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Katherine Heigl Has A POO POO Reputation!

Great news for Breaking Bad fans! You’ll have something to look forward to after the show comes to an end in three weeks. That’s because a spinoff for the show is in the works starring one of the main characters; Lawyer Saul Goodman, played by actor Bob Odenkirk. Don’t think oh wait! This is as a spoiler for Breaking Bad that Saul Goodman will survive. Nope! The spinoff, titled Better Call Saul will be a prequel "that will focus on the evolution of the popular Saul Goodman character before he ever became Walter White's lawyer." I’LL BE WATCHING!
Katherine Heigl has some haters. My sources are telling me that in the midst of Katherine Heigl's deflating career and reputation in Hollywood, it’s being revealed that the A-list actress isn't exactly a joy to work with. She can cost you time every single day of shooting, from wardrobe issues, not getting out of the trailer, questioning the script every single day. It’s bad. To make matters worse, Katherine Heigl’s mother and manager Nancy Heigl, who has worked closely with her daughter since her days as a child model, always curses and calls people names. They also make movie star demands and it has cost Katherine Heigl landed starring roles because she’s “not worth it.”
This is pretty funny. Tom Hanks was doing jury dury and sitting as a juror. Well, the trial just came to an abrupt halt after charges of jury tampering surfaced. During a lunch break yesterday, a female member of the L.A. City Attorney's Office went up to Tom Hanks in a stairwell and thanked him for his jury service, especially because he's such a big celebrity and still decided to go through jury duty. Well, when the court reconvened today, the prosecutor disclosed that a member of the City Attorney's Office made inappropriate contact with Tom Hanks during a break.  The defense then asked for a hearing to prove prosecutorial misconduct.  At that point, lawyers on both sides started talking and a plea deal was cut. Poor Tom Hanks! Can’t even go to jury duty!

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis fans can relax! Yesterday I reported that Ashton Kutcher was spotted at the airport with his ex and legally still his wife Demi Moore. Well, right after he left, Ashton Kutcher was spotted picking up his girlfriend Mila Kunis from LAX airport and all is well! Ashton Kutcher was caught eagerly waiting for her outside in the car. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are just friends and are trying to maintain a friendship where there’s no bad blood between them.

Miley Cyrus is speaking up about the controversy that her new music video, “Wrecking Ball,” where she strips down naked and licks a hammer, is causing. As for the nudity, Miley Cyrus said, "I think the video is much more than that. If people get past the point I make, and you actually look at me, you can tell I look more broken than even the song sounds… If people can take their minds off the obvious and go into their imagination and see what the video really means, it is so vulnerable. If you look at my eyes, I look more sad than actually my voice sounds on the record. It was a lot harder to do the video than it was to record the song. It was much more of an emotional experience." The only question I have left is, so why are you licking a hammer?
Could another royal wedding be upon us? It just might be! I’m talking about none other than Madonna! At a Rosh Hashanah service in New York City, Madonna was reportedly introducing her 25 year old boyfriend of two years as her fiancé! My source is saying that it was like she wanted everyone to know she was going to marry this man. It was happening not only in front of the guests but her kids as well! If this is true, congratulations to her!

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09/12/2013 6:23AM
Katherine Heigl Has A POO POO Reputation!
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