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Rihanna Gets A Restraining Order!

It’s OVER for Michelle Williams and Jason Segel! After just a year of dating, the couple has called it quits. The main reason behind the split, apparently the long distance got to them. Michelle Williams and her seven-year-old daughter live in New York City while Jason Segel lives in Los Angeles. I’m actually really sad about this one. I thought they were cute together!
Who needs the Oscars when you have Carrie Bradshaw for company?! That’s exactly what Beyonce and Jay-Z thought because they skipped the Oscars and had their own gathering in New York City with Sarah Jessica Parker and a bunch of friends away from all the red carpet craziness. It was basically one big marathon meal at Freemans, a well known restaurant in New York that celebrities love to eat out at. Beyonce is a huge fan of Sarah Jessica Parker so she enjoyed the company. Turns out the Oscars weren’t even on their mind, since they were in the restaurant until way past 1 am!

And speaking of the Oscars, Seth MacFarlane won’t be hosting the Oscars ever again! It took only a day of being criticized by the media and viewers for his offensive jokes during the Oscars for the comedian to decide that Hollywood hosting is not for him. Someone tweeted Seth macFarlane asking if he would ever consider hosting the prestigious awards ceremony again. His response?
"No way," Seth MacFarlane replied!  "Lotta fun to have done it, though." Well, I say once is more than enough!

Is Lindsay Lohan actually admitting that she needs help? On Friday, Lindsay Lohan’s attorney filed a motion requesting that Lindsay Lohan's ongoing probation-violation case be put on the "slow track" in order for her to pursue "certain activities which will benefit her" and help her be responsible. Now, in a letter included in that are details of Lindsay Lohan’s plan of action to pull her life together. The first steps: psychotherapy sessions, public-service efforts and a proposal to establish a foundation benefiting young people. Wow there. According to Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer, she is fully commited and dedicated to fixing all her problems.
A hearing is set for Friday and the judge will rule on Lindsay Lohan’s request via her lawyer.
Nick Lachey is working on a new album! BUT, it’s not the type of album that you’re thinking of! If you didn’t know he’s a new daddy, and the one thing he knows how to do is SING to his son. So, Nick is applying his expertise in singing and parenting, putting them together and making an album of lullabies! He’s calling it A Father’s Lullaby and hope other parents would be interested in something like this for their kids!

He says that creating this album allowed him to further connect with his son Camden while also sharing the experience with families at the same time who are on a similar journey of welcoming a new life into their world. The album will have classic songs like You Are My Sunshine and When You Wish Upon A Star, along with a few originals! The album will come out online March 13th and in stores in April! How cute!
Time to say bye bye to the beard! Ben Affleck was covered in an INSANELY thick beard at the Oscars but now he’s back to being cleanly-shaven! Why? Thank his wife, Jennifer Garner! The second Ben Affleck took home his Oscar for Argo, she grabbed the clippers. Apparently, Ben Affleck was growing out the beard for luck to win the Oscar. So when the couple go to George Clooney’s late night party, Jennifer Garner had the clippers ready for him and Ben Affleck shaved his beard off right then and there in the restaurant! They were all drinking too, so drunk shaving? Sounds like fun!
Rihanna got a restraining order and it isn’t against Chris Brown! Instead, its for an obessed fan who tried to break into her house. The man was arrested last week after breaking into Rihanna’s home when neighbors spotted him and called the police. The man told cops he was invited in and allegedly slept in the bed he thought was Rihanna's and stole property. CREEPY! Rihanna, CLEARLY and RIGHTFULLY fearing for her safety, said just that in legal documents and the judge issued a temporary restraining order. TEMPORARY? HOW ABOUT PERMANENT! The man can’t come within 100 yards of Rihanna. How about you just release Chris Brown on him. No, too soon? The even scarier part, according to Rihanna's lawyer, the man has been released from custody and is nowhere to be found.
Back off the goods when it comes to Harry Styles! There’s a million girls out there that want him to be their future husband and apparently one fan didn’t get this memo! One Direction was performing in Scotland yesterday afternoon when a female fan chucked her shoe on stage at Harry Styles. He caught it and the whole band actually stopped to laugh at it. That’s when things took a turn and ANOTHER shoe was thrown at Harry Styles, except this time, it hit him hard, let’s just say right in the middle of his pants! Harry Styles doubled to the ground in pain! OH NO! I wonder if the shoe was thrown a guy who was screaming, TAKE THAT! THIS IS FOR TAYLOR SWIFT! HAHA!

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02/27/2013 4:29AM
Rihanna Gets A Restraining Order!
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