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Ron Olson

Ron Olson

things you need to know

Kroger wants to buy Fresh Market. The grocery business is crazy and very competitive.

Parkside Project: getting green lights at Shelby Farms- 1200 apartments- 21 buildings all on the backside of the park but with panoramic views of Shelby Farms

Whiskey Wine and Chocolates tonight
at Botanic gardens. sound fun.

Presidents day Monday. Lot of folks off work.
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What happened at wendy's and more

A guy threw a live alligator into a wendy's drive-thru window. He thought it would be funny. He was just arrested for assualt witha deadly weapon .

30% of us have not made any Valentines plans yet.

Scientist try to cure glaucoma, and accidentally discover the receipe for the perfect pancake. use 1.75 cups of water for every cup of flour. Thanks scientists.
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10 things that can ruin Valentines Day

1)Telling your significant other that Valentine's Day isn't important to you
2)Calling it Valentimes day.
3)Buying the guy you just started dating a really extrvagant gift
4)Facebook stalking an ex
5) texting an ex
7) ignoring friends
8) showing up at an ex's house
9) forgetting that you are responsible for your own happiness
10) not listneing to ron and michelle

5)Texting an ex
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No show Ball: Perfect idea for Saturday night

The No Show Ball is saturday night. It's the Ball that you do not have to go to because it comes to you. All to benefit the Forrest Spence fund for parents and kids. Forrestspencefund.org for details
For $100 bucks they bring you a cooler full of food and wine for your date at home that night. 80% is tax deductible. Great sponsors. Brilliant.
Britney spence is amazing.

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New jeans for women- vote yes or no.

Levi's has a new type of jeans for women that are supposed to life your butt up...and they decided to call it the "wedge fit".

Good idea or not? Talk amongest yourselves.

love ron

Screwy news at 8:08.
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Big Party this weekend! Great time saturday

Don't miss the big Havana Nights party for the Childrens Museum of Memphis. Lets go to Cuba and party. This is the big fundraiser for the museum and is so much fun.
The Museum is a gem for families and kids all over the area. There will be dancing and sippin and selfies all over the place. They are doing a big on line auction. Check it out and get a ron olson original.
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Screwy news: today February 2nd

A florida man was arrested at Walmart for assaulting an employee with a bag of potato chips. Actually it wasn't just assault. It was assault and vinegar.

A 19 year old guy in England says he's addicted to cereal...eats 13 bowls a day...and puts ten teaspoons of sugar in every bowl.


A bunch of people on Reddit are claiming that if you just delete the facebook app from your phone, it makes your battery last up to 20% longer

have a good day ron
Listen for screwy news at 8:10 every morning
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Ordering ________will get you a second date!

Your chances of getting a second date go up 170% if on the first date you order Sushi. Just the facts jack. Order cocktails and your chances go up by 130%. One guy said "sweet tea" was the secret to getting a second date. Only in Memphis and in the movies.
love ron
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He did not see his shadow. What does it mean.

He did not see his shadow. The ground hog. So that means early spring. hoo-rayyyyyy.

If ron olson sees his shadow it means 6 more weeks of working out so the shadow gets smaller for next year.

If joe Birch see his shadow- it means 6 more weeks of Breaking News

If Lauren Raymer sees her shadow- it means 6 more weeks of warm fronts

If mayor strickland sees his shadow - it means 6 more weeks of free tiger and griz tickets

If Peyton manning sees his shadow- it will be a giant forehead

If Geoff Caulkins see his shadow- it means 6 more weeks of bashing josh pastner

If Kim Kardashian sees her shadow_ it means 6 more weeks of selfies with her shadow witha big booty

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Things you need to know February 1st

Hello to February.

Havana Nights this saturday at the Childrens Museum of memphis. All to benefit the museum. Killer party.

Text confessions today at 7:25 on fm100 ..text your confessions-
47183. anybody can do it. and your name remains a secret.

Iowa caucus today. How will the candidates do?

Griz at New Orleans tonight.

Super Bowl week. #50 this sunday.

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