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It's New Year's Eve...Looking for something to do?

Yes....every restaurant in town has a special NYE dinner tonight. Yes....every club in town is having a dance party of some sort. If you're looking for some different way to celebrate the last day of 2009, as well as a day off of work & school tomorrow, here are some ideas!


C'mon....you know tomorrow, you're going to break out those workout dvds you got for Christmas and start working on your New Year's resolution to get fit. I know. I've been there and will be working out right there with ya! ;-) So, why not enjoy one...or two...or many tastes of something you may not taste again until....well, Valentine's Day. Haha! Seriously, Pix has some truly mind blowingly good desserts and FREE is a really good price. You have to buy a glass of something bubbly (and yes, soft drinks count) at PIX tonight to qualify for one of the free Chocolate Buffet tickets. They will start handing those out at 11pm. Click the link and scroll down for more details!


I had these guys on my show, back when I was doing Celebrity Playlist daily. It was one of my favorite interviews because they were so fun...we were laughing the whole time! I tried to "stump" them by throwing really random suggestions at them and they turned everything I threw at them into something funny. In the show, improv teams compete against each other for points. You get to be a part of the show by shouting out suggestions for the scenes they act out. It's family friendly, tickets are pretty affordable, and they are doing several shows tonight at 7pm, 9pm, and 11pm. BTW....if one of your New Year's resolutions is to be funnier in 2010, then you should check out their improv classes, by clicking this link.


Yes, they were a bit before my time (and probably yours, too), but who doesn't love a Beatles song or two....or many? When you see this show, you are reminded of just how many Beatles songs you love. I saw this on opening night (the same night the snow created the commute from hell) and I was admittedly in a bad mood when I sat down in my seat at the Keller Auditorium, but the vibe changed as soon as they started playing these classic songs. It was fun watching all of the people my parents age dancing and having a good time, but there were a lot of people my age & my daughter's age twisting and shouting right a long with them. Everyone left with big smiles and I decided there is no better cure for a bad day (or bad commute) than a large dose of loud Beatles music. Seriously. This show is all ages fun......and a MUST if 2009 left you with a need for some cheering up. :-) Tonight's show is at 7:30. Click here for details.


Ok....this is highly unscientific, but according to my facebook friends' status updates, "Avatar" in 3D is a must see. I've been surprised at how many very different types of people are raving about this, too. I'm planning on checking it out myself this weekend. I've been seeing a lot of positive comments about "Precious" as well, though you are pretty much guaranteed a good cry. I can recommend "The Blindside" as a football movie that's really about relationships, so there's something in it for everyone. I want to see "Fantastic Mr. Fox", as I love Wes Anderson movies, Roald Dahl stories, and George Clooney. It's playing at the Fox Tower and getting some great reviews. Check out the trailer below.


Of course, if you want traditional NYE fun, like dancing and toasts of bubbly, then there are lots of parties all over town. Check out Willamette Week for a pretty full listing. My personal fave is the WXYZ bar at Aloft Hotel Cascade Station. They are right on the Max line, so you can party hop, then hop on the Max to ride out to Aloft, party some more, then take advantage of their AWESOME NYE package. 99 bucks for one of their very hip, very cozy rooms, plus champagne....PLUS, the chance to WIN A TRIP TO HAWAII! I've been to many events at Aloft and it is always good times with fun people. P.s If you want to stay an extra night and watch the Rose Bowl game on their big screens (or from the comfort of your room), they will give you a GREAT deal on the second night stay...59 bucks! Here's the link for more info! When you call the hotel, ask for their NYE Party package.


12/31/2009 9:55AM
It's New Year's Eve...Looking for something to do?
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