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Lindsay Lohan Out Of Rehab?

I think we all saw this coming. After just a little over a month after checking in, Lindsay Lohan has checked out of the Betty Ford Center in California to enter the Cliffside rehab clinic in Malibu. The transfer was reportedly approved by prosecutors, who agreed that Lindsay Lohan would benefit from serving the remainder of her 90-day sentence at a new place.  Having checked into rehab six times already, Lindsay Lohan has voiced her skepticism about it being an effective intervention. My sources are telling me that the real reason she is being moved is because she was being a terror at the Betty Ford Clinic and they didn’t want to deal with it anymore.
This is awkward. Melissa McCarthy may be loved by most, but she is admitting now that a scathing film review earlier this year referred to her as "tractor-sized," and that it isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. But now, she is talking about how the remark could have a negative impact on young girls who might not conform to the traditional definition of Hollywood beauty. She says that her initial reaction was "Really?” followed by, "Why would someone O.K. that?"  The review also called Melissa McCarthy a "female hippo" and a "gimmick comedian who has devoted her short career to being obese and obnoxious." Melissa McCarthy, who is 42, said that if the review appeared when she was 20, "It may have crushed me." But now, in "a strange epidemic of body image and body dysmorphia, comments like that just add to all those younger girls, that are not in a place in their life where they can say, 'That doesn't reflect on me.' " Good for her for speaking up about it!
Miley Cyrus is setting the record straight when it comes to her work ethic! Her philosophy, “work hard, twerk hard.”
In a recent interview, Miley Cyrus opened up about her image and not caring what people think of her, saying: “People think of me as a party animal. I am a self-proclaimed party animal, but I’m also the hardest working person you’ll ever know. Moms remember their daughters watching ‘Hannah Montana’ and kids remember watching the show, but that’s not who they think I am. The biggest thing people say to me is ‘I love that you don’t care what people think.’ I don’t, but in the best way possible. I could take all the constructive criticism in the world but I don’t really care… of course I want people to love my music, but at the end of the day, I make music for me. I make music because I love it and I know that I put good energy into it, so I know it will be all good.” Gotta love the focus! Miley Cyrus is growing up!
Another day, another Amanda Bynes story! Speaking of Miley Cyrus, just a couple weeks ago, Amanda tweeted and retracted her statement that Rihanna was ugly. NOW, she has backtracked on her 'ugly' statements that were directed at Miley Cyrus. Amanda Bynes tweeted and deleted: "@MileyCyrus thank you for rooting for me doll! You are one of the prettiest girls! I want my nose to look like yours after my surgeries!" Ok then… Amanda Bynes is just continuing to prove how unstable she is. Hopefully someone will get through to her.
It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Kate Middleton. Well, with the royal baby’s arrival less than a month away, Kate Middleton is doing everything and anything she can to prepare for the big day! But apparently she has one MAJOR concern that most women in her position face: The pain!! Kate Middleton reportedly wants to have a natural birth, and she's so worried about the pain that she's been reading up on alternatives to relieve her stress. Hypno-birthing is one option and some of her friends have used this method and swear by it. Jessica Alba by it when she gave birth to her first daughter, Honor Marie! Still sounds odd to me!
Paris Jackson is still apparently stable and doing OK, but the latest report is that she is dealing with some pretty heavy issues, including the fact that she hasn't dealt with Michael Jackson's death. She’s currently receiving psychological help at UCLA Medical Center and has felt bullied. Paris Jackson has had an obsession with comments people leave about her on social media and websites and the negative comments "really get to her."  While at the hospital, Paris Jackson currently does not have access to her phone or the Internet, so the problem is temporarily solved. The shrinks who have been helping Paris Jackson also believe that she hasn’t really gone through the grieving process over her dad's death. Imagine all of that building up for 4 years.
Is there trouble in paradise for the Kardashians when it comes to their parents Kris and Bruce Jenner? The rumors have started again that they may be headed for divorce! During the premiere episode of Keeping Up with the Kardasians, Bruce Jenner rented a beach home in Malibu, California so that he could spend some time away from his wife of 20 plus years and now the rumor is that Bruce Jenner has moved into his Malibu home permanently. He’s accepted this marriage is not working for him. Plus, Kris Jenner is apparently always mean and the two haven’t been intimate for some time. But they won’t split because a lot of money is at stake. Also, Bruce Jenner could destroy Kris Jenner by revealing all her secrets since she’s apparently done some pretty horrible things over the years, including cheating on him. The Kardashians’ rep however is saying that the divorce rumors are simply “not true.”

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06/14/2013 6:05AM
Lindsay Lohan Out Of Rehab?
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