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Madonna Joins The Billion-Dollar Club!

John Mayer is finally ready to speak out about the horrible two years he had over his vocal cord issues and surgery that almost cost him his career. John Mayer says he thought he would just have to take a pill and it would go away but things got worse and worse. Doctors actually tried to treat it all by injecting massive amounts of Botox into his throat to shut down his vocal cords, leaving them paralyzed for weeks and John Mayer without a voice. He went three to four months without saying anything. Now John Mayer says “It’s hard to believe that I’m healed, but just to make sure, I keep going back every two weeks for a look, and it’s the same – if not better. The greatest gift I now have in my life is the opportunity to play again, which is also the opportunity to dream again.” So happy for him! Wake up call hopefully!

Another person speaking out, Chris Brown! This time it’s about the subject we all remember, his physical abuse towards Rihanna! For once, during an interview Chris Brown refused to make excuses and admitted, “It’s all about my responsibility.” He said that at first he didn’t even know if Rihanna would ever forgive him and he just tried his best to be the best man he could be over the years and just show her how remorseful and sorry he was for the incident. Chris Brown even says that time was probably the worst part of his life and he’s eternally grateful and thankful that she forgave him and now that they are back together he has to focus on doing the right thing and being more of a humble individual because the greatest lesson he’s learned is that you can lose it all. Let’s hope he means what he’s saying!
Tisk tisk Justin Bieber! Even his neighbors aren’t happy with him these days! Justin Bieber has been accused of battery by a neighbor and the police are at the singer's home in Calabasas, California investigating according to TMZ. Justin Bieber and one of his male neighbors got into a verbal fight and the accuser told deputies that Justin Bieber made physical contact with him and threatened him. At first the rumor was that there were people at the house throwing loud parties while Justin Bieber was overseas and now I’m learning that it all had to do with a Ferrari. In the early morning hours, Justin Bieber was racing the car up and down the streets and the neighbor was furious about the deafening noise AND felt Justin was endangering the community by tearing through the streets. Would you?
Another Real Housewives story with a sad ending. Porsha Stewart, the latest Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member was hit with a surprise when her husband, former NFL star Kordell Stewart filed for divorce after less than two years of marriage. The worst part, her tag line on the show was: "People say I have a picture-perfect life, and I do." Porsha had actually held off on filing for a divorce herself and remained committed to the marriage because he promised to work on the marriage with her. Instead, Kordell misled her and she found out about the filing in the media. If you didn’t see her on the season it was pretty bad, the biggest controversy being that Porsha told fellow castmates that her hubby "allowed" her to go on a vacation. Inside, she felt like a prisoner.
Sean Lowe is addressing the latest rumors that his is a diva on the set! His partner Peta is saying absolutely not true and that he is the farthest thing from it! Absurd, ridiculous and laughable! Lowe said he just ignored it. So that settles that!
Amanda Bynes gets scarier by the minute. The former child star released another odd tweet on her Twitter account. First, she uploaded a picture of herself that shows a lot of skin and put the subtitle, Looking pudgy and I broke my nail.” That’s great marketing right there. Some of her other disturbing tweets that I can actually read on the air,  "I created the phrase Ily & lololol," "If I'm not following you on Twitter, I hate you" and "he’s rocking that incest on his face.”
Madonna isn’t doing pretty well for herself! She has reportedly just joined the billion-dollar club! On top of Madonna having a gross of around a whopping $305 million dollars, she made $75 million in merchandise sales during her 88 shows around the world on top of that and raked in $10 million in TV rights and DVD sales from her tour. Her rumored net worth is around $700 million dollars but she apparently rounded that up to a billion dollars by getting involved in other money-making ventures like perfume lines and gym chains.
Christina Aguilera who? As you know NBC’s The Voice came back this week and not only did they come back, but season 4 came back strong even with coaches Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green gone! Looks like Shakira and Usher did more than ok. The show got 12 million viewers!! That’s a 9% bump from the premiere last season!! Watch out Christina and Cee Lo! Maybe you won’t be able to come back after all!

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03/27/2013 6:58AM
Madonna Joins The Billion-Dollar Club!
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