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Ron Olson

Ron Olson

Would you rather?

Would you rather have Breakfast with Jimmy Fallon than Justin Timberlake or Bradley Cooper?

Maybe women do prefer a guy with a sense of humor. A new poll shows that women would rather have breakfast with Jimmy Fallon than Bradley Cooper orJustin Timberlake.

530 women over the age of 18 were surveyed, and Jimmy got 36% of the vote. Bradley got 26% and justin followed with 22%.

More people would really rather have breakfast with Ron and Michelle.
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Top money making concerts of 2014. Surprise.

Here we go. How many did you see?

10) Michael Buble- 74 million
9) Lady GaGa- 80 million
8) Beyonce and Jay Z- 95 million
7) Bruno Mars- 96 million
6) Paul McCartney- 107 million
5) KatyPerry- 108 million
4) The Eagles- 127 million
3) The Rolling Stones
2) Justin Timberlake- 203 million
1) One direction - 290 million

big money baby.

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Higest Money making tours of 2014! (must read)

What a list.
10) michael Buble- 74 million
9) Lady GaGa - 80 million
8) Beyonce and Jay Z- 95 million
7) Bruno mars-96 million
6) paul McCartney 107 million
5) Katy Perry- 108 million bucks
4)The Eagles- 127 million
3) the Rolling Stones- 143 million
2)Justin Timberlake- 203 million
1) One Direction- 290 million.

Wow! insert expletive here.


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Ron Olson's top 3 songs right now

There is a lot of great music on the radio right now. The weather is righteous. The trees are blooming. The grill is grilling.

Here are my three favorite turn it up songs on fm100
1) Sugar- Maroon 5
2) I bet my life - ImagineDragons
3) Thinking out loud- Ed Sheeran
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What's it cost for a Subway franchise vs McDonalds

This is interesting.

It costs almost ten times less to open a Subway Franchise than a McDonalds..Subways cost up to $263,000, McDonalds makes about five times more revenue...so you can make a lot more from one.

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Ten things every guy should know

Great list: lets explore.

1)His wedding anniversary

2) Basic home repairs

3)How to change a light bulb
4) How to tie a tie.
5) How to read a map
6) His significant others favorite drink
7) How to iron a shirt
8)How to change a tire
9) How to shave
10) How to lay on the couch and pretend you don't hear anything your wife is saying

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"Just Do IT": where did Nike get there slogan?

The famous nike slogan "Just Do It" has been around since the 1980's, but the advertsing executive who coined the phrase says it really came from a convicted murderer years earlier.

Just before he was executed by a firing squad in Utah, Gary Gilmore reportedly said "Lets do it".
In a recent interview, Dan Wieden tells Dezeen Magazine the line came to him while creating a new ad campaign for Nike.

But Weiden says he changed it form " Let's do it" to "just do it" so he wouldn't have to give the killer credit
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A guy makes donation and saves his own Life

A pastor in North Carolina recently offered to donate one of his kidneys to a guy he'd just met...and it ended up saving HIS life too. Doctors discovered an aneurysm in one of his arteries during the surgery last Monday, and it could have killed him if they hadn't found it.
Well...do you believe in Karma? I do. This proves it.
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Mother reveals new Family game

This morning Michelle and I were talking about something I saw last week while out to eat with my wife. There was a family of four sitting across from us- the mom and dad and two kids.

The seven year old boy had his earbuds in and was watching a movie during the whole meal. I told vicki that would not happen at our table. I want everyone involved and focued on us as a family. I know that there are exceptions to all situations. But this is how we turn out socially inept kids.

Solution: A listener called and said that they play the HI/Low game at dinner time. Each person gets to tell their high and low for the day. They draw numbers to see who goes first.

Excellent game: communication plus.

Try it tonight.


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Hi - Low game: new for families to play (must read)

Today we had a caller on talking about a game that she plays with her family.

We had been talking about a family I saw having dinner and the seven year old was wearing headphones watching a movie the whole time....not involved at all with anybody in the family.

She said they play a game called the Hi-Low game. Each person tells their High and Low of the day. And they draw numbers to see who goes first. Great communication. Fantastic idea.

try it.

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Taylor-johnny and the Beebs! must read

Taylor Swift is mad at her cat. Her cat,Meredith scratched her legs. The legs are insured for 40 million bucks. The cat owes her 40 million dollars. Way to go !

Over rated actors! Johnny Depp is number one according to a new survery. Angelina Jolie is also on the list.

Justin Bieber got roasted Saturday night. It will air on Comedy Cemtral march 30th. A don't miss moment. I heard it was pretty rough.
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Tigers Get no love!

The Tiger Basketball team got no love over the weekend.

They did not get a bid to the NCAA tournament or the NIT tournament. (not in tournament)

Not getting a bid to the NCAA- is like getting stood up for the prom
Not getting a bid to the NIT- is like getting stood up by a drunken sailor to the prom

It ruins March madness for me.

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What age is the happiest in your Life?

A new study found the HAPPIEST age of your life is ...34. That's when a lot of good things converge for the average person. Being Married.Having Kids. Making big strides at work. Financial security. And buying a house.
47% of people say their life has been mostly happy so far.
10% say it's been mostly sad. Of course they are kix 106 listeners. i'm just saying.

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Memphis in May says good bye sunset!

Yesterday Memphis in May pulled the plug on the sunset symphony! This will be the last year on Memorial day weekend. They are saying that nobody really cared about it anymore. And they might be right. But it is up to them to make it interesting. Get some real talent on stage with the symphony. Pick anybody and pump up the food aspect-throw in some really good fireworks. Have some PRIDE in the city. Oh well.......

PS: stop saluting countries that nobody gives a rat's you know what about. Try saluting the states...Like Texas-Florida- and California. A lot more interesting than Budapest.
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