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Justin Bieber Back At The Police Station!

Justin Bieber really isn’t trying to make himself look any better. That’s because he has been charged with CRIMINAL ASSAULT for allegedly attacking a limousine driver! Justin Bieber took a limo in Toronto in December and got into some sort of fight.  At the time the rumor going around was that a member of his team was being investigated for messing up the driver. But now the investigation has taken a turn, and Toronto cops wanted to talk to Justin Bieber but he didn't come in for an interview and they got annoyed. Justin Bieber is now in Toronto and finally went to the police station. He will be booked for assault, given a citation and released. The accusation… that Justin Bieber physically attacked the limo driver himself and didn’t simply order an attack! On TOP of all this, the petition to deport Justin Bieber back to Canada has garnered over 100,000 signatures, so the White House now has to officially review it! The petition calls Justin Bieber a dangerous and reckless drug abuser who is "not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence." Sounds about right at this point!
Good thing Hugh Grant knows how to handle this department! The British bachelor and actor is now the father of three love children after Swedish TV producer Anna Elisabet Eberstein secretly gave birth to a baby boy in September 2013. A copy of a birth certificate confirms that the child is his, listing the baby’s surname as "Grant," and the actor's full name, Hugh John Mungo Grant, is listed as the father on the document. Hugh Grant's rep did not return  requests for comment. Oddly enough, this woman was pregnant at the same time as Tinglan Hong, who gave birth to her second child from Hugh Grant, a son named Felix, in December 2013. There's no word yet on the status of Hugh Grant's current relationship with either women. 

That didn’t last very long! Trace Adkins was off to rehab after he got into a fight with a Trace Adkins impersonator on a cruise ship, remember that? Well, just 14 days after he entered the Florida facility for alcoholism, he left! Trace Adkin’s father is seriously ill and he felt he needed to be at his bedside immediately. When the illness resolves itself, Trace Adkins will then “decide” if he goes back to an inpatient program or does outpatient therapy. As for his immediate sobriety, Trace Adkins asked his therapists in Florida to put him in contact with counselors near his father. Sounds like he just wanted to get out if you ask me!
Hmm, is this all completely necessary? Kanye West and Kim Kardashian haven’t moved into their expansive Bel Air mansion because of renovations happening to the house. But get this… the renovations are totaling over six million dollars AND because of the ridiculous additions to the house, they won't be moving in until at least July or August! So, what are these important renovations?? How about basketball court, home gym, movie theater, bowling alley, custom furniture from Italy, a "top quality" recording studio, beds that were custom made out of cashmere, virgin lamb's wool & Mongolian horse hair, and about one million dollars worth of Electrolux kitchen appliances! The best thing: A SWAROVSKI ENCRUSTED FRIDGE AND FREEZER UNIT! A CRYSTAL FRIDGE? FOR REAL?
Looks like even celebrities aren’t happy with their bodies! Rihanna took the time to chat about beauty, body image and butts with E! News and what she shared is shocking! For starters, Rihanna gets her love of makeup from her mom. She couldn’t wear the makeup when she was a kid, and the first time she used it was when she was 16 years old! As for her body, Rihanna says she picks on it all the time, admitting, "It's a thing that women do. We walk in front of the mirror and we look at our butt. Is it getting bigger today? Ew. It's still flat." Rihanna, a flat butt? SHE’S CRAZY!
While Lorde was busy collecting Grammys on Sunday, everyone online was speculating that she was an age imposter! If you didn’t know, Lorde is only 17 years old! During the Grammys, everyone started to get on social media and stated that there’s no way she could be that young and that Lorde was lying about her age! Well, one website decided to put an end to the whole thing. The Harpin spent a whopping $17.02 and ordered a copy of Lorde’s birth certificate from New Zealand to prove to the world that Lorde is, in fact, a 17-year-old! The site posted a picture of her birth certificate once they got it too! Looks like she’s indeed 17, even though people were complaining about the blurriness on some parts of the picture! Lorde is aware of the rumors and she's taking it all in stride, stating to Vanity Fair, "Hi, I'm Ella, and I'm actually 45." HAHA! What gives? You can’t be young and talented?
Not many actresses can say they got their curves from pigging out on junk food! But Jennifer Lawrence isn’t most actresses, is she? Jennifer Lawrence loves to indulge on everyone’s favorite after-school snack, Doritos! And she always did it on the set of American Hustle! It got to the point where she had an orange fingerprint-smeared dress and the panicked costume designer to prove it. At an event, costume designer Michael Wilkinson recalled being grateful that he’d made a few extra copies of Jennifer Lawrence’s plunging white gown, saying, “Jennifer Lawrence is a very, let’s say, raw and intuitive young lady, and she’s not against eating Doritos and snack food in her costume. So we were glad that we had a couple backups.” THAT’S MY KIND OF GIRL! BINGE ON!

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Justin Bieber Back At The Police Station!
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