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Jillian Michaels Breaks Her Silence About The Biggest Loser!

What would you want to do on your honeymoon? Eat, drink, maybe lay on the beach and have some sexy time? Well that’s not the case for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. During their honeymoon they stayed INSIDE their hotel room that was stocked with DVDs and playing cards! No romance, just plenty of downtime! They even visited two different movie theaters in one day! Talk about boring!
Sad news for Adele fans this morning! Yesterday the rumor was going around that she had confirmed that she's prepping a new album and a world tour for 2015. The only problem is that she didn’t! The Twitter account for the World Music Awards started the rumor, but Adele herself hasn't tweeted anything at all, and the parent company of Adele's label is saying that there’s no truth to it! Guess we’re going to have to wait a bit longer for new Adele music!
Is Britney Spears a dine and dasher? It looks that way! She went out to eat at The Cheesecake Factory and got to eat for FREE ... because she skipped out on the restaurant without paying the bill! Britney Spears and her boyfriend David Lucado had an appetizer and a salad.  At the end of the lunch the waitress came over with the $30 bill, and Britney Spears said her security guy would pay it. They walked out and security never paid! Honest mistake right? She’s only worth over 50 million dollars!
After 10 years of helping people lose weight on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” the star trainer on the show, Jillian Michaels decided to not come back for the next season. No one knew why! Well, now we do! Jillian Michaels is breaking her silence and wanted to make one thing clear. She said, "I don't want fans to think I feel like I'm too big for the show or that I'm seeking greener pastures. I'm so grateful to the show and so sad to leave. There were some fundamental differences [with Loser's producers] that have existed for a while." The main issue was how she was portrayed on the show as being harsh and mean instead of helpful. She said that NBC never showed the bonds that she built with her clients! Yup, when millions of people have the wrong perception of you, that will do it!
Here’s another reason to love Ryan Gosling. He’s already in full on daddy mode with Eva Mendes and has taken on the job of personal chef for her! Ryan Gosling goes out and gets the groceries. Any craving she gets, he takes care of! The big craving: pasta! What a great daddy he’s going to be!
Chrissy Teigen is too funny! John Legend’s wife let us all in on one big secret: She LOVES junk food! So much in fact that she breaks a good rule. Chrissy Teigen said,“I lick the cheese off Doritos and put them back in the bag. I will eat pretty much anything as long as it’s salty. Or sweet. Or spicy.” I guess that Chrissy Teigen landed the perfect gig hosting MTV’s new cooking show, “Snack Off!” Hopefully she doesn’t double dip on live tv!
You can’t get any more real than this! Charlie Sheen was so drunk in the middle of a late night Taco Bell run and someone was awesome enough to get it all on camera! Charlie Sheen stumbles over to a car at the drive-thru because it looks like the driver called him over, and then this happened! He starts talking to them drunk and even gives the couple in the car relationship advice! Hey, he’s a good man! Stopping through the Taco Bell Drive Thru to say hi! I’m sure Taco Bell is loving the free publicity this morning!
There aren’t a lot of things that are better than having one of Hollywood's biggest couples unexpectedly drop by on your special day! Well that’s what happened for one little boy when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner made a surprise appearance at his birthday party in Detroit! The couple is in town because Ben Affleck is filming the next Batman movie! They stopped by Detroit Kid City with their youngest son to give him a place to hang out when they realized that a children's Superman-themed birthday party was actually going on! How ironic! And of course the birthday boy wanted to meet Batman! The Afflecks were awesome and got in on the celebration! So cool of them! Batman saves the day!

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07/17/2014 8:21AM
Jillian Michaels Breaks Her Silence About The Biggest Loser!
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