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B.B. King's Children Think He Was Poisoned!

They're saying that there was foul play! Two of B.B. King's daughters are saying that he was poisoned by his closest aides right before he passed away at the age of 89 on May 14th. Karen Williams and Patty King are calling out B.B. King's business manager and his personal assistant as the suspects who allegedly poisoned their father. B.B. King's business manager controls B.B. King's estate. An autopsy was done on Sunday and it will take eight weeks for the results. Sad, sad, sad.

Ben Stiller had a rough weekend. That's because his mother, Anne Meara, passed away. Ben Stiller's wife is standing by him as he deals with everything and I'm hearing it's hitting him really hard. Ben Stiller is in the middle of shooting "Zoolander 2." He tweeted, "Thank you so much for all the kind words about Anne. All of us in our family feel so lucky to have had her in our lives." She was 85 years old. Our thoughts and prayers are with him.

I can think of a lot of reasons that would make Kim Kardashian cry, but I didn't expect this to be one of them. Kanye West, her husband and live-in stylist made her cry over her closet! Kanye West and a stylist gave Kim Kardashian's closet a makeover. They removed clothing, shoes and handbags. The biggest thing to go, shoes. Kim Kardashian said, "It was like a pile to the ceiling, of shoes. And all my amazing shoes that I loved. And I started crying. I was like, 'I can't get rid of this stuff. Your stylist has no idea what she's talking about." Kim Kardashian wound up putting the shoes in another room. Shoe separation anxiety.

Chris Brown has some baby mama drama! The mother of his child is saying that he's stopped paying her $2,500 a month in child support. Now she wants six times as much! Supposedly Chris Brown stopped paying her because she started demanding $15,000 a month! Chris Brown thinks that's ridiculous and that she's treating their child like a winning lottery ticket. She says he's being incredibly cheap and their daughter is suffering because of it. More money... more problems!

He's ok! After crashing a plane onto a golf course back in March, Harrison Ford has been spotted cruising around Los Angeles in a fancy Tesla! Harrison Ford looks liked he's healed well. There was no signs of scars on his face or body! I want to be that cool at 72! Glad he's doing great!

TLC has started a war! After it went public that Josh Duggar from "19 Kids and Counting" has been accused of child molestation, TLC acted by temporarily pulling all episodes of "19 Kids and Counting" off the air. Well, that's made Mama June angry! When TLC found out that Mama June was dating a child molester, TLC canceled her show completely. So now Mama June has given the network an ultimatum, either put "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" back on the air, or she'll sue the network for treating her far more harshly than the Duggar family. She has a point. Play ball!

Your mom is supposed to take your side, but that's not what Taylor Swift's mother is doing. When her hit song "Blank Space" came out, there's a line in the song that people were confused about. A lot of us heard, "come on you Starbucks lovers" when it's really "got a long list of ex-lovers." Well, it turns out that even Taylor Swift's mother heard it too. Taylor Swift tweeted, "'hahaha it really does sound like Starbucks Lovers...' - my mom just now who is SUPPOSED TO BE ON MY SIDE," Smh (shaking my head.) ANNUNCIATION!

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Vin Diesel Pays Tribute To Paul Walker

It was already sad to know that David Letterman on the Late Show has come to an end, but this is even worse. Less than 24 hours off the air, David Letterman's Late Show set pieces are already in dumpsters! Moving trucks showed up yesterday for Stephen Colbert's takeover. David Letterman's famous skyline backdrop, desk, and several chairs are already gone and the show's marquee is coming down next week. Hit the road jack!

Kelly Clarkson's nanny may lose her job if she doesn't keep her mouth shut! Not really, but this is funny because it annoys Kelly Clarkson. Turns out Kelly Clarkson's nanny is a big fan of 2003's From Justin to Kelly, her movie that flopped. Kelly Clarkson said, "I have a little joke with our nanny, because she told me she loves that movie. She was like, 'My roommate and I used to watch it all the time! I'm totally going to show your daughter From Justin to Kelly.'" To that Kelly Clarkson responded with, "I'm like, 'I will fire you.'" HAHA! If it were up to Kelly Clarkson, she would even burn every copy of From Justin to Kelly if she got the chance!

Hollywood ageism is still a thing and Maggie Gyllenhaal wants to prove it to all of us! She revealed that she recently lost out on a movie role because she was "too old" to play a 55-year-old man's love interest. Maggie Gyllenhaal is 37. She said, "There are things that are really disappointing about being an actress in Hollywood that surprise me all the time" Yup, this would be one of them. I want to know who turned her down! Maybe that's why Rebel Wilson lied about her age!

The View is still trying to fill Rosie O'Donnell's chair and now they have their sights set on Raven-Symone! She co-hosted on the show a couple of times and now because of it she's in talks to get a permanent set at the round-table with Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie Perez, and Nicolle Wallace. Everyone thinks she's a good choice because Raven-Symone is smart but a little kooky. She also does her homework and prepares like no one else does for the show. I'm just not sure, what do you think? Good fit or bad fit?

Taylor Swift is never gonna stop! Her star-studded music video for "Bad Blood" is breaking records! After premiering Sunday night at the Billboard Music Awards, the video went on VEVO and it has officially broken the record for most views in a 24-hour period: 20.1 million views! Taylor Swift just beat out the previous record holder, Nicki Minaj, with her music video for "Anaconda" that had 19.6 million views back in August! Together, all of Taylor Swift's videos have hit nearly five billion total views. INSANE!

Just when I thought she had it all, Martha Stewart proves me wrong! She's come up with the fanciest cracker flavor in the grocery store. Martha Stewart has her own Triscuits! She has a toasted coconut and sea salt-flavored Triscuit that hit shelves early this month and it's going to stay around for a limited time. Martha Stewart settled on the coconut and seal salt flavor because she finds it addicting! She said, "It was my idea. I like salt and I like coconut. ... I thought that was a flavor of cracker that would be savory and sweet." Aw, I thought they'd be black and white striped triscuits! Joking.

Wow, you can hear the hurt! Vin Diesel is clearly still mourning the loss of his close friend Paul Walker. He posted a musical tribute on Facebook to honor Paul Walker who passed in a car accident in November 2013. In the clip, Vin Diesel is singing Tove Lo's "Habits (Stay High)" in front of a photo montage of himself and Paul Walker. He started by saying, "This one is for you brother." He also wrote on Facebook next to the post, "The ever continuing process of healing … all love." Vin Diesel also named his daughter Pauline, who he welcomed in March, in honor of Paul Walker.

The ever continuing process of healing...All love...

Posted by Vin Diesel on Wednesday, May 20, 2015
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Watch David Letterman's Final Thank You And Goodnight!

David Letterman's final thank you and goodnight!

Miley Cyrus can sleep easier at night that's because the guy who broke into her house back in December has been sentenced to two years in state prison. The guy had made off with a large amount of both Miley Cryus and her brother's personal property. A hearing will be scheduled at a later date to figure out how much he'll have to pay Miley Cyrus. Woo hoo, justice!

After all the controversy surrounding Rebel Wilson's age, we have answers… and it looks like Rebel Wilson lied! Rebel Wilson said she was 29 and a girl who claimed to go to school with her said she's 36. Well, Rebel Wilson' age has been confirmed to be 35 by official business records filed with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Rebel Wilson also lied about her name! She said that her real name was Rebel and that Melanie and Elizabeth were middle names she went by. Well, it turns out her real name is Melanie Elizabeth Bownds. Why lie about all that?

Get ready to plan a road trip! Brad Paisley, Buddy Guy, Kid Rock, Walk the Moon and Ed Sheeran are joining The Rolling Stones on their Zip Code Tour! The Rolling Stones is going to 15 North American cities and news of the concert openers are coming out and the warm up acts are stars on their own! The closest stop for us is Nashville on June 17th, and our opening act will be Brad Paisley! I'm in!

If someone were to write your dating profile, what would it say? Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone had a little bit of fun with each other and did just that when they were talking about the dating app, Tinder. Bradley Cooper said this is what he would write for Emma Stone: "Her reptilian eyes take you into a kind place, soft and lovely and full of grace." Emma Stone said Bradley Cooper's bio would go a little something like this: "Look at those blue eyes. He's into Chinese food, but he's equally into making you smile." Too funny, and no, they aren't on the dating app.

Janice Dickinson is coming after Bill Cosby! She's suing him and claiming that Bill Cosby lied when his team claimed she made up the story that he drugged and raped her. Janice Dickinson says she has a fresh claim after Bill Cosby's team released a statement saying she made the story up. She's suing him defamation and emotional distress and is asking for unspecified damages. Bill Cosby and his team have no comment. These woman aren't letting this go, and they shouldn't!

Chris Pratt is praying that he never bumps into Kim Kardashian. That's because he's embarrassed by a joke he made about her a few years ago that went viral. It was during a scene for "Parks and Recreation" about stars that made comebacks. He asked that the joke wouldn't be made public, but the footage was added to the show's DVD gag reel. It's hilarious, but pretty bad. Chris Pratt said, "She probably doesn't know or doesn't care, I'm sure, but I don't like to make jokes at other people's expense, if I can help it. I like to keep my jokes about people safely way behind their backs." AHA!
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Who Won "The Voice" & "Dancing With The Stars?"

Last night was the finale of Season 8 of The Voice. It was down to Meghan Linsey and Sawyer Fredericks. Congratulations to Sawyer Fredericks, this season's winner of the Voice! Which also means congratulations to Pharrell Williams since he was on his team! A win for Team Pharrell!

Also last night was the season finale of Dancing With The Stars. The last two couples were Riker Lynch and Allison Holker, and Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy. Rumer Willis walked away with the trophy! Congratulations! Tom Bergeron even announced some big news, and that would be that Alfonso Ribeiro will take over as host of "America's Funniest Home Videos!" Alfonso Ribeiro showed up to thank Tom Bergeron, and he had some advice for the new host: "wear a cup."

He may not have been crooning to the crowd at the Billboard Music Awards last weekend, but Sam Smith is resting comfortably now that his vocal cord surgery was a success. The doctor who performed the surgery has previously operated on vocalists like Steven Tyler, Lionel Richie, and Adele to stop recurrent vocal cord bleeding. Although he was dreading the surgery and has to remain silent and not sing for the next few weeks, Smith is expected to make a full recovery.

Bring on the backlash! After it was announced that Iggy Azalea would be headlining the Pittsburgh Pridefest concert on June 13th, the LGBT community lashed out about her recent and possibly homophobic remarks. Online groups are calling for an apology and the resignation of the chairman involved in the selection. The Foundation has responded, saying that "if they believed that Iggy Azalea was racist or homophobic, they certainly wouldn't have selected her to headline Pittsburgh Pride, and don't believe she would have agreed to come if she was racist or homophobic." Fair enough!

It must be nice to be a rich celebrity! That is until people get on you for it! Fans of Nicki Minaj and Beyonce can't stop talking about their new "Feeling Myself" music video, and that's because in one of the scenes, Beyonce is in a hot tub pouring out a bottle of sparkling wine. But not just any wine, she's pouring out Ace of Spades, and the price for one bottle goes from $300 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. People started tweeting things like, "Beyonce pouring my college tuition fees into a hot tub." Yup. Why would you waste wine like that anyway?
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President Barack Obama Gets A Twitter Account!

The man we knew and loved on the O.C. as Seth Cohen deserves a congratulations! That's because and his wife, Leighton Meester, are expecting their first child together! The couple secretly got married this past February, and this will be their first child. No one knows how far along Leighton Meester is, but her baby bump is already showing! Looks like this couple is good at keeping secrets!

Taylor Swift just keeps winning everything! First she swept the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night and now she's received another honor! Maxim Magazine gave Taylor Swift the number one spot on their annual Hot 100 list. Taylor Swift said, "It's really nice and such an incredible compliment. This year has been my favorite year of my life so far." A new album, new boyfriend, and winning tons of awards? Yeah, I can see why!

No one likes to be asked their age, but lying about it is another story! Pitch Perfect 2 star Rebel Wilson has been accused of just that. Rebel Wilson, who is 29 years old, is supposedly 36, according to her alleged former classmate who says they went to school together! She has a picture of them and the photo looks a LOT like Rebel Wilson. Rebel Wilson heard about it and got on Twitter to address everything. She said, "Okay but all jokes aside now...my real name is Fat Patricia x. OMG I'm actually a 100 year old mermaid formerly known as "CC Chalice. Thanks shady Australian press for your tall poppy syndrome x." HAHA!

The wedding is off! Bristol Palin's wedding to former U.S. Marine Dakota Meyer has been canceled. There was a rumor going around that he had a secret wife. Bristol Palin's mother, Sarah Palin, made the announcement on Facebook that the wedding wasn't happening and included this statement from her daughter: "Regarding salacious headlines in recent days about 'secret wives,' Dakota and I discussed our past relationships prior to our engagement. Dakota was legally divorced years ago, as any good reporter could and should have disclosed to readers." Everyone is still getting together for a barbecue in Kentucky. Hm, wonder what happened then! Not buying it!

Sometimes you just want to be a superhero. Will Smith's son Jaden Smith is definitely an interesting teenager, and he helped add fuel to that fire when he went to prom this past weekend. Why? Well, Jaden Smith went to prom as Batman! Yes, Jaden Smith showed up to prom as his alter ego. Jaden Smith's Batman costume made an appearance at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding last year, but this time Batman was prom appropriate, because he didn't bring his mask!

Welcome to Twitter, Mr. President! After six years in office, President Obama joked that they finally let him get his own account. The Twitter account is going to be used as a new way for the President to interact with the American people and the tweets will come exclusively from him. His official Twitter bio reads, "Dad, husband, and 44th President of the United States." Also, President Obama followed all of Chicago's sports teams except for the Chicago Cubs. They were quick to notice, tweeting, "We're big fans of America. Just saying. #YouMissedATeam." HAHA!

Is there beef between Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey? Jennifer Lopez was caught on camera during the Billboard Music Awards completely ignoring Mariah Carey's performance and playing on her cellphone! The video is hilarious! While Mariah Carey was singing "Infinity," J. Lo was casually scrolling through her phone and barely glancing at the stage. When she looked up from her phone, it was to talk to Casper Smart. Oh, and they were in the front row! J. Lo. Is a pro though, when the house lights went up at the end of the performance, she was all about the applause!
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Get Your Billboard Music Awards Recap Here!

Who took home a Billboard Music Award? Here are your winners from last night!

Taylor Swift -- WINNER

Florida Georgia Line -- WINNER

Taylor Swift -- WINNER

One Direction -- WINNER

Taylor Swift -- WINNER

John Legend, "All of Me" -- WINNER

Sam Smith -- WINNER

Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX, "Fancy" -- WINNER

Taylor Swift, 1989 -- WINNER

One Direction -- WINNER

Sam Smith -- WINNER

Taylor Swift -- WINNER

Taylor Swift -- WINNER

Taylor Swift -- WINNER

Sam Smith -- WINNER

Justin Bieber -- WINNER

Iggy Azalea -- WINNER

Pharrell Williams -- WINNER

Iggy Azalea -- WINNER

Hozier -- WINNER

Romeo Santos -- WINNER

Calvin Harris -- WINNER

Hillsong United -- WINNER

Frozen -- WINNER

Pharrell Williams, G I R L -- WINNER

J. Cole, 2014 Forest Hills Drive -- WINNER

Jason Aldean, Old Boots, New Dirt -- WINNER

Coldplay, Ghost Stories -- WINNER

Enrique Iglesias, Sex and Love -- WINNER

Lindsey Stirling, Shatter Me -- WINNER

Lecrae, Anomaly -- WINNER

Meghan Trainor, "All About That Bass" -- WINNER

John Legend, "All of Me" -- WINNER

Taylor Swift, "Shake It Off" -- WINNER

Pharrell Williams, "Happy" -- WINNER

Jason Aldean, "Burnin' It Down" -- WINNER

Hozier, "Take Me to Church" -- WINNER

Enrique Iglesias feat. Descemer Bueno & Gente de Zona, "Bailando" -- WINNER

DJ Snake & Lil Jon, "Turn Down For What" -- WINNER

Carrie Underwood, "Something in the Water" -- WINNER

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Blues Legend B.B. King Passed Away

Everyone is mourning today because the "King of the Blues", guitarist and singer BB King, has passed away at the age of 89. Born in Mississippi and known for his hits My Lucille, Sweet Little Angel and Rock Me Baby, B.B. King died in his sleep in Las Vegas. He was recently taken to the hospital with a diabetes-related illness. B.B. King started performing back in the 1940s, going on to influence a generation of musicians. Those musicians have been speaking about his death. Blues guitarist Buddy Guy said, "BB King was the greatest guy I ever met." Lenny Kravitz tweeted, "BB, anyone could play a thousand notes and never say what you said in one." Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora added, "We've lost the King. My love and prayers to his family." So sad!

People aren't happy with Raven-Symone and it's all because of the $20 bill! She was on The View and voiced her opinion when it came to whose face should be on the bill. Raven-Symone said that she though Harriet Tubman, one of four finalists in an online poll for the campaign was a bad choice. Raven-Symone said, "I don't like that idea. I don't like it… Me personally, I would've chosen Rosa Parks. I would have chosen someone that is closer to the progression that we're doing now. I know you have to understand history so you don't repeat it, but that doesn't happen in our world, because we still repeat history of hating other cultures over and over again. So I would choose a different one, no offense." Awkward!

David Letterman is getting ready for his final few weeks of the Late Show, and now he's announced who he's tapped to be his final guest! Any guesses on who the A-list honoree last guest will be? That honor is going to Bill Murray! Tom Hanks kicked off the week of celebration and will close the festivities with a tribute episode.

Getting and maintaining the body of a god isn't easy. That is unless you're Chris Hemsworth. So, want to know how to look like Thor? His longtime stunt double Bobby Holland Hanton said, "We both train twice a day and eat about eight meals a day when we're getting into Thor shape. It sounds fun, but eventually you start to really hate food." Chris Hemsworth, usually puts on about 20 pounds of muscle for the Marvel movies. As for the workouts? He kick-boxes. Oh and don't forget about the long blonde hair, you'll need a wig!

They haven't even admitted their romance yet but it looks like things are getting serious! Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx aren't just holding hands behind closed doors. Apparently they've reached the "I love you" level of their relationship. I'm hearing that Katie Holmes was the one that dropped the L-word. Think it's the real deal?

Melissa Rivers isn't happy with Kathy Griffin, and that's because she feels that she spit on her mother's legacy. Melissa Rivers admitted that Kathy Griffin wasn't the best replacement for her late mother, explaining, "It wasn't a match on a lot of levels. My biggest complaint was the feeling that she kind of s--t all over my mother's legacy in her statement on leaving, and I know that was not an intentional reading of it, but that's how I felt. That was my takeaway, by [her] calling the comedy and the style of it old-fashioned. It's like, I understand what you're doing, you're trying to save yourself, but don't crap all over my mother to do it." I get it! She has a right to be upset! It was personal for her!

When Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn announced their split last week, everyone thought he cheated on her and that was the last thing we heard! The rumors swirled that Tiger Woods cheated on Lindsey Vonn with a prostitute! But people close to Tiger Woods are saying that he didn't cheat and there was no real drama. Instead, they simply just grew apart. The breakup wasn't Tiger Woods' choice. Right…

Hilary Duff has been getting a lot of attention for joining the dating site Tinder. The rumor was that it was for a reality dating show, but now we know it was because she was really committed to her new music video! Hilary Duff just dropped the video for her latest single, "Sparks," where she opens up about joining Tinder and even shares some footage from a few of her dates! Hey, it's definitely a different approach! I'm sure we'll be seeing more footage!
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Pink Is Done Being Body Shamed!

Pink is done being body shamed! She fought back after people had something to say about her larger frame last month and now Pink is doing it again. She said, "I don't take well to bullying. I never have. I'm not a person that will be bullied. I'm not a person that will stand by watching other people bullied." It's also something she wants to pass on to her four year old daughter. Pink said, "I'm raising a girl. I am a girl. I have feelings. People think I take no s--t and I'm tough, tougher than nails, but I'm a human being." I've always wondered what gives people the idea that it's okay to make mean comments about others anyway. Good for you Pink!

TORRID is America's fastest growing plus-size fashion brand, and now they have a celebrity to make them grow even quicker! Rebel Wilson has partnered up with the company to make an exclusive collection called REBEL FOR TORRID. Rebel Wilson said, "I've had a 'torrid' affair with buying clothes all my life. I've never really felt like there's a brand out there in the plus size world that is creating cool stuff, that fits well and is good quality yet affordable. It's really only been in the last few years that I've seen companies try. So it was awesome to team with Torrid, who I think are doing such a great job in making plus size fashion relevant and dope." The collection will be available in November! Love who you are!

CBS has made it official! One of the longest-running crime dramas will end next season. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is going to call it a wrap after 15 seasons with a two-hour TV movie on September 27th. I know you might be thinking, well what am I going to watch now? Well, they do have a spinoff, CSI: Cyber which is in it's second season. So there's that… for now!

I guess they want to prove that they're still madly in love with each other! Kanye West is pulling out all the stops to celebrate his first wedding anniversary with Kim Kardashian. They'll be saying "I do" all over again in Paris this month and will have the Eiffel Tower be their location! Kanye West rented it out just for the occasion! I'm sure it will all be filmed for us to see! We're just jealous because they have a lot of money and are in love!

The Voice is pulling out all the stops to give us a star-studded finale! Ed Sheeran is going to take the stage next Tuesday night to perform his latest single, "Photograph!" Luke Bryan will also be performing along with Maroon 5, who will be singing their new single "This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Motherf---er." Sweet lineup!

Lindsay Lohan wants us to know that she's reported for duty! After she skipped the start date of her community service hours this week in Brooklyn, Lindsay Lohan got on Twitter and tweeted, "So happy to be finally helping out all the kids at @WeAreBCS – I just hope that I can make a difference to their lives." People were also saying that she showed up two hours late but people who work there are saying she showed up early. Lindsay Lohan has 16 days to complete 115 hours of community service. Get to work!

In many ways, Prince George is just your normal, ordinary boy. So, what's Kate Middleton and Prince William's son obsessed with? At home, Prince George is happiest when he's playing pretend as a firefighter! The almost two year old has his own ride-on fire engine, big enough for him and his friends to sit in! Can you imagine that play date at the Kensington Palace? Next he'll start pretending to be a King haha!
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Tiger Woods Cheated On Lindsay Vonn!

I knew there was more to the story! Apparently Tiger Woods cheated on his ex-girlfriend Lindsey Vonn and that's the real reason why they broke up! After getting cut from The Farmers Insurance Open last February Tiger Woods was upset and found comfort with another woman. A former Hollywood prostitute revealed that between 2006 and 2007 Tiger Woods paid over $40,000 for six 'pay-for-sex dates' and that he's addicted to it. For Tiger Woods it's all a stress reliever, but all Lindsey Vonn needed to hear was that he cheated and she was done with him! Good for her! If this is all true, Tiger Woods needs HELP!

She's not hiding it anymore! Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are officially back together. She posted an Instagram picture of herself and Casper Smart and in honor of Man Crush Monday and wrote, "#MCM @beaucaspersmart #lovethispic #handsomebear." The two of them have been keeping quiet about their relationship status and dodging rumors that they're back together. I guess not anymore!

I think it's safe to say that a lot of Hollywood marriages don't last because the couples are so busy working and flying everywhere that they never see each other! Well that's why George and Amal Clooney have a specific plan in place to make sure that doesn't happen. Seven months into the marriage, George Clooney said that they only adjustment he's had to make is figuring out their schedules. He explained, "Our deal is that we can't be more than a week apart. So far, that's worked out pretty well." Sounds like a good plan to me!

Was it all a setup? I don't think anyone could have seen this coming! Kenya Moore, the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star has been dating a man named James Freeman for a few weeks. She met him because they were set up on the television show Millionaire Matchmaker. Well, Kenya Moore just found out that her boyfriend was not only engaged, but just got married! Kenya Moore released a statement saying, "Unfortunately, I just learned today that the man I met and fell in love with on Millionaire Matchmaker was married a week after the show aired. I am astounded and devastated to have learned this news via social media instead of from him directly. However I still believe in love and my heart remains open to the man God has for me. I wish him well." As Kenya Moore would say, "life twirls on."

Liar, liar pants on fire! Lindsay Lohan told a BIG lie when she said she was back in New York on Monday and ready to do her community service. That's because she was spotted getting there yesterday. Lindsay Lohan was seen getting dropped off at a hotel in the city and that's bad because she clearly wasn't at the Brooklyn daycare center where she's supposed to be completing her remaining 115 hours of community service. She has until May 28th to do it. Tick tock.

Sarah Jessica Parker pranked us all! Social media lit up over a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker in front of Bloomingdale's, in what appeared to be a very Carrie Bradshaw-like shot. So of course, we all thought it was a hint that Sex And The City 3 was coming! Especially because Sarah Jessica Parker captioned the picture by saying, "Well. I guess the cat's out of the (little brown) bag. As usual, we will keep you posted on every detail as we are able. I'm under strict gag order until then." Well turns out that's not the case. Sarah Jessica Parker finally let us know that she was just teasing the announcement that her shoe line is coming to Bloomingdales. She also said, "Forgive me for any previous misunderstandings. Twenty lashes with a wet noodle." Yeah, right! You know what you were doing Sarah Jessica Parker! Messing with our hearts!
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Taylor Swift's Favorite Song Lyric Is...

Taylor Swift likes the simple things in life, like hanging out with her cats Meredith and Olivia Benson and having a glass of wine. She has a lot of crazy life experiences, which is how we know she get's a lot of lyrics to her songs. So, does she has a favorite? YEAH SHE DOES! Taylor Swift said, "My favorite line from any of my songs has to be 'Darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream.' I was so happy when I came up with that. I was like, 'Yessssss!'" Well, it sure makes her a lot of money!

It looks like Mother's Day isn't over! Kristin Cavallari just announced that she's pregnant with her third child! The former reality star tweeted, "We're at it again! Thrilled to announce baby number 3 is on the way! The cutler crew just keeps on growin'!" Jay Cutler is working on that football team of his! They're the cutest family ever!

Morgan Freeman is pro marijuana! He's letting it be known that he's a supporter of the drug and regularly uses it in different ways. Morgan Freeman has even used it for medicinal purposes when he was in a car crash and had severe pain in his left hand and arm. So now Morgan Freeman is trying to get it legalized! He said, "They used to say, 'You smoke that stuff, boy, you get hooked!' My first wife got me into it many years ago. How do I take it? However it comes!" He finished by saying, "This movement is really a long time coming, and it's getting legs — longer legs." I guess Morgan Freeman wants to be the longer legs!

This is a great casting! FX is doing "American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson" and guess whose going to be playing Kris Jenner? Selma Blair! The miniseries will take a look at the O.J. Simpson trial told from the perspective of the lawyers. Kris Jenner is the ex-wife of Robert Kardashian, who was O.J. Simpson's attorney.

Perez Hilton is a dad, again! He announced the big news of course on his website. Perez's first son, Mario was born through a surrogate in 2013 and now he has a baby girl, Mia! Perez Hilton wrote, "She weighed in at 6 lbs 9 oz and measured 19 inches. She looks just like her brother and, thus far, is doing everything a newborn should: eating, sleeping and pooping aplenty and with ease...The future is bright and I am so happy I get to share it with you and two beautiful children!" Congratulations!

Yesterday the news broke that season 15 of American Idol will be the show's last season. So, how do people who have a history with the show feel about it? Season 8 winner Kris Allen said, ""Idol was groundbreaking television. I am very fortunate to have won the show at the time. Idol changed my life and I am thankful. Looking forward to an entertaining final season." Adam Lambert, who came in second place said, "They had a great run. And thank you, Idol, because I wouldn't be here without you." Jordin Sparks, the youngest person to ever win on the show when she was 17 said, "It's definitely bittersweet, the show really gave me my start. I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now if it hadn't been for that show." Finally Ryan Seacrest, who hosted the show since the beginning said, "The show's been a big part of my life for so long… hard to imagine it w/out it. You guys I was 27 when we started idol...just a kid. Next season will be emotional yes, but next season will be unforgettable i can't wai #Idol." Most people are ready for the show to go, but it's still definitely sad.

Is it all an act? Kanye West was caught smiling courtside at the Chicago Bulls game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. That is until he realized that he was on camera. Now a vine of it is going viral because Kanye West smiles for a quick second until he notices a camera point in his direction. Then he immediately wipes the smile off his face. The hilarious moment has gotten over 14 million plus loops on the social media site! See it below!

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Owen Wilson Says, "WOW" A Lot!

No hope in site! Cissy Houston is facing reality. Whitney Houston's mother opened up about her granddaughter Bobbi Kristina Brown's condition, who has been in a coma since January! She said, "Bobbi Kristina is the same. She's not progressing at all. When I go there and look at her, it's very difficult." Bobbi Kristina Brown's family has been doing nothing but praying and hoping for the best. I'm just wondering how much more of this they can take!

This looks like he's really telling the truth! Hugh Jackman confirmed that the upcoming "Wolverine" sequel would be his last time playing the iconic super hero. He said, "It is my last time. It just felt like it was the right time to do it. And let's be honest, 17 years. I never thought in a million years it would last, so I'm so grateful to the fans for the opportunity of playing it. I kind of have in my head what we're going to do in this last one. It just feels like this is the perfect way to go out." Yeah, I would say that's a good run! All good things must come to an end!

Courtney Love needs some counseling when it comes to how she pays her bills. That's because a shrink is saying that Courtney Love owes him $48,250 for sessions. The doctor says that he's an "addiction psychiatrist" who offers trans-cranial magnetic stimulation for addicts. So, you do the math on what Courtney Love was seeing him for. She couldn't be reached for comment. Pay your debts!

Mother's Day is important to everyone even celebrities. Oh, and that includes Justin Bieber. If it's one thing he has a soft spot for, it's his mother. Justin Bieber shared a sweet message for his mom on Mother's Day, thanking her for helping him get back on track. He wrote on Instagram, "This little 4'9" woman may not look like a mom but she is, and she's the best at it! This woman taught me everything I know, how to love how to be compassionate how to be strong when the only thing u wanna be is weak, how to stand when all you want to do is fall." One thing you have to give Justin Bieber's mother credit for, she always stood by his son, even with his bad behavior!

Speaking of Mother's Day, moms are definitely powerful people, and this year there's a list of the Most Powerful Celebrity Moms whose influence is felt on a daily basis on top of their courage, strength, love of family and their passion to make the world a better place. So, which celebrity mothers made the list? Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Reese Witherspoon, J. Lo, and of course, Beyonce!

Now that this video is viral I just have one question, why does Owen Wilson say "WOW" so much?! Someone put together a supercut of Owen Wilson saying "wow" in practically every movie he's ever been in. Take a look here! I wonder if Owen Wilson keeps throwing that word into his scripts. Hey, everybody has a bad habit!
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Sam Smith On 8 Week Hiatus!

His worst fear came true! Sam Smith's hemorrhage on his vocal cords has gotten worse and he is headed to surgery. So that means he also has to cancel more concerts. He gave us the latest update on his Instagram, saying, "Dear all: I am very upset to announce I have been battling to get my vocal cords better the last 10 days but unfortunately they haven't recovered and I am going to need surgery. I'm so gutted to be missing all the shows and events I was meant to be playing at. The doctors say I will be back in 6-8 weeks and I cannot wait to sing for you all soon." Sam Smith's operation is booked for next week and he's extremely nervous. He won't be able to speak for THREE WEEKS after the operation. You have to do what you have to do! At least it's getting handled!

Taylor Swift fans, rejoice! She's going to be opening the Billboard Music Awards with the debut of her music video for the song, "Bad Blood." She announced the news on Instagram and shared a teaser of herself dressed as a character named Catastrophe. It's very Sin City-like. She looks hot! The video includes multiple starring roles played by a cast of Golden Globe winners, Emmy winners, Grammy winners, an Oscar nominee, blockbuster movie stars, and supermodels. I'm excited to see whose in the video! The Billboard Music Awards will air on ABC on May 17th! I'm ready!

Normally if you're a guy and come home to a woman undressed in your bed, you'd be a happy camper. Unless… she was crazy! That's what happened to Chris Brown! He broke the news on Instagram by posting a picture of the intruder, saying, "She had broken the hinges off the doors. She Found time to cook her several meAls. She Wrote "I love you" on the walls. She threw out my daughters clothing as well as my dogs stuff. Then had all these crazy voodoo things around my crib. goes to show you how crazy people are crazy! And she painted her name on my cars!!!! I love my fans but this is some on some real real crazy s**t! I pray she will get help." Yes, she was arrested. The police think she was in the house for a number of days. Scary!

This situation is getting worse! B.B. King's daughter was beyond upset after a judge just rejected her attempt to take control over her father's affairs after she claimed that B.B. King was being abused by his manager. B.B. King's longtime manager came into court with a stack of letters from doctors assuring everyone that B.B. King was getting the best care. B.B. King's daughter came to court empty handed. As of right now, there's no word on whether or not his daughter is going to continue to fight this battle. Our thoughts and prayers are with him.

Well, Lindsay Lohan made it to court yesterday, but the outcome wasn't good. As expected, she came up short on her community service hours… again. Out of the 125 hours she's supposed to do, Lindsay Lohan has done about 10 of them. So here's how it all ended. Lindsay Lohan has until May 28th to finish her community services hours. If she doesn't do it, "there will be consequences." Yeah, we've heard THAT before!

Now this is something I would get in line to see! New Line Cinema is trying to get the movie Mean Moms to happen, and yes… it would be just like the movie Mean Girls. The best part of this story, they are looking at Jennifer Aniston to be the female lead for the comedy! It would be about a happily married mother of two who moves from small-town America to the high–class suburbs and deal with competitive parenting. I want it!

Lady Gaga will soon be gone! That's because once she marries her fiancé Taylor Kinney, Lady Gaga said that she'll be taking his last name! Taylor Kinney has always called Lady Gaga by her birth name since their very first date. So to him, she'll be Stefani Kinney, but to us she'll be Lady Kinney. Yeah, I like Lady Kinney better!
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Mariah Carey Gets Her Frito Pie On!

It's been a little more than a month since Zayn Malik left One Direction. Everyone was supposed to stay friends forever, but it looks like that's already changing. Zayn Malik got into a Twitter fight with music producer Naughty Boy and his former band member Louis Tomlinson. Naughty Boy said Louis Tomlinson can't sing and uses autotune. Louis Tomlinson got angry and attacked him back saying he's a producer no one wants. That's when Zayn Malik got involved, tweeting to Louis Tomlinson, "remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine?" OUCH! Settle down and make up, friends!

Miley Cyrus is coming out of the closet, kind of! Her relationships have always been in the spotlight, but according to Miley Cyrus, she has exes that we don't know about. That's because Miley Cyrus is admitted she's had relationships that weren't straight, heterosexual ones. She didn't elaborate past that. Now I want to know! Who is on the same list as Liam Hemsworth and Patrick Schwarzenegger?!

Mariah Carey can do everything, including making frito pie! In a new "Funny Or Die" video called "Cooking with Mariah Carey," she makes Frito pie and not only looks flawless in the process, but she also pokes fun of her love life. A line from Mariah Carey's song "Infinity" comes up, where she says, "Boy you acting so corny like Fritos." When asked who it's about, Mariah Carey explains, "I had an Italian lover named Frito a couple of years ago. Frito stole my car…He was kind of a jerk." Stick to that story.

Kylie Jenner's lips are no longer sealed! She finally admitted to having temporary lip fillers. Kylie Jenner said, "it's just an insecurity of mine and it's what I wanted to do." Are any of us shocked? Kylie Jenner also said that it's not easy being in the spotlight and everyone picks her apart all the time. She explained, "I want to admit to the lips, but people are so quick to judge me on everything, so I might have tiptoed around the truth, but I didn't lie." Yeah, ok…

Lindsay Lohan has fallen a bit short of completing her community service hours, and now the prosecutor might ask the judge to issue a warrant for her arrest! Lindsay Lohan is supposed to be back in court today to prove to the judge that she's done all of her community service. I doubt that's going to go over well though considering she's tried to call meeting fans part of her community service hours. Out of the 125 additional hours she's had to do, I'm hearing that Lindsay Lohan has completed fewer than 20 hours. Not good.

Here comes the bride! Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello have set a wedding date, and it's going to be a huge affair! Sofia Vergara didn't reveal the date but she said it's going to be large, explaining, "I had to invite like all my family, and Joe has a lot of friends. So it became bigger and bigger and bigger." It's not like she can't afford it or anything!

We've been tricked! Zac Efron may be showing plenty of skin for his new movie "Dirty Grandpa," but there's one body part that he refuses to show… and that's his butt! There's a naked motorcycle scene and a butt-double was photographed stepping in for Zac Efron. So it's a stunt butt double. Bummer…
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Woman In Wheelchair Wins A Treadmill On "The Price Is Right!"

Breaking up is hard to do! Just ask Tiger Woods! Since he and Lindsey Vonn announced their split on Sunday, Tiger Woods admitted that the past few days have been "brutal." He said, "Obviously it does affect me, It is tough, there's no doubt. I'm not gonna lie about that, it is tough." The day that his relationship news went public was also the anniversary of his father's death. So Tiger Woods finished by saying, "On top of that, this time of year is really, really hard on me. "his three-day window is really hard. I haven't slept. These three days." A double whammy. Tough! L

Feeling awful for Sam Smith. He had to cancel more tour dates after suffering a hemorrhage to his vocal cords. Sam Smith is also going to see a doctor. He wrote on Instagram, "I've just left Australia and I'm on my way to the states to see a specialist to see what to do from there... This is f*****g horrid." His next show is supposed to be May 15th in Alabama, but I don't know if he'll be better by then, Sam Smith also said that he hasn't spoken in THREE DAYS. Get well soon!

Well this is awkward! The Price is Right is trending everywhere this morning for giving a treadmill to a contestant in a wheelchair. Yup, you heard me right! The contestant, a comedian named Danielle Perez, got up on stage with Drew Carey and he presented her with her two prizes: a treadmill and a sauna. Her response… "Wow, these are really nice!" Well, they are very nice and really expensive! Oh and she guessed how much they were worth and won! Danielle Perez said the audience got a little quiet, but she found it funny. That's also not all she won. In the contestants' row, Danielle Perez won an iPad and a Nike fitness armband, something else she can't use. Time to put them up on Ebay! SELL, SELL, SELL!

We need more women! That's what Christina Aguilera is saying. If Christina Aguilera were to get her way, "The Voice" would have another female judge. She said, "I always push for that... I would love to see two females on the same season in the red chairs. We need more female power because, look what I have to put up with all alone, all by myself." She has a point! Dealing with Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams all at once has to be a lot! There's obviously been other female judges like Shakira and Gwen Stefani, but those women have never coached during the same season as Christina Aguilera, together. I say make it happen!

Britney Spears might have just hurt her ankle during her Vegas show, but that doesn't mean the show won't go on! Oh and it will, for another three months! Britney Spears' Vegas residency has been extended! She stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres show to not only share the news, but also to give everyone in the audience tickets to go see her perform! Spreading the love, and fun!

Robin Thicke needs to get a room! That's because he annoyed passengers on a red-eye flight by making out with his twenty year old girlfriend. One of the travelers on the plane said, "He was standing in the aisle as people boarded, leaning over to make out with her. He was blocking the way. She was giggling. It was obnoxious. He was just like, 'Oh, sorry.' He knew he was being disruptive." Sounds like Robin Thicke didn't care! His rep had no comment! Keep the PDA to a minimum, or at least don't let it affect other people!
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Justin Timberlake Dresses Up As A Lime

We have info! Prince William and Princess Kate have named their baby girl! The Kensington Palace released a statement: "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to announce that they have named their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. The baby will be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge." Prince William and Princess Kate have chosen to represent the baby's grandfather, Prince Charles, by going for the female version of his name. Diana is obviously for Prince William's late mother to keep her legacy alive and Elizabeth is for the child's great-grandmother and reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II. Oh and get this, Charlotte is also Kate Middleton's sister Pippa's middle name. Who knew a name could have THAT much meaning! Pretty cool!

Rosie O'Donnell wants to make sure that the world knows her soon to be ex-wife shouldn't be entitled to any of her money! That's because she apparently has plenty of her own! Rosie O'Donnell's people are saying that her soon to be ex-wife is trying to get full custody of their child just to get more money and that it's not about their child. Well, Rosie O'Donnell said in an interview back in 2011 that her ex is super successful, has her own money and drives expensive cars. Maybe Rosie O'Donnell's ex is thinking more money, more cars!

Is Britney Spears a liar? She hurt her ankle during a performance last week that made her cancel her Friday and Saturday night shows. There's just one problem though. Britney Spears was spotted at the beach playing football on Sunday! Without a cast on! I wonder how her doctor would feel about that!

Ever go to the airport and have your flight delayed? I'm sure you never thought that it could have been because of a celebrity, right? Well Taylor Swift was mobbed by fans in Japan's Narita Airport. It was so bad that Taylor Swift shared a photo of the craziness on Instagram with the caption, "A very low key arrival in Tokyo... #1989WorldTour." But that's not all. The crowds of fans were so intense that it apparently caused flight delays throughout the airport. At least two different flights were affected. Taylor Swift, causing plane delays!

Justin Timberlake is all about making that money for Cinco De Mayo! He took his celebration of the holiday to a whole new level with the release of his ad for Sauza 901. In the three minute clip, Justin Timberlake is wearing a full-on martian green lime costume to promote his "no-lime needed" tequila. Justin Timberlake pretty much looks like Jim Carrey in The Mask. You can see the whole thing below! I mean, it's Justin Timberlake dressed up as a lime!

It's war! Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and Marvin Gaye's family are going to keep fighting in court! That's because Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams have demanded a new trial after a verdict was reached which was going to make them pay $7.4 million for copyright infringement when it came to the song "Blurred Lines." Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams' lawyers are arguing that there were errors in the original trial so the case needs to be heard again. They're saying that irrelevant things were brought up and presented to the jury that helped Marvin Gaye's family win the case. Meanwhile, Marvin Gaye's family is asking for the song to be taken out of circulation until a final settlement is reached. It's either that or Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke sign over fifty percent of all future profits that the song makes. Oh yes, it's going to get ugly!

Sofia Vergara is breaking her silence after her ex-fiance Nick Loeb went public about wanting to bring her frozen embyos that they made together when they were dating to full term. Sofia Vergara is saying that Nick Loeb has no case because he signed a contract, twice! Nick Loeb is pro-life and said he would raise the child without Sofia Vergara. She on the other hand doesn't want to have a baby with someone she's not with anymore. Sofia Vergara said, "Can you blame me? More than a mother, a baby needs a loving relationship of parents that get along, that don't hate each other." She said that she doesn't "hate" Nick Loeb, "but obviously he has a problem with me." Sofia Vergara finds the whole thing selfish! I'm with her!
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We Have A Royal Baby & Ed Sheeran Visits Graceland!

The Beale Street Music Festival was last night and a bunch of celebrities were in town. One of those celebrities was Ed Sheeran! So of course he had to make a stop to Graceland! Ed Sheeran posted a picture of Elvis Presley's grave on Instagram and tweeted that he ate his body weight's worth in wings. Wonder where he went. Chings perhaps? Also, he performing "Can't Help Falling In Love" during his set. Pretty cool!

Lindsey Vonn and golfer Tiger Woods have broken up. They are blaming crazy schedules for the reason they split. Lindsay Vonn wrote on Twitter, "After nearly three years together, Tiger and I have mutually decided to end our relationship. I will always cherish the memories that we've created together. Unfortunately, we both lead incredibly hectic lives that force us to spend a majority of our time apart."

We have a royal princess! Congratulations to Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton! Their second child, a baby girl, was born over the weekend! Let's just say we greeted the new royal princess with open arms. According to Twitter, there were over 1 million tweets about the royal birth! #RoyalBaby remained the top trending topic on the social media website for most of the weekend. We still don't know the baby girl's name. Think they will name her Princess Diana?

What do you think of this? Britney Spears used an interesting method to give fans an early listen to her new song! Since she's performing in Los Angeles, people were able to jump into an Uber car that was decked out with Britney Spears decorations. For six hours, certain cars were playing her new song with Iggy Azalea and fans even had a chance to win tickets to her Las Vegas show! How cool is that! You never know what's going to happen when you get into an Uber!

Hilary Duff is moving on! We were telling you earlier this week how the singer is on Tinder trying to find dates and guess what? Now it could turn into a reality TV show. Hilary Duff has been allowing cameras to follow her around on her dates from Tinder. Hilary Duff hasn't officially commented on any of this. She has already filmed two dates, one in a bowling alley and the other at a pizza place in the valley. I knew it was too good to be true. I was hoping she was on Tinder to find love!

David Beckham's birthday is just making women everywhere freak out, and it has nothing to do with David Beckham! That's because his wife Victoria Beckham managed to pull off what we thought was impossible: a Spice Girls reunion! Geri Halliwell, Mel C and Emma Bunton all joined Victoria Beckham for a special dinner in honor of David Beckham's birthday. Mel B couldn't make it because of America's Got Talent! Even Eva Longoria showed up and tweeted, "I'm the new Spice Girl!" So when you have celebrities that are excited about this, imagine how WE feel ha!
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Britney Spears Falls On Stage & Has To Cancel Shows!

Ouch! Britney Spears fell onstage and injured her ankle during her Las Vegas show on Wednesday! A YouTube video captured the painful moment. Britney Spears stumbled while dancing and twirling to her hit single "(You Drive Me) Crazy." One of her heels hit the stage at an awkward angle, and she collapsed to the floor. Britney Spears assured her fans that she was okay on social media though, tweeting, "Thank you for all of the sweet wishes! Had a little scare on stage tonight with my ankle but I'm ok!" Eek! She has to cancel two shows. Could have been worse! But it looks pretty painful! Watch below and keep your eye on her LEFT leg/ankle!

Kate Middleton is almost a week overdue to have her second child now, and everyone is getting impatient! First us, the fans, and now the royal family is too! Prince Charles is ready to find out the gender, and he has a preference! Turns out Prince Charles wants Kate Middleton to have a baby girl, exclaiming, "We're hoping for a granddaughter!" Who wouldn't want that? One boy and one girl! Best of both worlds!

This is not Dr. Oz's year. First he has physicians, surgeons and professors petitioning against him and his treatments. Now, Oprah Winfrey has pulled the plug on his radio show. "The Daily Dose With Dr. Oz" will end on May 29th. It's interesting that the end of his show also didn't happen to long after he was accused of being a part of weight loss scams on his show. Dr. Oz is saying that Oprah still fully supports him. Something tells me he'll announce that he's going to be somewhere else very soon!

Sometimes you shouldn't try to fix something when it isn't broken! Dancing With the Stars is going back to it's original plan! The ABC reality hit will air on Mondays and Tuesdays for the rest of its current season, going back to their old format of performances on Monday nights and the eliminations on Tuesday nights. ABC wanted to downsize the show to one night a week so they could focus the show and make us feel more of a wait for the show to return each week. Well, it looks like the original plan worked the best for them! So more ballroom dancing is coming our way! Also, DWTS will have two special guest performers during Tuesday's double elimination: Josh Groban and Carly Rae Jepsen! Love it!

Everyone wants to know what's going on with Adele! She's been messing with us forever about her next hugely anticipated new album 25. We were supposed to be getting it this summer. Now it may not be released until September. Why has it been postponed longer? Apparently because Adele's taking her time to make sure the album is perfect and she doesn't want to compromise. Afterall, Adele is working with some pretty amazing people from Ryan Tedder, to Phil Collins. There's a reason why Adele is so successful. I guess we have to trust her, have faith and be patient!

Bruce Jenner is finally ready to talk about his transformation and he's going to take his story on the road! Bruce Jenner is now preparing for an E! series documenting his transition and a revival of his motivational speaking career. His speaking events helped Bruce Jenner pay the bills. He made around $5,000 an event in the late 1970s and now he has a whole new audience that he can talk to. Life coaches are saying that Bruce Jenner will be in greater demand than anybody right now and can make tens of thousands of dollars for each engagement. I'm hearing though that it isn't about the money for Bruce Jenner though. He really wants to change the world and help people. This makes me so happy! Save lives!

These two just need to admit that they're dating! Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have not only been caught holding hands, kissing and grocery shopping together. Now, Calvin Harris was spotted leaving Taylor Swift's house with her in the driver seat! They have been spending a LOT of time together, and Taylor Swift even introduced Calvin Harris to her kittens, Meredith and Olivia. The rumor is that Calvin Harris is allergic to them, but he posted a picture of his new furry friends on Instagram this week, so it looks like he hasn't stayed too far away from them! Just come out with the truth already!
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