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Did Gwyneth Paltrow Cheat On Her Husband?

Keep the money following! Hollywood’s personal managers normally collect 15 percent of their clients’ earnings and it looks like Kris Jenner is going to try and continue doing just that! That’s right, Kris Jenner is STILL making money off her husband Bruce Jenner even though they’ve been separated for MONTHS! Kris Jenner collects a percentage of every check Bruce Jenner gets from Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She also gets a percentage of every other project Bruce Jenner participates in! Even if they end up getting a divorce, Kris Jenner would still be entitled to her commission for any deals she made for Bruce and if he eventually fires her, the money would still keep coming her way on any deal she made during her management job! ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!
Things aren’t looking good for Gwyneth Paltrow. Even though she tried to stop a story from running in Vanity Fair, editor-in-chief Graydon Carter announced that the article would still run AND prove who the real “Gwyneth Paltrow” is. Well now the rumor is that the takedown piece is investigating whether or not Gwyneth Paltrow had an affair with Miami billionaire Jeff Soffer. My sources are telling me that Vanity Fair has been looking into her friendship with Jeff Soffer, who is the owner of Miami’s Fontainebleau Hotel. Gwyneth Paltrow’s rep is saying that this report is “ridiculous” and that the two have been friends for a LONG time. Even her husband, Christ Martin, is good friends with him too. The New York Post initially reported Gwyneth Paltrow's visit with Jeff Soffer when it happened in 2008, claiming they left the hotel together in his Bentley and she joined him on his yacht. But even then Gwyneth Paltrow's rep told the paper at the time that Jeff Soffer is a friend of Gwyneth’s. If you didn’t know, Gwyneth Paltrow has been open about her marriage, saying that it hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies. She’s also said that cheating is NOT a deal-breaker. What do you think? Would Vanity be writing the story if they didn’t have enough proof?
Could this be the weekend that Kelly Clarkson got married to her fiancé Brandon Blackstock?? All signs are definitely pointing toward "I do" because a marriage license was filed in Sumner County, just north of Nashville under the names Kelly Brielle Clarkson and Narvel Brandon Blackstock. It’s good for 30 days! Kelly Clarkson also confessed on Saturday that she was getting married "Like, really soon."  They also said that they got sick of the planning and decided to elope instead and that it's just going to be her and Brandon and his two kids and the minister. We’ll let you know if she breaks her silence!
Looks like they don’t want to waste any time! Josh Duhamel and Fergie’s son, Axl Jack, isn't even 2 months old but his parents already have more babies on the brain! When Josh Duhamel was asked about his bundle of joy, he revealed plans for more babies just like little Axl, saying, "It's the best thing that's ever happened to me. It's fantastic. He's a really good little baby, which means the second one will be a holy terror!" Say what? A SECOND ONE? To which he replied, "Of course! Yeah, we've gotta move fast!" HOW CUTE!
It’s official! Or at least that’s what it seems like! On Friday I let you know that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard secretly got married! Well, Kristen Bell took to Twitter and wrote something that seems to confirm that the pair had indeed got married in a super low-key ceremony! She tweeted, "Wife coffee tastes way better than regular coffee in the morning," and tagged Dax Shepard's Twitter handle! On Thursday, the couple was at the Beverly Hills County Clerk's Office picking up their marriage license when they decided on the spur of the moment to take up a court employee's offer to marry them in a nearby courtroom!
Uh oh! Looks like Carrie Underwood might need some cooking lessons! She had a little bit of trouble while cooking a meal on Saturday night. Carrie Underwood set off the fire alarm in her apartment while trying to make dinner! She tweeted, “Oops! Sorry neighbors … #TopChef #Kitchen#Nightmares." Carrie Underwood is a vegan and has been working on improving her cooking skills.  Looks like she has to keep working on it!

This isn’t good for Britney Spears! Someone posted on YouTube a video with audio from her isolated microphone at a 2001 concert that was filmed for HBO and posted it! Let’s just say that her vocals sound AWFUL! This video leak couldn’t come at a worse time for Britney Spears, who is about to do a two year contract with Las Vegas! Her singing voice has always been questioned and it’s been known that she often lip-synchs along to a pre-recorded track. Now we know why!

WE LOVE ELLEN DEGENERES! A New Hampshire waitress who picked up the lunch tab of two National Guard soldiers affected by the federal government's shutdown has been repaid, times like 10, thanks to television star Ellen DeGeneres. A waitress just wanted to do a nice thing for the soldiers, so she paid for their lunch. It cost her $27.75. So what did Ellen DeGeneres do? She paid that tab and THEN some, giving the waitress $27.75 in cash and a check for $10,000! Ellen DeGeneres found out about the waitress’ act of kindness when the New Hampshire National Guard posted a picture on its Facebook page. The story spread quickly online, producers saw it and invited the waitress to Hollywood. Ellen also gave her a 50-inch television! Talk about a reward!

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10/20/2013 2:30PM
Did Gwyneth Paltrow Cheat On Her Husband?
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03/25/2014 9:00PM
Gwen the cheater
Need I say more. How can a parent who lives their children and loves their family life cheat on a spouse. Think Gwen !!!
03/26/2014 1:39PM
It is shameful that there are so few examples of famous stars who have enough grit and character to keep their families together. If she cheated, the blood is on her hands and her children can thank her for ripping their family apart. Suck it up Hollywood, grow up and realize that a life well lived is about sacrifice. Wish there were more famous positive role models for our kids!!!
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