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Most of us have heard by now how far Anne Hathaway had to go for her role in Les Miserables, having to drop twenty five pounds. There’s been stories everywhere on how she ate nothing by oatmeal paste and went on crazy diets. Well now, even more details are coming out about how far she went for the role! Turns out director Tom Hooper was so worried about Anne Hathaway and didn’t like the weight loss that he saw. He said, “To be honest, I thought she was going further than she should and I tried to discourage her.” It got so bad that people were hugging her and getting emotional because she felt so frail. Thankfully, Anne Hathaway is back to her normal eating habits which will mean back to a healthy weight in no time. That’s beyond dedication right there.
And do we have a new celebrity bromance alert? Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio were spotted out together on a luxury yacht in Australia. Maybe they built a strong bond while filming Django Unchained, but no matter what you need to admit that’s a odd pairing!
And we’ve all been waiting for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to get married. Now that they are engaged and one step closer, of course more reports are surfacing about what else we can expect when they do indeed tie the knot. The latest? Once they get married, Brad and Angelina will get matching tattoos! The catch? They can’t agree on anything when it comes to what they should get! Angelina wants a deeply thought ot tattoo and Brad wants something more visual and silly, typical guy. I say lets get them down the aisle first!
So when will Robin Roberts be rejoining Good Morning America? Executive producers at GMA think that once Robin Roberts returns she will boost ratings for the show even higher, making more issues for The Today show which is struggling. Well, turns out Robin Roberts won’t be back until May at the earliest, and most likely it really won’t be until June. Her medical issues make returning to the show too early a serious health risk because her immune system is extremely week. But on a good note, doctors are happy with her progress and Robin is right on schedule for a recovery.

Most people spend New Year’s Eve out at a club or party. Well turns out this won’t be the case for Lindsay Lohan. Yes, you heard me right! Lindsay Lohan WON’T be spending her New Year’s getting cray cray. Instead, she’s chosen to stay inside and make a good impression on the judge that is in charge of her case. That means no partying, no clubbing and definitely NO DRINKING. Instead, Lindsay Lohan will have a small dinner in London and then go straight back to her hotel and hang with family and friends…. If she can pull this off for real I think we’ll all be happy for her…
And yay for a new celebrity baby! A congratulations is in order for Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila. Their third child was born Saturday and they had a son named Livingston. He was a whopping 9 lbs., and 21 inches. They’re just raising a breed of beautiful people…
So how do big stars like Jennifer Lawrence of the Hunger Games like to spend their free time? How about having friends over their Los Angeles apartment and having a reality TV show marathon?! What’s funny is she just learned how to use TiVo and it apparently CHANGED HER LIFE. So now she uses that and serves up a bunch of junk food. She says, "At the end of the day there's probably nothing that makes me feel better than junk food and reality TV." I want proof that she eats junk food because I’m sure she has one piece and runs it off for 5 hours!
And of all the odd things that you can carry in your pocket I think that Kristen Stewart might win the award… she was visiting her friends in Los Angeles last week when she was photographed getting out of her pickup truck and in her back pocket was a slingshot! I wonder what she needs that for, to ward off paparazzi, fans that want to kill her for cheating on Robert Pattinson, who knows?!

So how many nannies does it take to look after six kids? Well, if you’re Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, that answer is TWELVE NANNIES! Brad and Angeline spent Christmas in the Turks and apparently ran around the island without a care in the world thanks to all the help! Must be nice to have money!!!
Kim Kardashian putting a stop to the rumors that her mother Kris Jenner is getting a divorce from her stepdad Bruce Jenner! Earlier last week reports were going around about how Bruce Jenner sat away from his wife at a Clippers basketball game. Kim’s response, floor seats are hard to come by! She said, "It was funny how everyone made a big deal about Bruce and my mom not sitting together, saying it was fueling these ridiculous divorce rumors. Well I got four court-side seats, so Kanye and I obviously sat in two of them and then we wanted Khloé up front too, since it's her husband playing, and [then] mom joined us too." Turns out her mom got eight other seats right behind them for the family and Bruce sat there with everyone else. Kim also said that not everything is as dramatic as the media make it out to be! This coming from a Kardashian haha!

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12/30/2012 3:30PM
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