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Ron Olson

Ron Olson

Kelly Osbourne's weight loss secret!

Here we go: it's the plate diet, which is based on studies that show people eat up to 20 percent more when they use a plate that's the same color as their food, compared to when they use a plate of a contrasting color. It's the power of Illusion. It's thought a high contrast between the clor of a plate and that of common foods, such as rice or pasta, serves to make you look at the size of your portion and think again.

Here's my tip: burn up more calories than you take in. Start walking today. Join a gym and have a relationship with a treadmill that's elevated just a scoouch. Be consistent. You must go to the gym or walk the neighborhood.

Get some headphones: listen to ron and jill...run one song...walk one song....do it for an hour. It will work and you will be totally entertained.

That's all so easy to say.

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10/12/2012 6:41AM
Kelly Osbourne's weight loss secret!
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01/17/2013 2:00PM
Another weight loss secret
I know another weight loss secret...try being stalked...you drop the pounds like hot cakes...
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