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Jessica Simpson, Weight Watchers Round 2?

Now that Jessica Simpson has announced that she’s pregnant with baby number two, a lot of people are wondering well, what’s going to happen with her deal with Weight Watchers? Most likely bye bye right? WRONG! Turns out Jessica Simpson will CONTINUE to endorse Weight Watchers! In a 30 second ad that was released yesterday, Jessica Simpson talks about being on top of the world because she’s pregnant again and that when a weight loss program is built for human nature, you can expect amazing results. So Weight Watchers has made it known that even though she won’t be following the program DURING her pregnancy, Jessica Simpson will be getting back on the program and continue the deal after she gives birth. No news yet on if she will be getting more money but I’m SURE she will be!
And new evidence is coming out now that apparently proves that Whitney Houston was murdered! If this ends up being proved this will be huge! According to a top Hollywood private investigator, there is new evidence that was caught on VIDEO and he is turning all of his material over to the FBI! He even goes as far as saying that the singer’s killers are caught on tape and that Whitney Houston was a victim of high powered drug dealers who sent thugs to collect a huge debt she owed for drugs… Lets hope that none of this is true…
And new accusations are now out against Britney Spears! Remember Kevin Federline, who is Britney’s ex husband and fathered her two boys? Well, now Kevin Federline’s brother Christopher is saying that he slept with Britney Spears during their marriage and is the father of her seven year old son Sean Preston! Christopher actually filed a temporary restraining order against Britney Spears two weeks ago and said she’s out of control, a maniac and blackmailed him. Insiders are saying that the only reason why Christopher never said anything is because he felt bad about doing that to his brother and his WIFE at the time who is now out of the picture. Sounds like he may just want his two seconds of fame!
There’s been a million conflicting reports this week about Katy Perry and John Mayer’s relationship. First John Mayer is cheating on her, then they are spending Christmas together... so which one is it? Well, looks like Katy Perry wanted to put the talking to rest and did so by posting a picture on Twitter to PROVE that she and John Mayer are just fine and spent Christmas together. The picture, John Mayer dressed in a Santa suit and giving a seductive look. The caption she wrote with it, “Santa Baby.” I wonder if she was a good girl… alright I’ll stop!
And Anne Hathaway is admitting that she was a witch to her husband when she was filming Les Miserables. Not only was the transformation physical with her 25 pound weight loss, but it was also emotional. She said, “I mean, I was dealing with a lot of darkness and I was starving. So I just wasn’t that much fun to be around,” to the point where she doesn’t even know how her marriage to husband Adam Shulman survived. One day she literally picked a fight with him because he wouldn’t watch a sunset with her! I guess we’ve all fought with our boyfriend or girlfriend over stupid things at some point right?
Forbes released their annual list of Hollywood’s Best Actors For The Buck… and who came in as the number one most bankable celebrity? Academy Award winner Natalie Portman! For every dollar she’s paid, she makes the company forty two dollars and seventy cents back! Number two on the list, Kristen Stewart who makes forty dollars and sixty cents for every dollar she earns! Thank you TWI-HARDS! The number three spot goes to a shocker though, Shia LaBeouf, returning thirty five dollars and eight cents for every dollar he makes. Try to name one other movie he’s done recently besides Transformers…. EXACTLY!
Turns out we won’t be seeing any naked pictures of Coco afterall! When pictures surfaced of her kissing rapper AP.9 on the cheek and her husband Ice-T went into a frenzy, Coco apologized, called the pictures inappropriate and swore that was the only thing that happened. However, rapper AP.9 swore he had photos and video of Coco naked in a hotel in Vegas! But close friends of Coco are speaking out saying NO WAY! Coco was NOT in a hotel room with him, she didn’t pose for nude pictures and she DIDN’t film a sex tape! They are INSISTING that AP.9 is just looking for his fifteen minutes of fame and I believe it!

Is Tom Cruise moving on from Katie Holmes? It’s been about six months since the two split and now Tom Cruise, who is 50, has been spotted on a date with a 26 year old restaurant manager named Cynthia Jorge. People saw the two dancing, embracing and say that Tom Cruise seemed completely smitten! The two met at her restaurant where Cynthia gave him her business card. Less than a day later, the two were out on a date at a nightclub. Hope she’s into Scientology…

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12/26/2012 3:07PM
Jessica Simpson, Weight Watchers Round 2?
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