris michaels should insure his fu man chu.

I'm just saying.  ron
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memphis humane society: big deal thursday night

thursday night "paws for art" at waterworks in midtown. 40 artists contributing artwork to help the humane society.

Can there be a better cause? can't wait. I have donated two paintings, kinda. It's my interpretation of a cat . and or cats.

I am allergic to cats. The painted ones are fine. I know two cats...moonpie and the brown one. What I do know is that the memphis humane society brings it 24/7. It never stops. always caring. This might help a little.

I know jill bucco is out blogging me today with her "all the songs from tonights glee" and the harry potter movie trailer from july but, the day is young.
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Oprah says good bye this week

Monumental icon of our times. She blazed a trail and inspired millions. From out of nowhere to mega monster.

Always there for you at 4pm every day. On top of everything that meant anything. If you got on oprah you were validated. She really did make a difference.

Fun Facts:1) She was born in kosciusko mississippi. 2) She won "miss black fire prevention" in nashville. 3)She won an oscar for best supporting actress in "the matrix". 2) She never married stedman 1) the name of her production company"harpo" is oprah spelled backwards. that's genius.

Gonna miss her. can anyone replace her?
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End of the world saturday

well good luck with that.  It is suppose to end saturday but I can't believe it. I want to hang around for a while...I want to see my daughter get her drivers license and get married and have kids. I want to have a tv show where I travel around the world and talk about fishing or golfing or cooking or kite flying. I want to meet pippa one on one and show her where the royal family lives. I want to drive a car doing 120mph on bill morris parkway, wait I've done that. I want to visit africa,idaho and st. martin.  I want to live and see a cure for cancer right here on earth. I'll get to heaven soon enough and hopefully in a less dramatic fashion.  I want to see the tiger football team win 6 or 7 games. I want my wife to get a job with fed x...oh well...

see ya monday ..ron
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big news: fun stuff abounds

Tim tebow is coming to memphis for the fed x st jude classic. he'll play in the pro am on that wednesday .

Justin timberlake will host this weeks saturday night live. always funny. (when he is on at least. )musical guest Lady Gaga. don't miss tv.

Lady gaga has replaced oprah on the forbes magazine list of most influential celebrity types.

jon bon jovi tonight at fed x forum. I've invited him to come by the studio this morning...hoping he brings a guitar with him to entertain us. jill wants him to do shirtless sit ups in the control room....no jill that ain't happening to my bud johnny. that's too much.
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chris michaels: our new guy at fm100

say hello to chris michaels our new afternoon guy. fun and loves to party. He just moved here from mobile alabama. He is getting to know memphis and wants to make some new friends.

check him out today or at a remote this weekend.
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Great news for memphis: a boat , a burger and a tiger

Great news: the "american queen" river boat is coming to memphis. You will be able to enjoy cruises on the mississippi river. 596 new jobs centered around it. steamboat captains. tourists. river front development. yes.

five guys burgers opens today. can't wait. one of the best burger - french fry combos anywhere. near park and ridgeway...in the old cresent city location across from MUS.

Tiger woods- is he coming to the fed x st. jude.? he has never played memphis. He is an igmo. I know. but he could sell some tickets and if he wins...or makes it to the last day...great tv ratings for cbs and we win. Fed x has committed to the tournament thru 2014. Love fed x. love this city.

lets go.

ps: things go better with fm100 and chris michaels....mr. afternoon. check him out today.
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there is no heaven: whoa-What? says who?

stephen hawking says there is no heaven. He is like the smartest dude ever. But wrong on this one. Has he ever heard a baby say "momma"? Has he ever seen the sunrise over the grand canyon? has he ever looked close at the wings of a butterfly? Does he know that no two snowflakes are alike? has he ever been to CK'S coffe shop at three in the morning and looked deeply into the eyes of the cashier? Has he ever heard bruno mars early in the morning riding around with the car windows down doing 75 on bill morris parkway? I doubt it. hey nit wit. there is a heaven. Its right in front of you.....smell the coffee.

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New projects: How to bore yourself to death

Finally I decided to clean out my attic. years of throwing junk in it. To hide stuff. Christmas junk. Photos. sleeping bags. pillows. flippers for scuba diving. golf clubs. furniture. jessica's junk. dust. exercise equipment that looked like a good quick fix idea for getting the stomach toned up.weights. books.lunch boxes. Lots of great memories. lots of insulation and mouse traps. My graduation pictures from 1983. Posters of aerosmith and bare naked ladies (the band). It's like the OLSON museum. But since I've started watching the first ten minutes of "hoarders" on A&E, I've decided to lighten our load at home. Get rid of some of the junk. For the love of God. So today Goodwill here I come. I'm bringing the blankets this morning. I predict a totally clean attic and a great feeling deep inside when I lose my hoarding ways. We are all kinda like that. Let go.

PS: If you want a sleeping bag and some flippers email me today.

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He is coming to town

He: who is he? santa claus-george bush-the guy from twillight-cam newton-wayne newton-arnold the former governor and husband of madame the puppet. no. The man. The president of the united states is coming to Booker T. Washington school for their graduation. How cool is that. Next monday. If ever there was a person to inspire one to greatness its the president of the good ole USA. Think of the impact. I don't care if  you like him or not. This will have a major  impact on hundreds of kids. When was the last time you had an impact on anyone? think about it.

This is great for memphis.. like the grizzlies say " we believe". It's nice to have a positive spotlight on my favorite city.  Al roker in town doing the flood thing for NBC. Bar B Q contest this week. and the President coming next monday. It's a great time to do a morning show. Go Memphis. Go booker t.

signed ronnie o
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You gotta have heart

The memphis grizzlies are the best example of team work and getting the job done. I must be nice to have kids that can witness this. It really makes a difference.  If they lose tomorrow, it doesn't matter. I have been entertained and will be glad to get off this emotional rollercoaster. They are amazing. I want to marry them and go on a honeymoon with the royal couple. The royal couple and me and all of the grizzlies in mexico. I am so happy. It's a nice change. being a winner is a good feeling. The city is in love. Maybe the flood will wash away any negativity the seems to run thru the city. maybe. You gotta have heart...let it shine.

signed ron olson
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weekend: Griz-momma and helping out.

awesome: get ready.  Can't wait for my grizzlies to beat the **** out of  oklahoma city. This team is the ultimate underdog. Nobody gets it but us. It's like having a kid that makes you proud but people think is stupid. Well that was not the best way to describe it, but you get it. We are great casue we are a team. Teamwork  paysoff at work and in play. Go grizzlies I truly am in love with all of you. and thanks for making memphis look first class. rock the house.

happy mothers day. hug and kiss and hold your momma's hand. If you are lucky enough to still have one....celebrate her greatness....don't hold back.

clean city: I know its flood time..but " a day of action" is on saturday. a chance to help clean up the city. call 235-2416 to find out where you can help out. A clean city is a great feeling. Be proud of our town. Instead of complaining lets all do our part. see ya saturday.

don't forget ron and jill work every saturday morning 5-9am.

love ya ron
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thanks for soap sunday

Thanks to everyone for coming out to "soap sunday" at the coliseum last sunday. Tons of folks got to sample a huge variety of soaps. " it was the best year ever " said jill bucco. thanks to dial soap the big sponsor that made soap sunday the best since its beginning. Thousands of people laughed and sopaed one up for a good cause. in radio we say "don't touch that dial"...no we say touch you some dial. see ya next year
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weekend: whats up

This weekend. auto show at the convenion center...I'll be there saturday from 2-4 with spiderman. What's he like? What will we talk about?

will he wrap me up in web and leave me in the bathroom as a joke?

what if he drags me out to the top of the convention center and swings over to city hall and then down to the old bridge and back to the roof of 201  poplar with me swinging in a web below him? what if he breaks in the jail and lets all the prisoners free to roam the city?

and you thought you had some stuff to worry about.
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memphis on a roll

the grizzlies are kicking butt

the tigers keep on winning

andy rodick is winning at the racquetclub

The secret formula for coca cola is out.

Girl scout cookies on sale now.

Killer weather...golf game coming around after a dormant eight weeks

bon jovi is coming to town.

kid rock is coming to town

kings of leon are coming to town

daylight savings time in two weeks

money is falling from the sky

well that is a stretch..

radio sounds killer.

love ron
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memphis on the move: let's go positive

There are some good things happening in this city.

The electrolux news is massisve. They are bringing their company to memphis in the spring> 1250 new jobs and 1500 jobs that will be developed to assist them in their manufacturing process. Pinnacle airlines has moved to downtown in the old nbc bank building. The grizzlies are winning. Tiger football is over. The greenline is open and changed the coolness level to a ten. Its kinda like a piece of seattle in this southern city. The levitt shell is back and rocking overton park. Broad avenue revitalization is underway. The zoo never ceases to amaze me. It has outgrown the st.louis zoo in popularity and the salute to hippo's is coming. Jill is having a baby boy. Jessica my daughter is working on her masters degree at the u of memphis and she has a new job and a boyfriend. That is the part I love. My kid is happy and working hard. do your part to help your neighbor. pick up some trash. read a book. tip bigger today. do some sit-ups. dream big. Remember the wright brothers took three or four planes with them everytime they tried to get off the ground with that flying thing. They knew they were going to crash. eventually one took off. don't be afraid to crash. That's my theme for 2011. I am going to do something big this year. How about you.   love ron
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The New tradition for the olson family

Tomorrow you can see the Olson's: ron ,vicki,jessica, brother bob and my mom at the Picadilly on poplar at highland. Expected time of arrival will be 11;15. It's our new tradition. My mom can't do the cooking at home  anymore and vicki is tied up with her birthday, the store and helping her family put the traditional deal together for thanksgiving.

There is something special about standing in line at Picadilly. The anticipation. the judging of off the folks in line with you. These are people that don't have time for a bunch of cooking and cleaning. Why not ?  Last year the turkey and dressing was a little dry....the year before almost perfection. You grab some jello...a little slaw....turkey and dressing...some gravy....maybe a shiny roll...than some lemonade....be careful not to pinch the fingers of the person in front of you with your tray.. walk on..find a seat, say a prayer and let the eating begin. Its a simple  time to laugh and talk and catch up with the ones you love.

The most amazing part of the Picadilly experience is this: my brother brings his own mustard. apparently not happy with the mustard choices at the dilly.One of the most amazing things I've ever seen. That's why I love my brother...he was the guy that brought kraft bar b q sauce, italian dressing and cremora thru airport security in his check on bag this summer. Classic.

enjoy the family and if you see us at Picadilly say "hey".
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Taylor swift! is she coming to memphis?

No. but close...July 1st knoxville.......august 14  St. louis....september 16 and 17th in nashville.....october 4th...little rock...

She was on with dane cook and jay leno last night.very funny.

Chelsea lately tonight.

NBC thanksgiving 7pm...family special.

Make plans early for her concerts...and listen for tickets from fm100...cause thats what we do.

happy thanksgiving. go taylor
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great news for memphis

memphis is not on the top ten worst crime cities in america. yes. St. louis is number one. They sit up there and hide from the rest of the country...not anymore. Things are getting better for us. Our zoo is better than theirs. 

We also did not make the top ten worst traffic cities. New york number one, but no memphis on the list. Finally two lists that we are not on.

Thank the Lord and hard working people. We are starting to get this city turned around....It's not perfect but there is a glimmer of hope.

love ron
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"we can't save the world"....but

I know it's impossible to help everyone but....the food bank here in memphis needs some turkey love. Yesterday we let people know about the shortage of turkeys this year. You can't have thanksgiving without turkeys. The food bank had none. SOOOOO. yesterday Jill and I bought a bunch of turkeys and took them to the food bank at dudley and union ( close to UT)...then the west clinic shows up with a  ton of turkey meat and here comes the memphis heart clinic. these are all people who get it. be a getter. help out. take a frozen turkey or two to the food bank so they can brighten a life or two.

It's not saving the world....it's making a difference. that ' s what matters most. isn't it.
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four secrets about the first year of marriage

Well a couple of these are true. No matter how special your relationship is...there are always a few bumps on the road.

four secrets:

1) your spouse will gain weight. just stay in some kind of shape and you'll be fine. make an effort.

2) you won't see your friends anymore. sometimes this is true. and maybe a good thing. It's just different. you make new friends....it's kinda tough to still hang with your street running buds and not get in a lot of trouble. same for her too.

3)you'll go to bed angry...even though you said you never would...whatever on this one. Try to fix it before you go to bed...its always ok to say I'm sorry. give a little bit. You're in it together.

4) you'll have two paychecks, but you'll still be broke. you save on rent but spend money fixing up your place. if you got kids....mo money out the door at target and costco.

The best secret: there is nothing better than being in love. Be a cheerleader for each other. take the trash out, change a few light bulbs, pick up your clothes...don't forget little surprises. Be nice to your in laws. Hug her till she screams let go.

ok maybe the last one is a little much.

marry rich.

ron olson
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Hodge podge: clinton,tigers and harry

Great news for hangover 2 fans...no mel gibson but just announced ...Bill Cinton will have a cameo in the the second edition of the funniest movie ever.

Harry Potter brings it tonight. It's finally here....we have the premiere and all is right with the world.

Tiger basketball tonight on ESPN at 11pm...it's a part of the 24 hours of basketball on ESPN. Too late for me...but thousands will be there...maybe silky sullivans before the game or just get a room at the westin and you can walk to the game and still get a good nights sleep...basketball yes...football maybe next year.

Extra: apollo one and leigh anne toughey today on the show. Tuesday Kendra and joan lunden on the show. Tons of music and it happens every single day..

ron olson
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Race for the cure: it's on baby

This saturday you can make a small difference. be at the race. Its that simple. bring your family, neighbors,preacher,lawn guy,paper boy, or grumpy old dad. But get there and experience one of the best feelings you will ever get to see. As of today, 16,000 have signed up. That means this area could raise close to one million dollars on saturday. One million that might help stop cancer in its tracks. Wouldn't that be something. Cancer gone. Its a personal dream of mine. If nothing else....the education part is invaluable. Come play,smile and learn saturday .  I am proud to say that I have been there since the beginning.  I get it. I am surrounded by women that have all been touched by this disease. Stop by carre four shopping center today thru friday and register. see ya at saddle creek early saturday morning. I know "we can't save the world"....but we could possibly save the life of one mom. one daughter. one woman.  lets do it.
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the top earning men of primetime TV

These guys are knocking it out of the park. Number one on the list...who do ya think? joe birch? maybe charlie sheen. ryan seacrest. the guy on house. anybody on NCIS?  no. It's Simon Cowell. worth 80 million last year. This list comes from Forbes.

Simon has figured it out. What does he do that works? What is his secret to success?..I'd like to read a book about his process. The Idol thing has been a phenom over the last few years. Who knew something like people singing would be so huge. What's the next big thing? Find it and we will be writing about you next year. Remember years ago when someone said lets do a network about homes and gardening. Yeah right that'll work. FYI: simon is number one. ryan number 2. trump 3. steve carrell 4. charlie sheen 5. oprah 6. just kidding.

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Pinnacle airlines coming to downtown!

what a big bunch of good news. Good for downtown. Good for restaurants. good for cabs. good for the peabody. good for hueys. Good for horse carriage folks. good for south end. Good for us. Maybe the grizzlies will make the playoffs. It seems like thing are pickin up. Now if we can get a governor that doesn't forget about  this end of the state....Go  Memphis.

600 jobs coming to downtown with Pinnacle airlines. Buy a ticket and fly somewhere soon. just for the heck of it.

good news is uplifting.

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Jobs that can lead to divorce: really?

There is a new list about jobs that could lead to divorce. I guess these jobs could put you in harms way. Maybe you would be exposed to situations that would make you weak and stry away from your relationship. My guess is hooters waitress - buffalo wild wings bartender-cop?

here is the list:

10) entertainers- people working in sports. performers

9) nursing and home health aides..28 percent divorce rate

8) telephone operators. 29 per cent

7) factory workers in food and tobacco

6) gaming service workers (hello tunica)

5)assembly line workers....32 per cent divorce rate

4) gaming cage workers...34 percent

3) massage therapists- 38 per cent

2) bartenders

#1....dancers and choreographers...43 percent divorce rate.

Well I was kinda right. notice no dj's on the list. nice.

see ya. don;t be mean. and remember to give credit to those who deserve it today.


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Starbucks: ways to save money

here are some tips from my starbucks employee friends:

5)Make your own iced drink: when you order an iced drink, you get a lot less actual coffe or tea because the ice takes up so much space. for a beter value you can order a hot drink..then order a cup of ice, and pour in your drink.

4) don't order bananas or bagels: bananas are tons cheaper at the grocery store and the bagels are just ok.

3)Make a poor mans latte. instead of ordering a latte, order an espresso over ice in a large cup. then go over to their "condimnets" station and fill the rest of the cup with their free milk.

2) Get a starbucks card. tons of free drinks and refills.

1) take advantage of their refill policies. if you keep your starbucks cup, you can get a coffee refill anytime for fifty cents.

Just some fun facts to help you save a little bit.  Enjoy the starbucks and ron and jill on the way to work every morning.
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Best pick up line?

Scientists have released a new study: best pick up line..."hello"...who knew. we took some calls about best lines. Jill said the best one ever for her was this. She was having lunch and a guy walks by and throws a sugar packet on the table and says.." you dropped your name card". Now that is a great one. One of my favorites is to always ask the girl who people say she looks like...and what ever she says say yeah that's it...I knew it...you do look like her...blah blah blah...next thing you know its breakfast for two at the arcade.

you can always try hello bitches what's up in here.
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Father of the year award

A guy is arrested for using a bb gun to make his teenage stepson exercise. This is so wrong but so .......so....kinda funny. wrong but. Not a good way to motivate your kids. Don't do this at home to anyone. The kid must have been really struggling with his motivation. Maybe they should use this method on the biggest loser? I'm just saying.

No this is wrong.

motivate thru love and example not a daisy bb gun
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one thing that always makes my day?

THe answer? a call from justin timberlake. When he calls I seem to pick up my attitude and my pace quickens. Am I in love or just bullsh***** you right now. I think the BS part is true. No really something that always makes my day?  Whenever I have a load of clothes in the the dryer from an early morning wash and I come home and they are folded neatly in the closet ready to be put up. Clean clothes folded is always a great feeling. Or the fact that the bed is always made when I come home. That is a great feeling. I think it is a sign of caring and love. If the bed is made then all is right with the world.

A couple of birdies and taking two bucks from my friends is also a nice feeling.

love ron
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best news of the year! for some ...I think

scientists prove that chubby men are amazing in bed! And now you know why vince vaughn gets so much tail. I'm just saying. Stop working out today and enjoy the ride .
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Almost dead: glad I was in my camry

Last sunday I was driving home from heber springs arkansas> Just outside of wynne arkansas a deer shot out in front of my car. I was tooling along at about 60 and "wham". You can only imagine the first word out of my mouth. It wasn't wow. I hit the deer with the right front of the car and killed it instantly. I was so lucky it didn't come thru the windshield. The police stopped to check on me and they were surprised that the car stood up to the collision. They have seen a bunch of car/deer crashes, and said that the camry was like a tank. It made a difference in my life. It's something that they can't really tell you about on a tv commercial, but I can tell you first hand. I'm glad I was in the camry. I felt bad for the deer. I love em. I'm glad I'm here to tell you about it.

PS: bass pro shop has deer whistles that mount on your grill. You can't hear it, but they can. It makes they hesitate and wait until the whistle goes away. Proven way to save your life.

OK..now back to the bachelor pad....katy perry....jill's baby....my trip to nyc....golf....sleep....coffee.....and saying thank you.
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best ham samich ever ! you heard me

Yeah I said samich. not sandwich. this is a samich.....a ham samich. One place canale grocery. george canale and sons grocery. Great wonder bread sandwich raleigh la grange at houston levee. 

world famous...if not they should be...great hamand biscuits in the morning.

Little nuggets you need to know about memphis. This is one. must have mustard
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Janis fullilove: is janis full of____________.

Full of fun: full of laughter: full of herself: 

she was pole dancing on a riverboat this past weekend. At least she wasn't driving. It's ok to party. She always gets blamed for having more fun than the law allows. This reporter says party on but be responsible. Pole dancing? Who hasn't done that on a riverboat before? Ask Chad? ask Jill. we've all been there and its ok cause we are not city council people.

peace:  uncle ron
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The best of the best: great list

It's official: this is the most popular stuff from bloomberg businessweek:

most popular everything;

Liquor: smirnoff vodka

car color: white

breakfast cereal: honey nut cheerios

potato chip: basic lays

cigs: marlboro

deodorant: secret

dog: lab

prescription drug: vicodin

lipstick: revlon

morning radio show: ours ron n  jill fm100.

thought you'd like that last one:
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First day of school: always fun for most

I remember it well it was my first day of school in the second grade....I was afraid to raise my hand in class. I had to go to the bathroom. So like the idiot  that I am....I wet my pants and sat in it for half the day. I'm sure others were wondering" where is that smell coming from" ...from me my amigos. I was so humiliated. But I did learn to raise my effing hand.

don't cheat: study hard: get some sleep.
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Herenton: he is gone for good: I hope

It's been a long ride with mayor herenton. I wanted him to get it somehow. But he never did. He didn't want to get it. I understand where he came from and I am proud of what he accomplished in his personal life. He never listened. He never showed up when mayor's are supposed to show up. How about come to race for the cure or walk america or when the city is hit by by a massive ice storm...here's a hint: show up and move a limb or two. Shake hands. Come down out of your ivory tower and go beyond your entourage.

He did eat at picadilly a bunch. I got give him that. Maybe now he can volunteer at the Rape crisis center or animal shelter. They need some help.
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Fed X goes the extra mile

Last saturday I was returning from my great pennsylvania getaway with my brother bob. When I was leaving Galeton, I forgot to return a couple of fishing poles that I had borrowed from my cousin Mark. Instant hassle for me. Dang it. What to do? Could I just carry them on the plane and ship when I got home or would homeland security frown on two six foot rod and reel combos.  Well we finally find a holiday inn express and right next door is a 24/7 fed x kinko's. It was like heaven to a weary traveler. I walked in and explained my shipping issue and found that they only had four foot tubes for shipping. I'm screwed. BUT WAIT: the fed x employee finds a bigger tube in the back and duct tapes two together/ wahlah. problem solved . customer happy. I was so happy. Here's a guy in the cranberry township outside of pittsburg on a saturday night that did a little extra and got the job done. When I left I was happy and thinking I'm from memphis...yeah We got Fed x in our backyard. I know what kind of people run that company. They're good at their jobs. and that's nice.
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weekend stuff: check out this list to do

Tons of stuff: music....1) babyface at the cannon center .smooth.

2)311/the offspring/pepper...mud island sunday. don't miss it. and don't go to work at the skate park monday.

3) The school of rock tour at hi tone. An 11 city tour hits memphis saturday....a bunch of rocking kids ages 13-18 perform. The futre has arrived.

Movie: Inception with leo dicaprio.  Plus the winner of the sundance film festival opens at the malco ridgeway...its called " winters bone"...set in the ozarks .

orpheum: tonight..."back to the future"

playhouse on the square: hairspray

plus ho ho my nephew has a birthday party saturday night

have a good one....vote for ron and jill
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where should the Pharaoh go?

the Pharaoh in front of the Pyramid must be moved to get ready for Bass pro shop coming to memphis. Where should we move it? We got tons of calls about the zoo. great one. What about in front of the Bellevue crosses? or on top of the old bridge with lazer light eyes that shine all over the city. Or in Kevin Kanes backyard( he is the the guy that works for the city and owns most of beale street)  or how about the liberty bowl for no apparent reason. How about the zoo with the rides from libertyland? How about Adventure river?

whatever ///it's a good thing. Go bass pro shop...rock the house
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dumb stories of the day: amazing

Well just back from a week off...ahhhhhh. Glad to be back...enough relaxing. so the first thing I see today is a bunch of stupidity....love it. enjoy.

story one: a man in new mexico loses a drinking contest, so he lets his friends light his artificial leg on fire as punishment

story two:a 62 year old woman is busted for having 30 pounds of reefer,crack and ecstacy...and tries to tell cops its medicinal.

story three: in the Thank God department>Carl's Jr. and hardee's have released a foot long cheeseburger..it's only four bucks.

thanks carl's for the culinary delight....

glad to be back jammin the tunes with jill....fm100
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Mississippi voted fattest state in america

what's wrong with that. There is more to love.  It takes a massive amount of rethinking in the south to get everyone skinny minny. It's not gonna happen overnight. This part of the country is all about eating. Eating a lot of food for very little out of the purse. Fast food. cheap food. that's what it is all about. Exercise is secondary. It should be taught in school from 1st grade on. What to eat. what's a calorie. what part does exercise play in my good health. I'm like everybody else. But My eating habits have changed over the last ten years or so.  I've said goodbye to ho ho's and fried chicken. Its veggies and fish. Lots of fruit....killer bread on occasion. fried pies and ice cream...not today.  here's a tip check with your doctor about your health. Get a physical. Teach by example.

I know it's hard to walk away from those krinkle kut fries. But hey you are walking that's a start.
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the power of a vacation

Man alive everybody is on vacation now. I got one next week and I really am excitied about doing nothing. Sleeping late for a change. Resting up. Hanging with my wife for an extended time. Cooking together. fishing. catching up on some movies. Sometimes just thinking about a vacation or the planning of it is all you really need. A lot of times the vacation doesn't live up to it's expectations.

Later this summer I am going on vacation with my brother back to pennsylvania to visit our old stomping grounds. This is where my dad is from. It's Galeton pennsylvania. A little town in north central pennsylvania that my brother and I would travel to every summer for an eternity. There was something so simple and cool about this town. It really hasn't changed much. Lots of deer. hunting . fishing. streams. nature. and real down to earth people that seemed to glad to see ya. My wife and mom think going back there is kinda crazy. Like I'm gonna be disappointed. No way.  It's one of those places that I think about all the time. Do you have a spot like that in your life? This is going to be a real adventure for me and best of all I get to go with my older brother bob. I don't get to see him that much so hanging with him will mean a lot to me big time. Vacations are all about memories. I like to mark a good vacation with a movie. something that is out at the theatre so twenty years from now when I see it on TNT I'll remember that trip to that little town in pennsylvania.
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Fireworks downtown? here are the locations

here we go with everything you need to know about fourth of july fireworks. The fourth of july is on a sunday. The big fireworks downtown ain't gonna happen. 

bartlett: july 3rd at 6;30 at the bartlett performing arts center. (6;30 seems a little early for fireworks if you ask me..can they wait til dark?)

collierville: H.W Cox park ..fireworks at 9;30.

Millingotn...july 3rd...navy lake...couple of bands....etc. the navy does this one upright.

Germantown fire works: fireworks 9;10 on july fourth...the actual day...on exeter rd at municipal park...9pm

take the kids to an event on saturday and sunday..enjoy the summer...take a camera make some memories.

Go downtown and sit on the riverbank and imagine how much fun it could be if.............................................................................

If I were Mayor, this city would have more parties and free window units to keep the summer air cool.  love uncle ron
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dreams: what they mean: new list

what have you been dreaming about lately?oprah? spam? match.com?

here we go: if you have been dreaming about oprah..it shows you are ready to make a bold move...since she's the symbol of generosity and inspiration

Spam: a dream about spam email shows you're struggling with boundaries.(really)

match.com dreams : dreaming about internet dating shows you're ready to start expanding your circle...

ebay dreams: dreaming about buying or selling stuff on ebay shows you're seeing unlimited opportunities out in the world

Lady GaGa: these dreams mean that you are ready to get your funk on. You need a job in midtown or have a need to be radical but you are trapped in a conservative world that won't let you run. 

Carrot top: you want to do steroids and comedy.

Willie herenton dreams: get off the ambien

enjoy your dreams and write them down. I'll call ya later.

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Think Pink: the fight continues

Southaven is doing it right. They now offer pink garbage cans to replace the old ugly one. It's all about the fight against cancer. Like race for the cure. If they sell 100,000 they can raise $500,000 for the fight against cancer. I want one for my house.....I love thinking like this....Greg davis mayor...smart guy..good leader....go desoto county...teach by example
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Bored life? new list. see if you agree

top ten things that bore women

1) routine  2) a lack of a social life 3)their job 4) not enough vacation time 5)housework 6) spending time on their appearance 7) depressing news 8) eating the same things all the time 9) the house 10) responsibilities 11) morning radio shows that talk too much

what a list. did you see a couple of things that ring a bell. routine number one. its hard to get out of that routine.  Sleep and exercise seem to help everything.

take time to bust up the routine....it bothers everybody. Try some new food. Get a new haircut. be daring. Get some clothes someplace other than the gap or old navy.

that's what we try to do everyday....bust up routine a little and make ya laugh and give you some good driving tunes on the way to work. But still have a routine...only one that is not boring.
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"I want my life back"...says BP head guy

What a major dope. This was the quote from the BP president. He wants this oil thing to get over so he can get back to his chushy job and feed the polo ponies..Yeah people are dead and the US economy is about to take a hit that will make Katrina look like nothing. The oil sludge is coming ashore today in the pensacola area. The ripple effect of this will last for years...maybe we'll pray for a hurricane to help disperse this mess all over the south. Hey rocky mountains we're coming for vacation. Hey california we'll see ya soon. Hey backyard you are looking good.  BP and the people in charge please make an effort worth talking about......do something this is 2010,   love ron
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I get my physical today.That's great.

I get my physical today from the good Dr. Avila. I kind of look forward to my check up. Why ? Because I'm glad to know everything is jammin. Number one I like walking around the doctor's office with my shirt off. I love talking to the office folks always looking for some ideas for the radio show. You never know what you might learn when you listen....Oddly enough, I like to have lunch at Bpatist East hospital. It's pretty good. There is a certain hum in a hospital...people busy.....people sad...lots of happy I'm going home stories...people still smoking outside the hospitals....never understood that: hospital employees smoking at the hospital...I think Baptist is smoke free now.

And they have a starbucks at the hospital plus valet parking.....Valet parking at the hospital....pretty good idea ..I guess...Use the valet so you don't have to walk as far....and then you wonder why you are in such bad health...you never walk....moral of the story: start walking and your physical will be better...and try a sandwich and a salad at baptist after your physical.
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Jack bauer VS jason bourne: h-m-m-m-m

Jack bauer said goodbye last night. 24 is gone is my books. I know there is gonna be a movie soon but why didn't chloe and jack hook up. I kinda teared up watching the end of the eight year run last night....I didn't let vicki see it..but you could hear it in my voice when she asked question number 900 during the show last night. Go jack go...run ...hide ...America needs you..maybe he'll show up in Destin and battle the oil on the beaches or fight racism with jesse james...or join the law firm of morgan and morgan cause they are for the people.

anyhoo: what if jack bauer took on Jason bourne? what if...now that would be a killer movie....who would win...you could argue this all day...call someone and just ask their honest opinion on this.

PS: jack bauer shows up on "the biggest loser" tonight and shoots the second place person.
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Money doesn't grow on trees

This is shockingly true.
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West Memphis: God bless the families

God I know you are busy everyday but If you could take the time to help the families of the fallen officers, I would appreciate it. It happend so fast. A normal thursday.A normal traffic stop. Two policemen doing their job. They take an oath to serve and protect. They are the only defense we have between the good and evil that lies all around. The worst happens. Lives are turned upside down.Lots of questions? Why. Never a good answer. ..meanwhile my little job of playing music and talking about the silly things in life rolls on. What a contrast. Sometimes I feel guilty for not being able to help more. ron
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foods that can cure simple problems

Good list: 1) bad mood: ..eat a tuna sandwich>the fatty acids in fish help treat depression 2)headache:..eat a potato> the 37 grams of carbs in a potato can up your serotonin levels...don't use butter with it. 3) if you have a cough:> eat honey...buckwheat honey...darker in color  4) stress:> eat a banan..it boosts blood sugar..about 100 calories 5) yeast infection: eat garlic and live by yourself forever with your yeast infection. sorry about that.

hope these helped..you can always listen to fm100 for stress relief...
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Nature weekend for uncle ronnie: best ever

This weekend was amazing: I love the outdoors and had some pretty cool things happen this weekend. First off...I had an eagle flyover on the little red river saturday afternoon...always special to see a blad eagle.

#2 Almost hand fed two Blue Herrons on the river saturday afternoon. They are so prehistoric looking and squawking so loud...they are kind of stork like...I had two fish that he really wanted...so I threw them up on the bank and he flew right over and devoured them in two gulps...amazing.

#3 I cought the biggest brown trout of my life....at least 12 pounds. Yes I did catch and release, so he can live to fight again...also because it costs about three hundred dollars to have one mounted..( I'm tight) Lesson learned: have a net in the boat...I didn't and it almost cost me...I had to find a dock and a boat that had one I could borrow. Always have a net...in life and in fishing. You never know. Doyou have a net?

I know it's stupid. But I had fun with the animals and the fresh air.
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Weekend: yeah it's here. What to do

Memphis in may bar bQ...please go and and just hang..plenty of food and fun. take your camera> so you can enter the commercial appeals "capture memphis" photo contest...gomemphis.com has the details....I'm gonna win it this year. My mission is to beat Jill's husband,phillip. He is one of the best I've ever seen. He has the eye. If I could beat phillip my life would begin to shape up. kidding. One of my favorite hobbies is photography....I'm nuts about it....Love shooting shots on the weekend. You can see some of my photos on facebook.

robin hood opens today.

rain showers on the way.

survivor final sunday night.listen for the winner on monday.

celebrity apprentice also sunday night...listen for curtis stone on monday.

take some photos.....have a great weekend...

ps: the best of ron and jill saturdaymorning from 5-9am
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love this time of year

I'm looking at the big sears ad in the commercial appeal this morning...It is fun to sit and see all the ads for yard work stuff.$1200 for a craftsman riding mower. If you've never been on a riding mower...do it..It's the most fun a guy can have....love cutting the grass and seeing the end results....They got a pressure washer for sale...$299 bucks...another tool that is so much fun...work can be fun at times...it's not something I'd want to do all the time but..how about a gas powered weed eater....or a craftsman chainsaw? The chainsaw scares me...to many bad chainsaw stories and movies for mee to pull the trigger on one of those bad boys...

Love this time of year...love the sound of mowers in the distance...and the smell of my neighbors  grill working overtime....big fat full flowerbeds and birds nests everywhere....fishing and golf...no mosquitos yet....every morning is prettier than the one before....ahh yes.

I've lost 16 pounds: my daughter has just finished the first year of  her masters degree at the u of m. I got a new morning show partner. My hayfever is in check. oh yeah FYI....Sears has new balance shoes on sale for $32.99..that's a whopping 40 per cent off. see ya. ronnie o
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crazy stories of the day

Three good ones that I didn't have time to talk about today:

1)Iran arrested 80 men and women over the weekend for "lustful pleasure seeking"...they were at an illegal concert. A justin Bieber concert? really..Glad I live in America

2) A texas woman ( any story that starts with " a texas woman" has got to be rough) has been accused of stabbing her husband with scissors because she was unhappy with his performance in bed. I'm grateful that I've lived this long.

3) A maryland funeral home has been ordered shut down after authorities found 40 cadavers piled up on one another. so you think the owner will have to pay a "stiff" fine? just wonderin

thanks I'll be here all week...two shows nightly...ron
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The Best Part of any Day

Early morning is the best part of anyday...Color me crazy...but I love getting up early everyday. I've been doing it for awhile but I love it. It's quite and so beautiful...untouched....peaceful and I always think that today is full of promise. Today could be the day.  11am doesn't compare to 5am. If you are an early bird you get it. It's always cooler. Sunrise...birds tweeting their beaks off....dogs yearning for a post to pee on...it's special. And Jill and I get to break the news about everything that has happened in the last 24 hours....I love bringing you the scoop on all the stuff that is going on.....Grabbing great guests and laughing at the things they talk about....killer music from bon jovi-daughtry-john mayer-taylor swift-lady antebellum-kings of leon and more. Windows rolled down ...fresh air and great tunes plus having fun. I had a boss tell me one time. "have fun"...real simple...have fun and it comes thru those speakers. People sense when it's real.  Me love some mornings...come along for the ride.
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Weather Weekend: Glad we survived

This was the worst 48 hour period ever. Glad we made it from friday to monday. I thought Channel three did the best. Austin Onick did a steller job. I started calling all my friends and family at 4:30 saturday morning. I tried to make sure everyone was paying attention and not gonna die in their sleep. Sorry about the calls. I drove thru it on the way to Heber springs on saturday morning....very spooky. Like a weather chaser> I think I could be a good weather chaser. The little rock tv coverage saturday night was really strong. The radar that channel four has rocks the world. The best I've ever seen. Better than TV 5...and they have some of the best equipment. Nashville got hit bigtime...enough to have several bands cancel out of nashville...because they couldn't get out of town. Millington got blasted and flooded. Today ..the weather is back to normal....high 86..hotter than Katy perry's bikini bottoms.
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Good stuff for Memphis: Love this news

The capital improvement program committee has approved $440,000 for a city skateboard park . A 15,000 sq ft park near southern and lamar. nice.

Plus the cityhas made a five million dollar commitment to the new hippo exhibit at the zoo. The construction on the hippo exhibit could start next year. The zoo continues to amaze people everywhere. How good can it get.

PS: the childrens museum is rock solid too. If you are a mom or dad you should be there once a month. Five star set up.

Cities with the worst ozone pollution? not memphis

Best water in the world and plenty of it....Memphis tn....

Springtime: best time to be in Memphis.

Mayor AC Wharton: smart man with a killer plan...this place is really starting to click. Don't give up on it. Make it better...pick up some trash...volunteer for meals on wheels...habitat for humanity...make a wish....help your neighbor today....use your turn signal....leave some change in the coke machine today and make somebodys day....hug your kids...turn off the tv...turn up the radio and sing along....beat on the dashboard....get better attitude....work out....believe in yourself today, ok... brag about something good today, ron.
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four bad habits: these will cost you.

There is a list of four bad habits that will knock 12 years off your life...12 less birthdays,xmas presents ..12 less chances to go to tops barbq in midtown. What do you think theyare? I'm guessing smoking,drunk driving, sex with crack ho's and crossing a busy street blindfolded.

The experts say 1) smoking 2) drinking more than 8 and a half shots worth of alcohol per week 3)eating fewer than three servings of fruits and vegetables and 4) getting less than two hours of exercise per week.

Sounds logical. hey how are ya doing on all of these...Fyi :getting rest has got to help...I seem to less edgy when I get a nap..just like a two year old. Also listen to music and laugh a little....do some yoga...try to have some zen moments everyday...some "a-ha" time or some "Ha-Ha" time. do it. ron
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People in the turning lane: wake up..please

Is it me or do all the people in the turning lane seem to be pre-occupied all the time. It happens everyday...count to ten and then they go. This why all cars should be equipped with exterior sound systems....PA systems so you can scream"lets go" or "put the phone down and drive" or "nice ride". I grew up with a guy that had one installed  in the car under the hood. It was a source of constant joy. No one ever knew where it was coming from...we would lay down in the front seat and verbally abuse folks while good ole Mr. Anderson would drive with a straight face. Classic stuff. I say lets vote this in and lets put horns on golf carts.

thats all

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This week: good stuuf on the plate of fun

A couple of things: music fest starts friday: can't wait for five finger death punch.

This Week: Travis stork MD: new book "the doctor is in"...lots of questions.

also an oprah like interview: jenny sanford "staying true"..she is the former wife of the south carolina governor that went nutty with his mistress from south america.who can blame the guy.

Andrew Zimmer: the bald headed food nut that eats anything on the show tueday..his new "i'll eat anything show" premieres tonight.

Part two of the : 1000 pound woman: she wants to gain weight to 1000 lbs. 7:10 tuesday morning.

Have you ever loaned someone money and been burned? tomorrow we will give you a chance to tell your story. Never lend anyone money. Never go into business with a relative. Basic stuff.

Thanks for helping out Imanuel Lutheran school on saturday night and of course make a wish sunday with dishes for wishes. Both events were fun to MC.
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Jill - the dog lover-and the 1000lb woman

Jill has the best story to tell about an attempted dog rescue that she performed this week. You have got to hear it friday on the show. Classic jill bucco story. don't miss it.

Monday we will talk to the woman who wants to weigh 1000 pounds. I know -why? great question. How long do you expect to live . most people are looking to lose weight. she wants to gain. what's her secret? I bet krinkle cut fries are a daily part of her life and well as coconut cream pies covered with bags of sugar. Also next week Travis Stork from the doctors and bachelor joins the show.

One more thing...what hairstyle do 83 percent of guys think is totally hot? we will have the answer tomorrow...I kinda agree with the answer but never see it enough. answer tomorrow on fm100

see ya at valvoline in germantown..saturday from 2-5. free car wash from germantown car wash if you get an oil change. weather will be bad saturday,so why not get your car serviced with a smile.

Saturday night...I'll be doing an auction at Immanuel luthern school. at the agricenter. Look forward to it.
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Big party: helps us get ready for friday

Jill and I are having a lot of the staff over for a wing ding on friday. It's a chance to get together on a beautiful night and hang with my peeps. The good news. It motivates me and vicki to get the yard work done and the patio cleaned off. It really motivates you to put your best stuff forward and it'll give the co workers a chance to root around thru my stuff. 

Beautiful day ..72 dees grees.

see ya at pilates today: come by and learn how to mulch the flower beds at 2pm today. You shovel and spread and I'll supervise.

see ya wednesday.
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Big week: sonic boom? where is it?

we might get a sonic boom from the space shuttle this week...I got that going on for me. It could rattle windows and set off car alarms...Shaping up to be pretty big. I guess casue it's landing at millington naval air base today ...it's gonna be extra loud. I think school should be out for the event. Why not it's america.

Larry King divorce...oh well.

Make sure you watch it department: THE PACIFIC on HBO. amazing series.

Music fest kicks in one week from friday...can't wait.

Seen on steven seagal's coffee cup: world's greatest douche
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Civil rights Icon gone: big loss for america

I just heard the word about the death of Dr. benjamin Hooks. He was a civil rights activist to the nth degree. A real leader. Kind and gentle and so profound. Meeting him thru the years was always special to me. Years ago I saw him having lunch with a friend at the Cupboard restaurant in midtown memphis. I was with my daughter jessica. When we got thru I walked over to him to say hi and introduce him to my daughter. I felt it was important for her to shake his hand. I asked him if he any advice for my daughter. He told her to focus on school and never let anyone turn you around. wow.
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tons of new guests coming to show

Wednesday and thursday this week; Jane fonda, Jenna elfman, Paul james from hgtv,mario batallia, chris hansen from nbc and kathy lee gifford. plus the cast of glee.

Lots of fun. Tons of songs. Great weather. slim and trim. I'm trying to get pregnant. I know you can tell.

Questions today? yes. should you take kids on vacation with you or leave at home with the relatives?

What women do to check on their man. Is he cheating? details and secrets today at 8:25am

The weather this week is rock solid...get outside and soak up that vitamin d. Working on my golf game. Trying to figure out this week why I love playing so much. I play so bad at times. I guess it's one of those things that you never ever conquer. maybe I like making donations to my friends. maybe they are friends cause I make donations to them weekly.. I see if they show up at my funeral.

enjoy it. ron
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Plants and super fun people

Here's what I know about ferns. If you want ferns that will survive the heat and humidity in memphis ...get Kimberly Queens....boston ferns don't last they are from boston....The queens thrive big tiem and can take tons of sun. so there.

Big plant sale at the dixon gallery today and tomorrow...but some new cool stuff to plant other than the usual stuff that bores me. Botanic gardens sale is next weekend...

Fun people on the ron and jill show next week: jane fonda-mario batalli-kathy lee gifford-chazke spencer from twillight(leader of the wolfpack in twilight) jake the bachelor- jenna elfman and maxim plus derek hough and chris hansen from dateline.

also monday: who were you're teen heartthrobs?

plus date or no date and the radio marriage ref.....

the latest on idol and celebrity apprentice.

the latest on tiger, tiki and jesse james....right here.

have a killer weekend keep it on fm100
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Stuff: $10,000 shopping spree saturday

I'll be at Ashley furniture this saturday at their new location on winchester next to Costco. I'll be there from 2-4. You got to be present to win. Register by 2;30 and then fill your house with furniture for free. who couldn't use that.

anywhoo: 48 hours(the tv show) puts the focus on germantown and memphis. I was that crazy murder in germantown couple of years ago. watch for it saturday night on CBS.

spring fling fun thing at the agricenter is this weekend.

weather today and tonight bad.

weekend perfect.

thursday 7:10 rangemaster on memphis perks and at 6;45.."things waiters don't tell you"...you will never ever have a lemon and water again.

Bad news: Jim Carey and Jenny mccarthy have split up. Is their nothing rock solid anymore. I thought they were cool together. Ohwell I guess you never know.

Maters tomorrow: tiger does his thing and HighDef has never looked better than it does at the masters. 

I ramble like larry king...goot go. love ron
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Easter over: crazy week dead ahead

I had a killer Easter yesterday> I took my mom and brother bob and jessica pearl and vicki to eat at the Grove Grill...which was perfect. Family fun. Loved talking about my childhood with my mom. She kept me on a harness like a dog when we went to the park. My brother ran free ...I was on a harness like a  police dog. 

Saturday I got the POWERWASHER out of the garage and went nuts> I washed everything...deck, driveway,truck and more. Love that tool.

Saturday night ..I had my first mint julep of the year. So southern and nobody makes them better than my wife vicki. She is the best cook on top of that. For example: saturday night fish on the grill and a salad after a hard days work. Eating better cause I'm losing weight...I'm geting after it.

PS: masters starts this week> guess how many body gaurds Tiger is gonna have? 90 is right. what? dead serious....

enjoy the weather. love ron
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Things that might be stressing you out

Something else to worry about> What stresses you out? Taxes,teenagers,your job,trying on pants at the gap...what is it? Well here is a list of somethings that might be stressing you out more than you think.

1)YOUR DOG: your dog destroys things while you are at work or barks all night.It can mess with your sleep patterns.

2) THE ALARMCLOCK: alarm clocks with blue numbers can interfere with your internal clock, and basically make you feel like you are jet lagged.

3)FACEBOOK: constantly hearing how great your friends are doing is fine, unless you aren't doing that great.It can take a toll on your self esteem

4)THE LIGHT IN THE BATHROOM: flourescent lights....hate them...useless...I feel like a vampire when I get around them...they increase A>D>D> in kids. true.

Listening to the radio at work or home....soothes your jangled nerves and makes you a happy camper. scientific proof. Believe it. Live it. do it.
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Sunshine domintes my world

There is just something so nice about the sun. The sun and a cool breeze getting together and having a baby. It makes for a great spring. The winter was boring - cold- and forever. Is it just me or does the music sound better when it's 74 and sunny? Get outside today and soak it up even if you are hanging out with the smokers at work. Sunscreen really important. don't forget it so you don't look like a dried up prune from the Schnuks produce department.

remember we can do a snack attack for you and your office.....go to morning show on our homepage and hit snack attack. We can come to you with goodies and lunch from Bogies.

In the the words of jason mraz..." do what you gotta do..and do it with the sun on your back". See ya wednesday at 5am with Holly robinson peete from celebrity apprentice- tyson from survivor and Todd bridges. Don't miss the peas at the malco tonight.
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I got hit with the "nascar" question : whew

I was in a bar in downtown Heber springs arkansas saturday night when a guy walks up to order a drink and looks my way and says hey man . I gave him the usual "hey man" back..."how's it going"....he paused for a second and said "you into nascar?  Without hesitation I said " hell yeah"..then he came with the tough question "who da ya think is gonna win this weekend?" I don't know squat about nascar....nothing other than dale is no longer with us....so without even pasuing I said...." man that's a tough call....I'm afraid they might not even get to run with this weather"...He seemed content with my answer and moved on to his pitcher of beer...Much to my surprise, the race was rained out sunday. Somewhere in Heber Springs there is a guy walking around thinking that guy I met saturday night sure knew what he was talking bout. 

You gotta be quick on your feet. That's the message in today's blog. Be ready for anything.

PS: hello to colt Arkansas they are now $165 dollars richer. I paid my speeding ticket . Now I'm poorer but driving slower and that's a good thing
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Hey kids: what up: weekend time is here

I hope the weekend is fun for ya. Tennessee basketball...good luck in the ncaa.

the village people in town tonight in tunica....chad pitt we be filling in tonight as the indian chief. Hello crazy fun.

Monday: lisa kudrow at 7:25 and Cheryl burke at 8:25 plus aidan turner on the show. More from Buzz aldrin. and don't name your baby until you hear our show on monday....we have a killer new list of baby names that you got to have.

Food talk: last thursday I stopped by "the fish guy" at the agricenter....wow...I got the best tuna and grouper I've ever had. Eating healthy is easy...fish on a plank at home with a salad full of cherry tomatoes. I'm trying to eat better and have lost almost 13 pounds....lots of walking this weekend....maybe some golf and more healthy trim....

Must See: hot tub time machine....see ya monday and remember to bloom where you are planted
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Angry clown yells at me> please clown

last week I  drove to the agricenter in serach of a place to dump old paint cans. Little did I know that the shrine circus was going on at the same time..I pulled in and got stuck in the parking traffic...as I plodded along I noticed a man with a red foam clown nose directing traffic..It turned out that he was an old pal of mine. This made me all excited..I went into "hey man" mode....rolling the window down and waiting for a"" long time no see" greeting. But no.  He started hollering at me to move and " get in this lane"..like we were evacuating the world cause of some kind of massive atomic germ crisis. Hey Kiss my ___.I don't need some clown hollering at me for nothing . Much less a clown that I know.....and then I found out that the agricenter doesn't take paint cans.
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Great day: fun people bringing the truth

Jeff and Jordan from big brother and amazing race on the show today. Jeff said his favorite cuss word was______. It was the same word the vice president used yesterday. Yes the microphone  is always on mr vice president.

Jenifer love hewitt on the show thursday...It's a book about love. that's what she's plugging. John mayer wrote your body is a wonderland in her honor. How cool is that.

Plus tomorrow: "Does a cheating spouse deserve a second chance"> This will be fun to see the responses. I say it depends on the circumstance. Is there alcohol involved and ask yourself this question" do ya blame her"...is it a long time tiger/clinton kinda thing or a one time late night at the hilton deal....or is it never ever forgiveable.?

listen up...Its a fun show...ron and dana
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Great guests galore: where? fm100

we got a bunch of great folks this week and next> buzz aldrin...(moon dude) on dancing with the stars. Gwyneth Paltrow friday or next monday...talking about her show on NBC. The survivor castoff  Tom from last week....amazing race kids Jeff and Jordan...love them (wednesday....) thursday jenifer love hewitt.

Plus topics like:" is it ok to date your neighbor."


How has a boob job changed your life?

when should you never call a guy?

Fun stuff: miley cyrus on Idol tonight.

South Pacific opens downtown at the orpheum

Weather: jammin on the sun.

Dana Fox is back and better than ever.

three days and counting to "hot tub Time Machine" and "clash of the Titans"

Musicfest tickets at 8:05am every morning...tenth caller easy to win.

And finally don't miss the best of the week on saturday from 5am to 9am...ron and dana fm100
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Rainy monday:perfect day to listen to fm100

Perfect day to listen to the radio. here's the plan...you work hard and keep one ear on the radio to soothe your jangled nerves. Check us out on facebook..you can be my friend and look behind the ron olson curtain. It's weird and fun all at the same time..like getting a physical from the village people. (my parents favorite band of all time) Can't wait department: Hot Tub Time machine this friday and dancing with the stars tonight featuring Buzz aldrin. cool. He is the guy that did the moon thing...like walked on it. Always a great story to tell at a cocktail party .

have a good one ...ron
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Good looking friday: NCAA picks in toilet

NCAA picks for me down the tubes. That's why I quit gambling on college and pro sports....unpredictable. Lots of fun surprises and close finishes..thanks vanderbilt for the intense effort. Lots of ball all weekend and tons of what If.

john mayer tonight. Can't wait. I discovered him before anybody else seven years ago.....Best guitar player around. His personal stuff is weird. But who isn't? He just lets it out.

Tiger texting: here's a tip for all of us....don't ever do it again.

Jesse james has announced he will play in the masters. Thank God.

sunshine 70....nice day......have some fun. don't miss pink on rick dees sunday morning....and ron and dana on saturday morning early at 5am.

good bye. don't forget I am on facebook...you can be my friend . ron
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How do you screw around on Sandra Bullock

That's todays question . of all the women in the world...how ....why...what are you thinking? I know that you never know what goes on behind closed doors, but I had high hopes that jesse james and sandra bullock had something going on. It was so cool to see them working it out. she loved the bad boy. He loved the hollywood slick superstar...somehow they had a chemistry. And now it's the tiger woods thing again.And to make matters worse, Jessee's new girlfriend calls him the "vanilla gorilla". Should we all give up and walk away?What can we learn from this? I know that if Sandra needs me I'll be there for her. remember once again..."nothing is as it seems".

Sad- yucky news today: That funky odor coming from room 222 at the budget lodge on brooks road turned out to be a body that had been stuffed under a bed since january 27th. The room had been rented several times since january 27. Imagine the new slogan for budget lodge.

Brackets for ncaa ready : I did two the final four will be kansas,vanderbilt,duke and west virginia.  bracket #2 I got kansas -vandy-villanova-west virginia.

tigers play olemiss friday at 5pm in oxford for the NIT tournament.

John Mayer countdown: two days. fed x forum
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Hey Hey it's wednesday: what's up?

Happy st. Patricks day>OK. Tiger woods is back at the Masters ..whoopee du. I'm wondering who will be the first to yell something at him after a big drive..something besides "you da man"...ratings will soar...That is the moment I want to hear. NCAA brackets filled out for thursday.I got vandy,Kansas, west virginia and duke in the final four. It's money baby. Tigers take on St. Johns tonite in the NIT, which stands for "not in tournament". Next year we'll be back.

Teen heartthrob on the way to town: july 31. fed x forum: JUSTIN Bieber. Tickets on sale saturday march 27th.

Simple things that make you feel good: haircut,carwash,fresh fruit, and losing weight. I am down 12 lbs thanks to a change. Finally I have found healthe trim. Honest to God...this stuff works. Losing weight is one of those kinda simple things that makes you feel good. It's nice to pump your fist when you get off the scale.

Have a killer day. Stay true to yourself. good weather thursday and fridays
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todays stuff: hodgepodge for twenty please

well today we find that corey haim's prescription of choice was oxycontin. What is it with that stuff ? Not sure. Paula abdul is the new host of "star search" coming soon to a tv near you....not sure about this one either. "true Blood" comes to HBO on june 13th...I am sure about this one. CaN'T WAIT. Good News: Boy George and George Michael have ended their fued. John Mayer will get no more sexual napalm from jessica simpson. and betty white is on Leno tonite trying to get her hosting gig on SNL. She is so damn funny. Love her as much as Jill Bucco.

Today: pilates at Germantown baptist: haircut: thirty minute nap: full bore tennis tonight at 7;30.

This week: john Mayer friday night. grizzlies at home saturday night.

St. Patty's day tomorrow...wearing green and leading the pub crawl in midtown.
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hey I am blogging

i've been gone awhile due to technical issues. Like I'm pretty stupid sometimes and let new technical stuff get in my way....not anymore...Its a new day and payday...hooray. On the show tomorrow...stuff about jennifer anniston and her appearance on letterman tonight. I love her. She still is the one that I would leave my wife for...If jenifer can balance a check book ...she can live in a small one bedroom with me when the divorce is final. Also tuesday a new game that I feel uncomfortable about called"what weighs more precious or"..24 tonite plus tennis at 6pm.....john mayer friday night with ron and vicki hitting the town....hit the gym today....12 lbs lighter than two months ago...I know it feels good. It's a new trimmer show and a new trimmer me for 2010
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My vacation photo's enjoy them: we did

This is so much fun. here are my photo's [gallery]
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madonna-the mole and tigers new love?

here is the new madonna look as seen in dolce and gabbana...she looks at home in the kitchen...she is still hotter than susan boyle.
The mole is gone. molegate. sarah jessica parker. If you ever see her always ask " hey why the long face".
Jessica simpson: looking amazing with tony and tiger.....well guess who was hot after her? not tony...tiger got all the numbers when tony turned his back and boom...they broke up days later after this shot was taken.....is she gonna be number 15 for the superstar?

have a great shopping day...christms is coming. thanks in advance for the presents.
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tiger has a new sponsor: plus bradley and renee

Tiger has lost Gillette and Accenture.  The list continues to grow.Renee and bradley cooper are shopping for an apartment in NYC.
Hey Bradley ...it won't work ...save your love for dana Fox...she loves you for who you are....renee has a bad track record with love.
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New do for you know who: plus jon and taylor

Taylor swift new do. like it> birthday sunday . she turns 20. nice life.
look for taylor and jon together saturday night live this week.
I'll be at the tigers game in little rock saturday singing the national anthem.
don't freeze your ars off.
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Sponge Bob on wednesday show: surprise for you

Not sure what he is plugging...I think he has a new song. plus the guy from the national enquirer...the head guy talking tiger. And how does it feel. plus more.
try and listen the entire show. Say goobye to dreak and zake....lebron tonight.
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Jimmy Fallon: our special guest today. fun guy

Jimmy Fallon on the show today. tons of topical stuff...from tiger woods..jersey shore...hot show on mtv. adam lambert. We'll play it a bunch today and tomorrow. Really likeable guy.
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What ever happened to Helen Hunt? I found her

Helen swimming on vacation without make up and Oh my God...this is bizzare. She was one of my favorites.....what's going on she looks rough. Not that I'm anything special. whooooooo....man.
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Hugh Jackman being a good dad with his daughter

Love these photos: tiger could take some lessons....spend time with your kids not your girlfriends in every city
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Forget Tiger: How about Taylor Swift at the pool

Here is the hottest chick on the planet.Bikini time for Taylor. She has been linked to Tiger Woods. Who knew.
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I got my Christmas lights up: here's my house

"finally"...said vicki olson....I got the lights up last night...It took me about two hours of hard work. I hope you enjoy the season like I do ...love ron
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Tiger woods...how do you spell "ut-ohooooo"

Wow what a big story? was it a fight or what. Is there a girlfriend? Is there an angry wife swinging an 8 iron...when we he talk to the cops? Here are the girlfriend photos and the wrecked escalade ....this story will go on for a while.
In the how bout that department: my grandmothers name was elin nordgrin....how odd is that. She could be my cousin....from sweden.....
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taylor lautner or pies for thanksgiving: choose one

Here are some snapshots of taylor lautner for rolling stone magazine.
here are some photo's that I took at my mother in laws last night.
which one do you want the most? taylor or my mother in laws pie?
tough choice
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Exclusive: Levi johnston's playgirl photo

Mrs. Palin's favorite son in law: Here is one of the first photo's from playgirl.
dig the armpits. What a mess. This has got to be a low point for this kid. Kids always do stupid stuff. Look at me. ron
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Giant jellyfish invade the Wolf River: careful

I shot this picture yesterday in germantown. Don't go swimming in the wolf river cause these jellyfish will hurt you. It's so weird. They are everywhere. We took some home yesterday and ate two of them. How did we do it? just like toast and jam. spread it on a little toast and hello snack delight.
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Best baby tv commercial ever: enjoy mom and dad

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Jerry Springer and todays work sheet

Jerry springer on the show today plus deidre shores...the girl from memphis who is running for the best news kid on the today show....vogte for her ..todayshow.com.
enjoy the weather and the station. lots of music and less talk equals huge success.
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behind the scenes: here's my work sheet for today

This is stupid but I write a bullet point quick reference for the day. It's my reference sheet about stuff that is going on today....Interesting ? not bad for a blog moment>
Tigers looked rough against UT saturday....bball tonight against cbu.
Taylor swift one of my new favorite kids.
Found my lost golf clubs. not stolen after all...
all is right with the world today.
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brad and angelina plus new lingerie that glows

Brad and angelina trick or treating with the kids: brad so cool as dj lance from "yo gabba gabba".
And finally lingerie that glows in the dark. It had to happen. yeah I see the sun today. No more rain
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Justin and Jessica in Vancouver> still together

New photo's of our buddies> They are still hanging out. Love Vancouver. Very romantic and great golf and sushi to enjoy. maybe this is gonna work out for them.
see ya at the arkansas - olemiss game saturday. enjoy your day. Try to smile about something. pass it forward.
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winner of the TMZ sexy costume contest

This is so good for halloween...thanks for the effort.
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"anything but sweet"...Snow What? Snow White?

Here she is: She stays busy on the weekends. Austrailian beer company takes a few chances with their new ad for a new beer. Disney said no thanks. love this.
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HAVE you seen this man in your dreams? weird

since 2006, no fewer than 2000 people from all over the world claim to have seen the same man in their dreams, who's known simply as "this man". Have you seen this man...if so see your doctor today...he looks like tatoo from fantasy island.
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I know you'll love this photo of robert pattison

Have a great weekend stare at this photo and you will win pick your purse.
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People say" hey ron who is your favorite reporter?"

The answer is plain and simple: lauren lee at fox 13. The best reporter ever. Not only is she great at her job but she is smoking hot and in an open relationship according to facedbook.This is a shot of her at my birthday party last week.
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marge simpson: playboy finally it happens

Marge in playboy magazine. This is the cover of the november issue. what do you think>
Great weekend: vesta home show fun in arlington.......great football this past weekend. tigers alabama and ut big winners. Ole miss looks horrible. Good luck with that.
Jersey Boys on sale now at the orpheum for january 2010.
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Hot Heros Kiss and Tina fey gets bazaar.

Heros attempts to drive the ratings thru the roof. NBC says lets let Hayden kiss her college roomate.
Plus ...how about tina fey rocking it. Is she sexy or is she sexy. Kinda. But not sure.

have a great day....enjoy the weather and rain every other day. ron
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Oh boy: Kelly bad.....katie smoking hot:

Kelly Clarkson....please get it together this is shocking to me. Whats going on with her. I know we all have bad days but this is ridiculous. On the other hand Tom cruise has got to be happy with Katie Holmes on the cover of Elle magazine. She has never looked better.
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you tube 100 greatest hits: perfection- enjoy

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all the single babies: love this video

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Woman impaled : joyride goes terribly wrong

She was riding around in her jeep when"bam"..here comes the l;imb thru her neck. let this be a lesson to all. don't mess with the limbs of a tree. how freaky.
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great bud light commercial...in the can

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Jill Bucco enjoys her first cup of Coffee: this is cool

Jill surprised me this morning when she said"watch this"...
joan rivers and dr. travis stork on the show today. win a trip to la for melrose place...get on line before noon today...watch melrose place tonight and wednesday morning we call one name out of those that have registered and ask one question about the show...annswer correctly and win a trip to la....for two...easy cheesy big and easy.
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family photo time: here are some of my nephews

my cute nephews: emerson,holden and Cort: they are a joy to be around. a never ending source of fun for their parents and all those involved with raising them to be all they can be.
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How to protect your home: ron's tips that work

Here are some things to think about when wanting to prevent a visit from the guy in the photo.
1)Some burglars work day jobs as deliverymen or garbagemen in order to case out locations without drawing suspicion.
2)the same deliverymen will ask to use the restroom and unlock the bathroom window
3)burglars always look for piled up newspapers and they may even leave a flyer on your front door to see how long it takes you to remove it.
4)untouched snow is a dead giveaway that you are out of town...get your neighbor to leave some tracks.
5)burglars always check dresser drawers and bedside tables and the medicine cabinet..BUT they never go into the kids rooms
6) a loud tv or RADIO, like fm100,may be even better at preventing a break in than an alarm

now you know...be smart and light up the outside like a prison yard.
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Michelle Obama shocks the universe: shorts?

Yes she wore shorts to the grand canyon in arizona last sunday.
The world is stunned...the first lady in shorts. Looks pretty normal to me.It must be nice to take the family to the grand canyon on air force one. love ya ron
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Jessica Pearl Olson: birthday girl turns 26 today

She is my everything> love this kid so much> true jump in front of a train love: She makes me so proud. I hope the best for her everyday. She's back at the university of Memphis working on her masters degree.love life with my little twin. daddy
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Rob Thomas in studio tomorrow and today

Love him and his matchbox 20 self. This should be some kind of crazy fun. listen up. accoustic moments and more
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Happy Birthday Dana Fox: photo's spell fun

What a night: things got more fun as the night went on.happy birthday dana.
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paula says bye: screech tells all: what?

Paula abdul gone from Idol
dustin diamond tells all. behind the scenes dirty tell all book is out about"saved by the bell". is nothing sacred. ron
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ron olson meets the band 'boston" : good times

This was one of my favorite vests. Love the hair. remember boston....this was a photo
of the band at tv5.they were attempting to make a video for their second album. time tunnel with fm100.
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Christie Brinkley on our show tomorrow

She is still working it. hot stuff....lots to talk about.Christie thursday morning.
Plus glad those reporters that were being held in North Korea have returned safely. It's nice to get some good news. Ever since willie Herenton has stepped down from office the whole world is getting better.
Dana has a birthday saturday..listen this week for a very special salute to our favorite pop tart. ron
see ya saturday in horn lake at trustmark bank.10am - 12
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what ever happened to george bush?

He is in the new batman movie? wow I didn't know.
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The most beautiful woman in Memphis.period

This is my best friend and biggest cheerleader thru thick and thin. My new "walk and talk " partner. The love of my life for 29 years and the mother of my nutty daughter
jessica. Just thought you'd like to see her. ron
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Jenifer,Nicolette and jenifer love hewitt

Three of my favorite girls having fun in bathing suits. It takes a lot of courage to wear a bathing suit in public. You gotta bring it big time if you are gonna be in public
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new taste treat sweeps america: this looks killer

chocolate covered bacon: how good does this look to ya. I bet you'll see this at the delta fair in september: yum yum yum.....ron
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Kate Gosselin wig just in time for halloween

It's here at buycostumes.com.....I want one of these. I still think kate is hot.
welcome to monday: love the new smoothies from starbucks.just thought I'd throw that in. ron
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ron and Cassi fishing on vaction: so cute

I love fishing and when a three year old girl expresses interest in fishing something special happens. I love this kid. She is my neice. I have two...this is cassie. Little emma lives in florida. Three year olds seem to be so wise and worldly.
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Terrell Owens naked and Sandra bullock rocks it

Check these out: Terrell owens posing at the liberty bowl last week for his new VH 1 show. And my favorite ...Sandra Bullock...she always looks great...have a great day.
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My dog loves my cat: these two make my day

These are my two best friends....there names are drake and zeke....they are best friends and a constant source of whimsical moments. Here is a photo of them watching Kim Iverson getting ready for work. have a great weekend
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Love Billy Dee. And it does work everytime

If you're like me and billy dee...bust open a forty and let the action kick your way.
You'll be slinging it everywhere. works everytime. Love this approach to beer sales.
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joyce dewitt-britt- and a new packy derm

Joyce got popped over the weekend for DUI: remember three's company.
Brit spears on stage in paris...looking good to daddy
New baby at the memphis zoo....yes a new baby elephant...200 plus lbs ..no name yet...how about Pakyderm-in-a-tor.....what do you think
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Michael 1958-2009

what a career. This is a day you'll never forget where you were when you heard the news....the undisputed king of pop music. great photo's and the last photo of him from entertainment tonight. I'm still stunned. ron
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Katy perry and Carmen electra...new fun shots

Katy Perry...our pal...loves to get in the tub and eat pizza.....carmen electra has shaved the side of her head.....she still looks good no matter what she shaves....love ron..see ya friday in southhaven at snowden grove for blues traveler...
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Lauren Conrad: on fm100 today : davis kidd tonite

She was so much fun. First visit to Memphis...davis kidd bookstore tonight. She looks like my daughter. Look for both tonight. love ron
Plus happy birthday to one of my little nieces...cassie smith...she is three today
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holly montag on the show monday: me like her

holly is a hoot. don't miss her monday...the latest on the hills and more
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Jerry's sno-cones and car wash: a hidden secret

This place is hot. Great snowcones...the way you want them.check it out
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Megan Fox is not perfect. I knew there was a flaw

Nit pickers have discovered her thumbs> club thunmbs. Oh my God...can this be true.
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Amazing ad for Navy seals: see what you see

This is amazing. See if you can find the eight guys? Its fun to be a navy seal. God bless America. Glad they are on our side.
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miley cyrus? we got the tickets starting monday

8 10 2 and 4......tickets for you to see her. they go on sale saturday...
win them monday morning starting at 8am.
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Gibson five K saturday: I'm doing it saturday

Last year I came in fifth: here I am at the start of last years race....joe birch from tv 5 rocks the house...see ya saturday.
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daniel Craig: new popsicle: great idea...love this

enjoy your summer
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clown funeral: kinda funny for some reason

Is it me or is this odd?
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jon and kate plus eight hairstyle is the rage

Kate's hair is number one.
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Bill Clinton gives Fran a hand: plus debbie and tiffany

Here's Bill up to his old tricks. love him. He is always after it.
PLus whatever happened to debbie Gibson and Tiffany? Here they are;
looking good ..they both need to be back doing something on tv....or maybe back in the music business......
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One of the Best bar B Q spots in the south.

Yup...I found it....Its called "Greg n Jims" located in Colt Arkansas...just this side of Forrest City arkansas. It's a little place with an amazing Bar B Q sandwich.
I always stop in on the way to Heber springs. They have killer baked beans. It's an old country store with a couple of booths and some ladies that know how to do a Bar B Q sandwich......It's fun to find places like this.
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Justin timberlake and Ashley Arrison :rare footage

This is Justin and Ashley at the germantown festival back in 1990. This is classic. The two of them performed together all over the place. You can see the the future looked bright. See if you can see yourself in the crowd.Ashley is now in La and nashville and has an amazing voice. Check her outon you tube.
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Kelly Ripa Outie and my button caught on tape

Kelly's outie belly button is too much. Spend the money to get it touched up.
Dana snapped this shot of mine yesterday> I like my innie, sure its a little hairy but I'm a man. She said she would "like to drink a shot of 901 tequila from its darkest depths"
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How's your day going ?

can you relate? This looks like any given monday morning
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Chad Pitt and Jill bucco get ready cinco de mayo

Chad and Jill get ready for tonite's cinco party at Pancho's.
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Pink&Julia& and Kelly Rippa making waves

Pink says she is not bi-sexual...right.
Julia Roberts doing her bikini romp with her kids names on her rump now. That is true love. And Kelly Ripa working that tight body for the world.
Life is full of distrations
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Brett's new tatoo: cute or very very strange?

Brett loves it...but It makes me feel funny when he showers at the station
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Kardashian...friend of reggie bush......shows off her untouched self and has some issues.....so what. So does everybody. I appreciate her honesty.
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Matt is out on Idol: no surprise to anybody

Matt got the boot: Still has the mole.
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John Daly: He has lost weight and is color blind

Our favorite Memphis Golfer is back: It looks like a new Daly....does this mean he has stopped drinking and is ready to play his best??? Could he be gearing up for a comeback? This could be fun.
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Lindsay Lohan or Gollum? Great question

Well which is it? lindsay or Gollum.......let the debate rage on.
Mucis fest in two days.
Lil rounds on the show today.
tons of fun too
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angry baby and lil rounds: two stories that rock

This baby got angry when his mom turned off fm100. Don't make your baby angry. PLUS
Lil Rounds on the show tomorrow....she gets back home tonite.
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Hello Mr. President: swimsuit styling bigtime

Here he is your President: It looks like he has been working out: I hope this photo hasn't been doctored too much......see ya at wishes for dishes...enjoy the weekend
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Lisa Rinna ...new in playboy: 45 years old : nice

Here is Lisa (our friend). Melrose Place superstar. Wife of Harry Hamblin..Mr. LA law
She isn't nude just working it with some weird wigs on. love it. ron
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Dominoes Pizza: youtube pizza prank: big Yuk

Two kids arrested for contaminating food. See the proof on you tube before it goes away. They did lots of weird stuff to the pizzza that they are serving you.This is gonna cost Dominoes big time....The kids will pay the price also......
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Heidi and Spencer on the show Tuesday

Lots of fun with things that put you in a bad mood to start the day.
PLus Things you hide from your spouse...87 per cent of women do it daily.
That was today: tuesday super star couple ..Heidi and Spencer on the show.Listen for details....
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Southland mall easter bunny.." a bit much"

This is just too scary for kids. Does this not seem kind of intense for kids?
I like the old school bunny types...maybe its just me.
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Patrick Swayze: national enquirer new photo's

This is so sad. He is one of my favorites. Can't get enough of roadhouse...can ya.
Stop smoking as soon as possible people.
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Ron and Dana selected Radio couple of the year

Thanks for all your support> we got the award last night. What an honor...keep listening and thanks for your support
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The Josh era has begun for the U of Memphis

He's already here and ready to rock: This could be good for everybody
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Live from the masters: here we go

Here are my photo's from the trip so far: very cold but the trip of a lifetime:
I'll call in later with the scoop....watch for us on Tv. love ron
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Calipari: meets his new boss plus new hot Tshirt

Coach Cal meets his new boss. AND gotta love this new Tshirt.
America is the land of quick thinking...love it
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Love the daily Helmsman at the U of memphis

This was their front page headline. Big Balls. Love this newspaper. Always have.
This says it all....lets move on to bobby knight and nolan richardson and or bruce pearl from Tennessee.
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newsblooper: love this moment with skateboard

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Jenifer Garner: caught with her worn out undies

She was picking up her kid at school...and photograhers caught her with the old worn out underwear showing up. It's nice to know she's one of us. Who doesn't wear worn out underwear? I feel better.
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Kentucky wants Coach Cal: money talks he walks

This is what drives Coach Cal.< Cash Cal> Is he going? That's the big question of the day. We will find out today. I think he is as good as gone....
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Who would be brave enough to wear a Bikini?

Valerie Bertinelli....on the cover of people magazine....She looks great to me
This is hot> Happy 4oth birthday to Mariah Carey and happy Birthday to Fergie. She is 34 today.
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OctoMom spotted in New orleans: mardi Gras

She is not wasting time getting out. Can't blame her. Here she is in New Orleans last week......
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Elvis Wiley is Gary Coleman: here's proof

Elvis Wiley is Gary Coleman, child superstar...here is photographic proof.
Elvis works for fm100....judge for your self
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Jill Bucco has 39 days to go: wedding bells will be ringing

I took this shot of jill when she relized that today was March 2nd....
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Whats wrong with weather guy? excited ...Yes.

weird photo from weekend weather guy at ch 24..
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dana's cat : hates the snow and bathing

Dana's cat .."snowball"..doesn't like the snow or taking a bath> ron
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Snow attacks City: Biggest snow in forty years

Wow: what a weekend. Saturday it all started coming down. By sunday morning 8 to 18 inches all over the area. I took my camera out and hit the streets to capture this moment for ya. Brett and Dana made the naughty snow man...or snow woman, which I thought it was so wrong....
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joan rivers: celebrity apprentice: vists show

Joan Rivers was on today. tigers take on Uab tonite
and lets climb in the time machine with ron olson and willie nelson
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rhianna photo: Chris Brown needs jail time

This is so sad. I hope justice is served. Very sad. This is the photo from TMZ .
One picture is worth a thousand words.
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Caution: Don't Drink Too Much Water::Danger

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Tigers continue to Get Better: lets go March

They are really looking as good as ever. You can't stop them...relentless. Can't wait for March Madness and the final four in Detroit.
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Brett works out: he is the strongest on the show

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Peanuts or Penis: Northwest airlines confused

Check out this report on peanuts from CNN. ron
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G Q magazine picks Justin # uno for style

Justin Timberlake again can't go wrong. People love him. He has tons of style and loves his memphis. Can't wait for his new golf course to open in Memphis this spring or early summer..
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Pete Sampras: in town for the tennis tournament

It doesn't get any better than this. 14 Grand Slam titles....Racqet club tonite. Great place to people watch and enjoy pronto pups. ron
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Patrick Swayzeeeeeeeeeee still smoking: ouch

Please stop the smoking people. Let Patrick be your guiding light. Let us all learn from him. It ain't cool (unless you're drinking) all kidding aside...dump the smokes.
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the five rules of Steven Seagal ..Memphian

These are the rules of one of the greatest actors of all time. He lives in memphis and loves to ride around in police cars and sing the blues. He rocks.
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Ron Olson has been around for a long time

This is very funny. Kenny rogers visiting fm100 circa 1977. Guess which one is me.
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Cheryl Burke, David Cook and Molly shannon?

They were all on our show this week. lots of fun. listen for all of them on our saturday show. We work hard for the money...Watch the grammys sunday and we'll talk on monday
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Oops: that's not the suspect: it's Mr. Hamster

enjoy...laugh out loud funny
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Phelps a Phool: Michael c'mon...think a little

Here is Michael Phelps before and after smoking pot. Beware kids ..it can happen to you.
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justin and katie couric exclusive for fm100

Watch CBS Videos Online This is from an upcoming pregrammy awards special....pretty cool. enjoy...
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Good advice for those that like to party

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Banned by NBC: Super Ad . PETA upset

This is the ad that was banned by the Super Bowl folks at NBC. What do ya think. Pretty hot but should they have banned it???? enjoy your snow day...
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Jessica Simpson wins the chilli cookoff....

one photo says it all...
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Whooty: what's a whooty? This is a whooty

It's a white girl with a big booty. This is amazing to me. I'm gonna try it myself this week and put my little dance up. You be the judge on my stuff. Maybe I could qualify...ron
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Starbucks: How much could it cost you? wow

Here's the statistics: If you bought a Grande latte five days a week: twenty a month you would spend $74.80a month---$897.60 a year. $5,931.18 after five years. $ 57,502.27 after 20 years> After forty years: $478,333.52 after forty years.
Think about it how about two a day...This is where your extra money goes.....good luck kids.
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A new Day is coming: let's get going 2009

One photo says it all: Let's get together and make this thing work. Hope: there is hope a plenty. Do it America. ronnie olson
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PS-------"you're girlfrined called"...says the wife

The phone rang at his house and the wife took the call. It was the girlfriend of the husband. The angry wife decided that his truck needed to be in the garage with his corvette. The rest is understandable. enjoy your week...ron
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My Favorite singer comes to Memphis

A few years ago my favorite music friend, Tim Farr, turned me onto Lucinda Williams.
She is really gritty and a for real character. Original. Different. She wrote passionate kissses for Mary Chapin Carpenter. She sings about simple things and torrid love gone bad.....don't miss her in Memphis at the new minglewood hall on madison February 24. If you want tickets...I got a pair for ya. just email me at this address...rolson@entercom.com...I'll pick a winner monday....
The Minglewood hall is gonna be sweet.Minglewoodhall.com
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Hot Kate: bad Marcia: Lisa Marie's baby girls (twins)

Kate Hudson on vacation in Maui> Love her.No top but....
Marcia Cross from desperate housewives: no make up day
Lisa Marie Presley: twins finley and harper. Cute: the King would be proud of his grand daughters . Enjoy.enjoy the cold.ron
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Space Shuttle Landing is a Hoax> tricked again

The Shuttle was going to land in Millington this morning but once again tricked by the folks at millington naval air station. I apologize to everyone for the wild goose chase. I should have done some research...but I trusted the Admiral. Who knew.I am so sorry. thanks ron
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Nancy Odell vs Jack Bauer: you decide this sunday

She was on the show today talking trash about the Golden Globes on NBC sunday night> So fine she is,So fine and sweet. Listen for the interview today and tomorrow and maybe on saturday on our best of show on saturday.
don't forget Jack Bauer sunday night on Fox.."24" is back.
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Couples listen and fall in love: It's true

I have noticed that when people listen together...they fall in love...here are a couple of photo's that prove it. look at these people...ed and brenda and jamal and carrie....madly in love and listening to fm100. Try it and see if it doesn't enhance your emotions in 2009>
Special guest on wednesday: Andy Wise...the newest addition to TV 5....He is really on it. It;s kinda cool to know that there is somebody really watching out for your best interest.
Top 7 most overrated singers of all time? new list out from spike.com...here they are
7) Amy winehouse 6) chris martin 5)Cher 4)Mick Jagger 3)Bono 2)Christina aguilera
1)Axl Rose

I agree with the Axl call...kinda. I loved him when I graduated. "welcome to the Jungle" was our prom theme...so cool at the time...me and my bandanna.
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Happy 2009: Be careful who ya kiss and where ya Pi**

Happy New Year: be careful who ya Kiss....Courtney Love and Katie Holmes. Yuck big time. And here's Marky Mark peeing on the golf course at Galloway in Memphis last saturday. Kissing and Pi**ing...have a happy. ron
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Photos from last years Xmas Party

things got out of hand...kind of....The first picture,HR asked me to remove the head so we wouldn't get in trouble with the office folk....Merry Christmas...ronnie o
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Stay in School kids

THIS SIGN SAYS IT ALL.An education is so important.HaVE A Merry Chritmas.
Give the gift of schooling.ron
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Jenifer on the Cover and Miley picks her nose

Jenifer Anniston on the cover of the new GQ magazine and Miley cyrus picks her nose.
The good and the bad. Thanks for helping raise $571,ooo bucks for make a wish. Wow what a showing. It really is remarkable....Merry Christmas.
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make a wish radio thon thursday and friday

Help if you can: its kids and families and Christmas time for all.
This year 270 wishes are going to be in this area alone....Help if you can. Money ...in any amount...volunteer some time....Please listen and call 680-9474
680-wish...love ya..ron
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brooke burns so sweet and on our show (nice)

Brooke Burns was on the show today> Look for her on hallmark saturday night with her Christmas movie.."the Most wonderful time of the year"...She remembers playing strip putt-putt with me in new orleans.....sweet. ron
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My wife has been after me to put up the lights

And now she won't talk to me.......I got the tree up and put the boxes back in the attic but this is all I want to do outside.....ron
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Justin-Jessica- Mom and Morgan= Memphis

Justin and jessica seen shopping at what's hot in Germantown during the thanksgiving holiday...It was nice having them in town for the Holiday. Also young LPGA golfer Morgan Pressel in town with Camilo Villegas and Vijay Singh to give money to St. Jude
yesterday...Nice day for the city. have a great day...keep listening.
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John Roberts : our new Program Director

Here's a picture of John demonsrating the new HD Radio. It's coming soon and should be a hit.Plus you can get the weather channel....who knew..love ron
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Britney is back: New Rolling Stone magazine

She looks fabulous> Is she back? I'm glad to see her settling down. She could be at the Red Door friday night at the Goldstrike...It's the opening weekend. Free tickets just email...lruth@entercom.com...
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Jeff Fisher responds to Burl Ives Xmas Tune

Jeff Fisher caught listening to Burl Ives on wrvr yesterday. I agree...we both dislike Burl Ives music. Little known fact: burl is the grandfather of jason mraz.
Who knew.Thanksgiving week...sweet. Short week for all....ron
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Sexiest Man Alive::: Hugh Jackman: look now

People magazine on the show today with the Big annoucement> Hugh Jackman is the big winner> Women say that their jaws drop when he enters a room> Wolverine three is coming....Austrailia with Nicole Kidman comes in a couple of weeks....The magazine also has a "scratch n sniff" segment on some of the photos...so you can smell their favorite smells....enjoy
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Scarlett Johansson: my all time favorite Woman

This girl makes me weak....I have a crush on her. She is Normal and then she is electric. Now you know my weakness in life. She's hot.This could show up on win ron's money
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New Married Man Magazine from Oprah? WRONG

This is ridiculous. It puts the married man down to a new level.As if being married
is a negative....Very funny. Married life is a blast and you know it. Just read the subtitles on the front page and good luck selling this one. ron

See ya at SOLE tonight downtown at the Westin.
Christmas tree lighting at saddle creek gernmantown saturday...
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Sarah Palin: one more time> relaxing and limber

Love her. She looks pretty hot at the pool. This was taken at the Peabody yesterday.
Governors convention here in town>Representing Alaska. She can't escape the camera.
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Chad Pitt starts new job At fm100: he's great

Chad Pitt is our new afternoon guy and a world record holder....Look at this shot that I took on friday. He also has the world's largest "Mohawk". How does he wear headphones? Go figure.
Eagles were great last night...sold out. Tigers b-ball tonight at fed x forum...
Big brown trout are running at the Lil Red River in arkansas.
Christmas Tree lighting...saturday 5-7 at Saddle creek..santa will be there,

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Xmas Music causes DJ'S to attack each other

Captured on film in the break room.....Mike of the Mike and mandy morning show attacks afternoon DJ ..Scott Miller. An argument broke out concerning Christmas music. Who does the best "silent night"....Burl Ives or Rascal Flats? WRVR has started their Christmas music...tensions are running high...I kid cause they really do a good job. We'll play a couple of songs but wait until at least a month or two out.....
vote for ron and dana....wreg.com or check out our front page....love ron
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Take The Pledge to Listen To Ron and Dana

Another Q107 listener takes the pledge to listen to ron and dana every morning on fm100...Vote for us if you have time at wreg.com or check out the link on the front page of our internet thing here...you know what I mean. Eagles tickets friday morning
listen for "Junk in your Trunk"....we will be looking for something that you could have fun with....m-m-m-m-m-. good luck
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James Bond and the Eagles: we got em'

We got tickets for the eagles sunday night at the FedX forum!
We got James Bond thursday night. Listen for tickets we will be there.
Hope the show is fun for ya. We can't do it without your phone calls.....
If there is anything going on that you notice that might be show worthy...let us know........ron
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ron and dana: after our first week together photo

One picture says it all...thanks for your support and remember to vote for our ticket.
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Here's My Dog...I call him Count "Bark"- ULA

here is my Dog at my mom's house yesterday...we dressed him up like dracula....so cute. I love my dog...take care of your pets on Halloween. ron

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Be Prepared: scout fears LSU cheerleader.

"nothing in scouting could prepare little Johnny for this"..the scout motto is be prepared....What is this kid thinking. Ew-w-w-w-w-w-. The lsu cheerleaders are rough.
Thank God the U of Memphis doesn't resort to this.
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Brett's Idea of Fun: this is in front of his house.

This photo was taken yesterday at brett's house...cute but the neighbors are complaining. Come on it's just a little mooning...Pumpkin pie as brett claims.
don't forget the Halloween contest at Oak Court Mall friday 5;30 to 7;30. Ronbon tonite at the corm maze....happy Halloween to all.
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When Your Kid grows up: this is wrong

This so sad. come on mom. have a great chiil day.
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Great week: killer weekend coming: love it

This picture says it all....candy corn....Can't stop thinking about it.
don't forget Zoo Boo tonite and saturday:
Go Tigers..beat southern miss saturday..they are on ch 222 on comcast
arkansas and ole miss
Alabama at Ut

plus race for the cure saturday....help us. Its a big fight against Breast cancer.
I'm doing for my daughter,my mom,my wife, my sister in laws, my mother in law,karen,dana,ny little nieces...emma and cassie...my friend lisa brown....jill bucco...brett's favorite dj lady K...lets do it.ron
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When your Dog stills your Kodak moment: wrong

This is so wrong: This is anthony glovers photo from his hunting trip over the weekend.Ya go hunting as this happens...awful. Good luck next time Anti. He is on today at 3pm...love ron
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Dana Fox New N Hot: whats her best Feature?

Need I say anymore...she's got some lips...
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Faith HIll Brave: tara Reid Scary Crazy

Faith Hill looking good in a bikini. She said Pilates is the secret. Go Faith.
Tara Reid.......what happened to her. eat a hoho or grab some big macs...chow down tonight.....I know I could never look good in a bikini but.....
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Karen is gone: she is working with Steve Conley

My partner of 14 years has left the building but not the company. She now works with my other former partner steve conley at classic hits 94.1....opposite of us...us being ron and Dana Fox who was Marla for years doing our traffic...got it. Its all good.
Last photo of Ron and karen at work and new photo of Dana fox. so there. I will miss
Karen but I'm proud to have her as a friend. And I'm glad that Steve is back on the radio. God has a plan for us all. Note: thanks for that ron
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She wears it well: Miss Kardashian shines today

She was a guest on the show today. This is a picture that I took at the station pool yesterday......She said she loved the peabody and the Rendezvous ribs.....She is sitting on my dang towel.listen for the info....ron
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Karens new Halloween Costume is a winner

see for yourself? it's funny and could be a winner...karen said" If I don't win this year at Coco Loco...the contest is fixed"....she did win at friends last year. happy halloween.
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Q107 Listeners send us their photos: sad stuff

These are some photo's of the listeners of the Q107 morning show. you be the judge.
I'm sure there is a reason they listen ...I think they are all Kennedy's roomates.
Guess which one is Ryan Seacrest out on the town last saturday night?
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Happy Birthday Matt Damon(38) : halle berry (hot)

matt damon happy 38th birthday...come by the station and sign his birthday card today
Halle Berry Esquire Magazine voted her sexiest woman alive: I agree. not sure about Clinton.
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Best Burger that I've had in years::: read on!

Yesterday I discovered the "One Eyed Jack" at the Red Rock Tavern. The restaurant is on primacy parkway behind McDonalds ...you know over by MUS school....Its a brand new restaurant featuring southwestern food that is really really on the mark. I said give me the best hamburger you got....and they said it was the one eyed jack...it has a fried egg on it...I thought ..that doesn't sound like a combination that I would like...wrong again...fantastic...its the kind of burger that at about midnite on saturday night would be the perfect way to end a great day. They are the featured restaurant on dining deals for thursday...check it out on our main page...thursday you can get a fifty dollar gift certificate for twenty five bucks....its easy to do.
you can use it anytime ...here's some photos I took yesterday.ron
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Rachel Ray helps Mankind: wow this is Kinky

rachel ray helps the world again. super hero? uhhh yes
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LEAVE JEN ALONE: please stop the madness

Can't she go swimming in peace and be left alone. Here she is having fun at the beach and well look for yourself.......I love her. the her is Jenifer anniston.
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New Dollar Bill and Heather Locklear dui Photo

Here's the new dollar bill...it makes sense.
and a nice photo of heather locklear...the DUI photo's never look that good..
I love her but back off the Vicodin baby....
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THE Eagles- Huey Lewis and the karen photo

Listen every morning for your chance to win tickets for the Eagles at the Fed X forum on November 16th. and Don't miss Huey lewis at the botanic gardens friday night. Here's a photo of Karen asking huey if she could come backstage after the show
two years ago at musicfest......she loves him...
listen to the show its fun.

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Our old boss Lance checks in from birmingham?

Lance sent me this photo yesterday. It looks like he has a visitor..in his new apartment.
whoopsy doopsy
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hurricane not funny: guy in bear suit funny

love this idiot. My favorite moment from hurricane Ike.....Now you know what happened to tom prestiagocomo....ron
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Stand up to Cancer: and amy winehouse is a nut

Katie couric leads the charge against cancer tonight on all three networks. A one hour special on all three networks.....all of your favorite singers from Beyonce to Mariah but no Amy winehouse....we found out yesterday that she requires 49 bottles of jack daniels before each show...Jack lives here. ron
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Weekend Getaway: I got a good one for ya

Lobo Landing Resort. Its the perfect fall getaway...I love the little red river and Heber Springs arkansas. I've got a place up there but got introduced to trout fishing at Lobo Landing about Twenty years ago. Ken May the big wig at Fed X decided to buy it a few years ago and spent close to two million bucks renovating it. It really is something to brag about. What an improvement. This is the little getaway that you have been looking for. 2 and a half hours from memphis..just enough time to listen to your favorite new and old cds ( stevie ray-albert king-lucinda williams).
They have a half price deal on cabins sunday thru thursday...romance...steaks on the grill...some more romance....your favorite movie...more fishing....wine in front of the fire or jack black( a big swig right out of the bottle)....check em out at lobolandingresort.com...you can see photo's of the cabins...have fun....ron
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This girl is hot: Sarah Palin: watch her tonite

She could be our next VP...watch her work tonite at the convention.
AND what has Karen been doing on her vacation. She likes to put snails on her face and pretend she is sick when she goes shopping. She likes to ask salesclerks if she can try stuff on. weird. ron
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What Makes Your Monkey Jump?

What makes your monkey Jump? great calls today.
1) alabama beating UT
2) fly fishing in the little red river
3) candy corn
4) BLT sandwiches
5) fanta grape
6) great golf shots
7) clean towels
8) karen's "I'm up to something smile"
9) football
10) sausage and syrup shaking hands

thats all I got for ya today...
ronnie oh
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Tigers-Rebels- football: saturday can't wait

Listen for Coach Houston Nutt from Ole Miss and Tommy West from The University of Memphis this week on the show. I am so ecited about the tigers and the vols and the razorbacks and the bullies. These are some pictures from the commercial appeal....capturememphis.com....check out the site and see memphis looking good..ron
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Where is Brett? Jan Michael Vincent revisited????

Brett, our partner on the morning show is missing. Now we know why he is missing.
He said he would be on maternity leave...but Brett is in fact pregnant. Here is his first photo as a future mom to be. We are so proud.
Also today,elvis (bretts replacement) was wondering out loud about Jan Michael Vincent. Why we are not sure.Here is Jan's latest photo....Wowsers. What happened.
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The champion and his Gold. The best meets best

What are we gonna do when the Olympics go away? How can we survive without them.
Its been fun for everyone. Kids and my mom alike.See ya at Kroger today. Trinity commons 4;30 to six...win a brand new Harley Davidson.....ron
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Hot babes from the olympics: my favorites...Yes

I love watching the Olympics as much as anybody.The competition...the scoring...the drama...the winning and the losing. But I love the hot women that are in such good shape. I've said it time and time again...show me a woman in waders or a tennis outfit or working up a big sweat in the sand slapping aroud a volleyball...it's eye candy for millions of men. I gotto get in shape to return the favor at my house. Being in shape is a good thing for men and women.....like the volleyball queen..or Rita from Hungary...sharapove from downtown russia...or alexandra Orlando from Canada..
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Three winners: ron and karen,Jennifer and Michael

Three winners: ron and karen on a black and white morning
Jennifer Anniston after breaking up with John Mayer.
And Michael Phelps ..world record champion.
I wish he would date jennifer and give her all his gold.
What asummer its been. Football near. Democratic convention republican convention
Ryder Cup Golf...Fall is coming...My wife Vicki told me she is pregnant..
have fun....If anybody reads this call 535-9100.ron
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Elvis week: my favorite elvis stories

This is the big week.Here are my favorite Elvis momments. 5)I saw elvis live at the coliseum back in the 70's....after seeing him perform, I understood what all the commotion was about. 4)My wife,Vicki, was at Graceland(as a teenager)when He got the furniture for the jungleroom.She was best freinds with his step brothers.3)I saw him at Graceland after he had passed on to the great Graceland in the sky. I was one of the first media types to pass by and see him just before the funeral( so I saw him dead and alive)2) I was in his karate class at Kang Rhee Studios.
and my Number One Elvis moment.....1) I got his autograph in front of Graceland while he was riding horses with Priscilla.
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Kid Rock and An angry Kid: what's up with that?

Kid Rock rolls into Memphis Sunday night ...we got the tickets and backstage passes.
Plus a last chance party at Jillians sunday afternoon from 4-6 with jill bucco.
This second photo is a picture of an angry kid. He is mad cause Brett is missing this week. Remember he had a baby last friday. Don't be mad He'll be back real soon..
love ron
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