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George Clooney Is Engaged! Say It Isn't So!

Never say never! I can’t believe he put a ring on it, or anyone for that matter! George Clooney is engaged to lawyer Amal Alamuddin after barely seven months of dating! George Clooney’s now fiancé was first spotted wearing a HUGE ring on her left ring finger Thursday while she was out to eat with Cindy Crawford. George Clooney was first spotted with Amal Alamuddin in October when they looked cozy at a dinner party together. They bonded over their shared concern for global human rights and work with the United Nations. This will be the second trip down the aisle for George Clooney, after he vowed never to get married again since he wasn’t very good at it! I mean afterall, he is FAMOUS now for his serial monogamy. He last dated Stacy Keibler for two years and has been linked to women like Elisabetta Canalis, Sarah Larson, Krista Allen, Lisa Snowdon, Karen "Duff" Duffy and Kelly Preston! He also said he’d never have children again, so let’s see how that goes now!
Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker may have been know for having her fair share of Cosmopolitans and other alcoholic drinks when she played Carrie Bradshaw on her television show Sex And The City. But turns out she hasn’t even tried tequila! At a book-club dinner Sarah Jessica Parker was overheard saying that she had never, ever tried tequila and wanted to try it for the first time. But after sampling a high-end version of it, she went right back to wine! Hey, tequila isn’t for everyone!
You would think that you’d be sad after a divorce or at least keep your feelings about it to yourself… but not Gwyneth Paltrow! Everyone is so impressed with how she and Chris Martin are handling their divorce, including Gwyneth Paltrow herself! She has been patting herself on the back and BRAGGING to people about how well their split has gone, and she won’t stop! Apparently the phrase “conscious uncoupling” has become a joke among her circle of friends and all Gwyneth Paltrow is saying is how peaceful her divorce is and how she and Chris Martin planned it so perfectly that it is hardly disrupting their lives. She doesn’t care. The only thing this is good for are the kids, but no need to brag about a perfect divorce. That’s just odd!
This might just be the most disgusting lawsuit ever! Valerie Harper is being sued for getting cancer without telling the people behind her recent Broadway play along for not telling them that it spread to her brain, causing her to forget her lines! Playwright Matthew Lombardo and the producers behind his Broadway production of "Looped" are suing Valerie Harper for $2 million, claiming she intentionally failed to notify them that her cancer had returned just so she could keep her job! Valerie Harper was forced to pull out of the show due to her health issues and according to the lawsuit, she selfishly left Matthew Lombardo scrambling to find someone to replace her. All this as Valerie Harper was given just months to live. The lawsuit is for $500,000 and he also wants an additional $1.5 million to punish Valerie Harper for her actions. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
Remember when Justin Bieber was accused of throwing eggs at his neighbor’s home and causing a lot of damage? Well a search warrant affidavit is alleging that Justin Bieber is caught on a security camera heading toward the neighbor's house last January, then returning to his own driveway CELEBRATING with his friends! You can actually see him ”high-fiving" people on the tape and laughing! Even though the egg throwing wasn’t caught on camera, it could be enough evidence! Not too smart Biebs, not too smart!
 Well this is awkward! Columbus Short is leaving the hit ABC show Scandal as real-life troubles are following him. It was revealed last week that his wife filed for divorce after he drunkenly pulled a knife on her and threatened to kill her! Columbus short released a statement that read, "At this time I must confirm my exit from a show I've called home for three years, with what is the most talented ensemble on television today.” He thanked the show’s creator and start Kerry Washington. Columbus Short also thanked the people who supported him throughout his career. He wished the rest of the cast, who have become a second family, nothing but the best.
You may love seeing her in a bikini, but she doesn’t! First Kate Upton revealed that she isn’t a big fan of her boobs, now she’s saying that even though she’s no stranger to showing off her body, it’s awkward. There’s a scene in her new movie The Other Woman when she’s running in a bathing suit on the beach. Well, that shoot was so uncomfortable for her because when they were filming that scene, it’s not like everyone was on the beach together wearing bathing suits. She said, “it's only you and 60 crewmembers. And Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz saw that I was feeling a little uncomfortable, because anyone's uncomfortable when that many people are staring at you." I’m just going to say that I don’t think she has ANYTHING to worry about!

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04/28/2014 7:07AM
George Clooney Is Engaged! Say It Isn't So!
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