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Daily Dish

Daily Dish - Monday June 13, 2011

Super 8 did GREAT over the weekend...a movie being described as GOONIES meets Close Encounters of the 3rd kind....drew in 35 million dollars over the weekend....just a smidge ahead of Xmen first class....Cant wait to see it.


Selena Gomez was rushed to the hospital last Thursday complaining of nausea and bad headaches....doctors have done test after test and still cant figure out what is wrong with her....Ron says..she has Beiber Fever...

Get well Selena...


Bill Gates kids might have a bone to pick with him...in his last interview he said he was leaving his children 10 million each....since he's worth 56 Billion dollars and gave 28 Billion to charity..it might chap their hiney a bit..but I think they'll be ok....stop whining kids..there are homeless, sick and starving children...noone will feel sorry for you and your 10 million dollars..you'll get by....


Here is a story that proves Karma will come back around and bite you in the butt. Harold Camping...the man who predicted the Rapture...has suffered a stroke...NEVER in a million years would I ever make light of any harm coming to anyone....but you try to outplay God and think you know more than him...annnd you'll quickly be proven wrong...sorry Harold....


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06/13/2011 4:39AM
Daily Dish - Monday June 13, 2011
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