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Gwyneth Paltrow Is The Worst Driver Ever

SNL must really be craving some ratings because Miley Cyrus is set to host AND perform for the October 5th episode of Saturday Night Live! This will be one week after Tina Fey hosts the September 28th premiere with the musical guest Arcade Fire. Definitely a smart move on Miley Cryus’ part because that means she'll be hosting just days before the October 8th release of her new album Bangerz. The week after, Bruce Willis will host and Katy Perry will be the musical guest. Will you watch Miley Cyrus host on SNL and perform?  
Not such good news for That’s So Raven star Orlando Brown. Since his first DUI back in 2011 Orlando Brown has had at least four bench warrants issued against him before he finally stood in front of a judge two weeks ago! The judge was so disappointed in Orlando Brown's behavior that he sentenced him to spend the next 180 days in jail! They took him into custody on the spot and he's been behind bars ever since! The Disney Channel can’t be happy. Hopefully, Orland Brown has learned his lesson! Drinking and driving is NEVER a good idea!
Speaking of more bad news, things still don’t look good for Lamar Odom as the evidence continues to stack up against him. Now Polina Polonsky, the lawyer who Lamar Odom was supposedly sleeping with for six weeks is speaking up and saying that Lamar Odom did indeed do crack cocaine n her place, right in front of her! Lamar Odom was also VERY paranoid during his visit, taking the battery out of his phone because he didn't want someone to track it and also covering the smoke detectors with paper towels. Sounds like Lamar Odom really needs to get some help!

What interesting news! Simon Cowell is speaking up about why Britney Spears left The X Factor judging table! Simon Cowell told Ellen Degeneres, "I just think she found it very uncomfortable…I kind of booked someone who couldn't talk, which was a bit of problem, when you want someone to judge. She wasn't comfortable being negative, she didn't like it when the contestants spoke back to her...I liked her. So we decided to change it this year, and I thought I'll work with three girls, because I like working with girls." Wow, hate on Britney Spears parade! But it looks like Britney Spears leaving the show worked out for both of them. Simon Cowell got what he wanted and Britney Spears is rumored to have a new gig in Las Vegas.

Huge news for Demi Lovato and I think this is a brilliant idea… she is writing a book! That’s right, Demi Lovato will be an author, and it’s not just a random book about nothing. With Demi Lovato’s book, you'll be waking up in the best way possible: to an inspirational quote and morning meditation and inspiration to stay strong! The book, called Staying Strong, will have 365 different life affirmations and inspirations to get you through EVERYTHING. Demi Lovato, who had to deal with her own recovery, found this method to help her A LOT! Not going to lie, I can’t wait to read it!

Ready for your odd story of the day? Before Sharon Osbourne was into men like her husband Ozzy, it looks like she had a totally different type… from hard core to straight-edge and funny. You ready? Sharon Osbourne admitted that not long after first moving to the United States, she had a fling with JAY LENO! She was just 25 years old! But it turned out that the fling was more fling for Sharon Osbourne and not for Jay Leno because a couple of months into it, he brought around the real love of his life for her to meet! OUCH!

Eek! When there’s video evidence, not good! And it’s definitely not looking good for Gwyneth Paltrow! She might just be the worst driver in all of Los Angeles, and the worst part, she’s putting her child in danger! Why? Gwyneth Paltro cut off a school bus on her vespa with her child on the backseat! She and her husband Chris Martin were picking up their kids from an L.A. school when Gwyneth Paltrow darted out into traffic right in front of an oncoming school bus! The bus driver had to slam on the brakes to stop from plowing into her!  CHECK IT OUT BELOW!

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09/09/2013 5:51PM
Gwyneth Paltrow Is The Worst Driver Ever
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