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Daily Dish - Thursday September 1, 2011

Jennifer Anniston could be pregnant...

Sources are staying she's been abstaining from alcohol....was seen holding her belly when leaving the doctor...and was sucking on a lollypop ( which is usually given to pregnant women in their first trimester after blood is drawn)

I hope its true...Id love to see a preg Jen and a baby Anniston....


Sara Jessica Parker was .....well.....sexually assaulted in a way...by....wait for it.....HER SECURITY GUARD!

The guy that was hired to protect her at her premier of I DONT KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT in MOSCOW apparently  decided it would be a good idea to RIP HIS SHIRT OFF and lean in for a big OPEN MOUTH KISS....gross....

SJP screamed and ran off...the kicker is the entire incident was CAUGHT ON VIDEO....now the security guard faces losing his job ( duh) and is trying to figure out a way to .....MAKE IT UP TO HIS WIFE...nice.


Chaz BONO never told his mom, CHER, that he was going to be on Dancing With The Stars....ABC swears them to secrecy...so after the shows cast announcement....Chaz decided to call his mother ...

She was in FULL support of her son....and thinks its great that he's participating in the show.

for a full list of cast members and their partners....go visit my blog...under BLOGS..do it.

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09/01/2011 4:03AM
Daily Dish - Thursday September 1, 2011
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