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3 basic rules men are still getting wrong

This is a list that was written by a woman.And we can all learn from this. The basics that guys are getting wrong.

1.ASK US OUT. The that can happen is we say no and if that's the case, you can always write us off as shallow or horrible.

2. DON'T OVERSHARE. too much info about all your problems. Let us like you before we get saddled with all your problems.


Lets go guys...wake it up..
Grow up.
love ron

Flu tips from Dr. Ron Olson

Number one, I'm not a doctor, but I have been sick for two weeks.
 1) When you feel the flu coming on...get to the doctor. Home remedy stuff will prolong your misery.
2) Drink a boatload of water.
3) wash your hands six or seven times a day.
4) Keep your hands away from your face....this will help.

It killed me...glad to be back in the healthy world.
PS: if you are sick stay home

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01/15/2013 9:48AM
Flu tips from Dr. Ron Olson
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01/16/2013 3:48PM
Flu Tip from Penny Tucker
Don't eat the mayonnaise! (Now that I think about it...it might not just be the mayonnaise you need to avoid.) Seems the flu may get worse around highly anticipated trips to major capitals....
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