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Beyonce And Jay Z Want Us To SHUT UP!

Vin Diesel, I die for you! Remember when he went viral for that dance video he put out to Beyonce's "Drunk In Love" and Katy Perry's "Dark Horse?" Well now he's going today with this! He was promoting "Guardians Of The Galaxy" when he was asked to sing Sam Smith's song, "Stay With Me." AND HE DIDN'T EVEN HESITATE TO DO IT! My macho man went to town! Gotta love his effort with that deep voice of his! Sam Smith loved the performance by the way, tweeting, "Vin Diesel just covered Stay With Me. Surreal. Thanks man haha. First of all I thought it was going to be good, but when I heard it it's the most hilarious thing I've heard in my life. It's amazing. Brilliant. The falsetto!" Here it is...

This just keeps getting better and better. When Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom were fighting and went at it in that restaurant in Spain, Leonardo DiCaprio was there. Oh, and when Orlando Bloom went to punch the Biebs, he was clapping! Everyone started to clap too and people were shouting, "what a show!" Plus, it was clear that the Biebs provoked the fight! Leonardo DiCaprio, Team Bloom!

Beyonce and Jay Z want us to stop talking about them! After the rumor started going around that Beyonce was secretly looking for an apartment to leave Jay Z, everyone wants to know what's going on. Well, Blue Ivy's parents were acting like a lovey-dovey and happily married couple on stage Wednesday night. They were grinning at each other, smiling and even held hands during Beyonce sang "Crazy in Love." Looks like they are standing together united!

This is so sweet! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt know how to keep their romance alive! Angelina Jolie admitted that she and Brad Pitt stayed in close contact when they were on opposite ends of the globe because of work by being each other's pen pals! Angelina Jolie said, "We decided to be of that time when we could just imagine he was in the European theater and I was in the Pacific theater and we wrote hand-written letters to each other that were very connecting for us, thinking of the people that were separated for months if not years at a time back then." Jealous!

Who knew that Zoe Saldana had all that edge to her? Under all those dresses and around that baby bump, she has a lot of ink! Zoe Saldana admitted that she has almost 10 hidden tattoos all over her body! She joked that she's running out of private places to put them on. Her husband has more and his are exposed. She's even influenced her friends to get some, saying, "I get them drunk, I wine and dine them, I take them to the tattoo parlor, they come out with tattoos. The next day they're like, 'What the hell happened?!'" She said her grandmother even jokes that she looks like a newspaper naked. HAHA! What an analogy!

When did this get so serious? Are Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden already headed for marriage? The two just started dating this spring but are apparently very serious about each other! I'm being told that they've definitely talked about married and are pretty much already living together. Plus, they haven't been this happy in years! Imagine if Benji Madden put a ring on it? I can't wait to see double dates with Nicole Richie and Joel Madden!

Taylor Swift continues to make us feel bad about ourselves. She was spotted leaving the gym AGAIN this week and not only was she dolled up and fully made up, but this time even her OUTFIT caught everyone's attention! That's because she left the gym wearing an outfit that was over eight thousand dollars! Her shoes alone were over one thousand dollars! Let's not forget the matching handbag for almost three grand! That's one expensive gym bag!
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Justin Bieber Stirs The Pot!

When getting into a fight, what’s the best weapon of choice? Well if you’re Justin Bieber, how about social media! Yesterday I told you that Orlando Bloom threw a punch at him in a restaurant in Spain. Onlookers said Justin Bieber’s security got him out of there. Well now he’s stirring the pot, posting a picture of Orlando Bloom on his Instagram account. The picture is a close-up of Orlando Bloom wiping a tear off of his face during a red carpet premiere! He didn’t write anything with the picture, so you be the judge for what he was trying to do! Seems pretty clear to me! The fight is supposedly over Justin Bieber making a rude comment about Orlando Bloom’s former wife, Miranda Kerr. After the reports went public, Justin Bieber actually posted and then deleted a photo of Miranda Kerr on his Instagram. Real mature!
How sad! Drew Barrymore’s half sister was found dead in a car! She had dozens of white pills scattered inside the car. Jessica Barrymore was found in her car that was parked outside. People thought she was sleeping or waiting for someone. Drew Barrymore is known to have substance issues of her own in the past. She released a statement saying, “Although I only met her briefly, I wish her and her loved ones as much peace as possible, and I’m so incredibly sorry for their loss.”
Rob Kardashian and Adrienne Bailon  may have broken up five years ago, but she still won’t stop talking about him. She told a magazine that he was “disloyal” to her and that being associated with the “Kardashian label” was “so hurtful” to her career. Rob Kardashian is currently suffering from depression and substance abuse issues, so his sisters are fighting back! Kim Kardashian tweeted, “Funny how she says being with a Kardashian hurt her career yet the only reason she has this article is bc she is talking about a Kardashian. Khloe Kardashian tweeted, “Don’t kick my brother while he’s down.” AMEN! Family forever!
Good news for “Guardians Of The Galaxy! It’s set to become the biggest August pre-sellers in Fandango’s history! The movie is outpacing sales of the previous record-holder, “The Bourne Ultimatum.” It’s also outselling other films made by the production company like “Thor” and “Captain America!” Fandango surveyed more than 1,000 “Guardians Of The Galaxy” ticket-buyers on its site and found that 95% are attracted to the film’s humor and 85% are excited to see Chris Pratt is a starring role. DUH! Add me to the list!
Now that Maksim Chmerkovskiy is leaving Dancing With The Stars, he’s bashing the show! He's not ruling out a future role on the series but he did say this, "I saw that there were a lot of changes last season. I took a year off. I skipped two seasons and I came back. I personally fell in love with the show. It's not something I need to say now that I'm not even part of it, but it's definitely amazing entertainment...I do think it needs to stay on… My problem is that we're running out of legitimate celebrities. That's the problem." Well, he might have a problem having a future role on the show after that statement!
Sad news for Big Bang Fans! The Big Bang Theory has delayed production on season 8 because of contract delays with the cast! WBTV released a statement saying, "Due to ongoing contract negotiations, production on The Big Bang Theory — which was originally scheduled to begin today — has been postponed." The cast is looking for a BIG salary increase. They want $1 million for each episode. Right now they make $325,000 an episode. They better reach an agreement soon!

Katy Perry is standing on her own! When it comes to having children, she’s going to make it happen no matter what. She told Rolling Stone, “I don't need a dude. It's 2014! We are living in the future; we don't need anything. I don't think I'll have to, but we'll see. I'm not anti-men. I love men. But there is an option if someone doesn't present himself." For now, Katy Perry is holding back until her tour schedule and life both calm down a bit. Why? She said because, “I don't really want to take the child on tour. Not until, like, birth through five is over…" Haha, can you blame her? 

Congratulations to Alicia Keys! She's pregnant with baby number two! What a perfect way to celebrate being married to her husband for four years! Happy anniversary, and happy DAY!
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The Police Have To Calm Justin Bieber's Neighbors Down!

Time to clean house! The Beverly Hills police visited the condo where Justin Bieber is living and it’s not why you think. He didn’t do anything bad. Instead, they’re trying to calm down residents who are freaking out because of Justin Bieber’s antics. They did some "community policing" and spoke with homeowners in the building. The main topic was noise. After all, neighbors have called the police six times in one weekend! The officers also spoke about basic security measures and how to best handle the large amount of people in the neighborhood from both fans and tour buses. The craziest part? The residents are lawyering up in case they decide to go after the Biebs! This comes fresh off the rumor that Orlando Bloom took a swing at Justin Bieber in a restaurant in Spain! There’s video of them this morning getting into it!
This is going to hurt Dancing With The Stars! The superstar of the ballroom and reigning Mirror Ball Trophy champion Maksim Chmerkovskiy is leaving Dancing With The Stars and will NOT be back for the show’s 19th season! He made the announcement himself on The View, saying, "I'm done dancing. I feel like it's time. When I came back to the show, it was not the same. I was different, probably. I looked at it and thought, 'they can do much more and better.' I was taking up a huge spot.” Sounds like he’s leaving for good! Maybe it’s to spend more time with J. Lo! That’s the rumor!
More people are choosing sides and it’s not looking good for Freddie Prinze Jr! After he talked trash about 24 star Kiefer Sutherland and called him the most unprofessional guy ever, actor Louis Lombardi, who worked with Kiefer Southerland on 24 is standing up for him! He said, "My experience with Kiefer was absolutely the opposite. He was one of the most professional actors I've ever worked with. He wanted the best out of everybody. I have nothing but great experiences with him. He's a gentleman… I'm baffled about [that] kid's comments and baffled why he would say this years later! I'm all for Kiefer.” Something does seem fishy, doesn’t it!

Well, this is sad to hear, especially because this pretty much confirms it’s true. A few months ago, Mark Ruffalo blamed Ben Affleck for getting in the way of staying in touch with Jennifer Garner. Well now Kevin Smith, who used to be best buddies with Ben Affleck, said that they aren’t close anymore and that hasn’t been the case in decades. Why? Because now he has a wife that doesn’t care for him at all! He also said, “plus, honestly, he probably don't care for me at all anymore [either]. He's a triple-A-list movie star. If he's Jimmy Carter, I'm Billy Carter, to put it in '70s terms." It's so sad to hear about best friends drifting away because a significant other gets in the way! Life’s too short!
Speaking of the safety of residents, maybe Chris Brown should be worried about HIS safety. He’s moving to a new place and his neighbors obviously know all about who he is and his reputation. Besides having a criminal record, Chris Brown is also known to be a hard core partier. One of his new neighbors feels SO threatened by Chris Brown that he says he WON’T hold back if Chris Brown steps foot on his property. He said, "It can be the devil. I can care less… as long as he doesn't trespass onto my property. If he does, I shoot him." Ouch. Is that really necessary?
The reasons keep growing for why we love Chris Pratt!! Two hundred fifty children and their families who are partners with charities that help fund arts programs and after-school programs were in for a big surprise after they got to check out an early screening of “Guardians Of The Galaxy.” That’s because Chris Pratt showed up after the closing credits and stayed long enough for everyone to take pictures with him and answer the children's questions. He even gave them advice, saying, "Take it from a kid who came from no money. If you stick to your path, you can be your own Star-Lord." Can’t wait to watch him kick butt Friday!
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Freddie Prinze Jr. Calls Out Kiefer Sutherland!

This got ugly really fast. Freddie Prinze Jr. just attacked Kiefer Sutherland, saying that he HATED working with him on "24" and calling him the "most unprofessional dude in the world" and that he would say it to his face! This all went down at Comic-Con, where Freddie Prinze Jr. said that his experience on "24" in 2010 was so bad that he wanted to quit acting altogether. Also, he blames alcohol as the reason for Kiefer Sutherland being a jerk. Freddie Prinze Jr. said that Kiefer Sutherland would regularly show up on set drunk and sit in his trailer for hours! Keifer Sutherland's rep had this to say: "Kiefer worked with Freddie Prinze, Jr. more than 5 years ago, and this is the first he has heard of Freddie's grievances. Kiefer enjoyed working with Freddie and wishes him the best." That’s quite the attack!
Mike The Situation just accepted a plea deal for 12 weeks of anger management! This is after his arrest for assaulting his brother last month at their tanning salon! If he completes the program to the judge's satisfaction the assault charge will be reduced to a petty crime of disorderly conduct. The Situation said he's not looking forward to anger management, but admits he could probably use it. At least he can admit he has a problem!
A Keith Urban concert took a turn for the worst over the weekend!  A lot of people were treated by medical personnel for alcohol issues and a lot of them were arrested. 46 people were treated and 22 were taken to local hospitals. Things were so bad, officials had to activate "a phase one EMS plan" ... which included ambulances from five surrounding communities. 50 people were taken into protective custody for their own good. Looks like things get crazy when Keith Urban is involved. Who knew?
We all are guilty of loving our selfies, but can our love turn into an obsession? It looks like it has for Kim Kardashian! She admitted to taking 1200 selfies when she was in Thailand on vacation! She had six cameras and a ton of people following her around. Oh, and let’s not forget the several outfit changes. Yea, I would say that’s a bit of an obsession!
This is turning out to be a great day for Lea Michelle! She’s hanging up her singing shoes on Glee and headed for a biker gang on Sons of Anarchy. She’ll be in the final season of the show as a guest role. Lea Michele tweeted the news herself and said she was so excited because it’s her favorite show! Lea Michele will play Gertie, a truck stop waitress and single mother. I can’t imagine her in that role so I guess we’re going to have to just wait and see!

We have a date! Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis might be getting ready to welcome their baby girl soon, but they’re also thinking about something else, their wedding! The wedding is going to next July so they can focus on their daughter first. Having the wedding next summer just seems to make the most sense. Plus, it helps that both of their families approve of the marriage. They love that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis got famous together, so they keep each other grounded and know that they’re soul mates! I bet the wedding is extremely private, just like they are!

We knew Jenny McCarthy had a wild side but who knew that her own family would turn her in! She had a mini run-in with the law after her 12 year old son called 9-1-1 on her to report her bad behavior! So what was Jenny McCarthy doing? How about texting and driving! She said, "We're driving in the car and of course I text and drive. Evan called the police on me and said, 'My mom is texting and driving right now.' True story.” What did Jenny McCarthy do? How about throw his phone out the window! He did it again when she went outside to smoke a cigarette and he didn’t know where she was she he reported her missing! Haha! You better behave mom!

The season finale of "The Bachelorette" was on last night and SPOILER ALERT... Andi picked Josh and they got engaged! Nick didn't taking losing well though, and on the "After The Final Rose" special, he told the world that he and Andi slept together! Not cool dude!
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The REAL Reason Beyonce And Jay Z Didn't Go To Kim And Kanye's Wedding!

The truth always comes out eventually! Jay Z and Beyonce infamously didn’t go to Kanye West’s and Kim Kardashian’s wedding in May and now we know why! At first the rumor was they didn’t go because they didn’t want to be on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” But now what’s going around is that the real reason they didn’t go is because Beyonce refused to not be the main star in the room. She didn’t want a Kardashian to socially climb her! As for Jay Z, he never wanted Kanye West with Kim Kardashian because he thinks it’s bad for business! So, that’s why they decided to skip the wedding for a quiet weekend in the Hamptons instead haha!
He’s staying strong! After Harrison Ford broke his left long on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII last month, he’s healing! His co-star Mark Hamill who plays Luke Skywalker confirmed that Han Solo is getting better and doing well! He said, "It will take more than that to stop Harrison Ford." Truth! One thing’s for sure. It’s going to be amazing to see the two of them back together. The original films were released in 1977. Now the two of them are in their 60s and 70s! The movie is expected to hit theaters on Dec. 18th, 2015! So we have a little bit of a wait to go!
Don’t expect them to “consciously recouple!” Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow may have decided to consciously uncouple a while back, but the rumor was are they getting back together? That’s because they are still spotted EVERYWHERE together even though they are supposed to be getting a divorce. Well, Chris Martin has broke his silence and said, "The thing that we told everyone at the beginning of the year is true. We're very close. We're not together. That's the truth. There’s a lot of love. There’s no scandal." Close enough to be holding hands in April! Maybe friends do that!
He’s in the dog house! Scott Disick, the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s children is taking a break from drinking. He’s sobering up after he went to the hospital for alcohol poisoning in June. He’s gone cold turkey and promised that he wouldn’t drink again until after Kourtney Kardashian gives birth to their child on the way! Scott Disick has had a hard time dealing with the death of BOTH his parents in the past year and he’s hit rock bottom. Kourtney Kardashian getting pregnant has become a wakeup call for him! Let’s hope so!
Jealousy looks ugly on you Justin Bieber! He’s apparently in another breakup phase with Selena Gomez and it looks like he’s regretting it. That’s because Selena Gomez has been seen around town with other people, one of which is a young female model that’s bisexual. So what did the Biebs do? How about drunk dial the model and demanded that she tell him what’s going on. Hey, just because she’s into women doesn’t mean that Selena Gomez is!

Things look like they’re moving along quickly. Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo may have just gotten married but Adam Levine better be prepared. That’s because his wife already had babies on the brain before they got married! In an interview she did weeks before the wedding, Behati Prinsloo revealed that she has "definite" plans to have children with Adam Levine. Let’s hope that Adam Levine feels the same way!
This is so scary! Rihanna had a homeless NYC stalker that is until he was finally arrested! He was caught on Rihanna’s surveillance cameras delivering handwritten notes to an employee at her home THREE TIMES! The man called her a few nasty names and even threatened to bum rush her apartment! He’s also sent four letters to her other home in California! He went to court over the weekend and even claimed that Rihanna, Kanye West and Jay Z stole his “material.” Crazy! He’s being held without bail since he’s been arrested over twelve times, four of which are for trespassing! At least Rihanna is safe!
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Zoe Saldana Is Pregnant With Twins?!

If this is true this is crazy! E! News is reporting that Zoe Saldana isn’t just pregnant, but that she’s pregnant with twins! The Guardians of the Galaxy star is apparently thrilled about it too! Zoe Saldan wants to have two to five kids and now she’s on her way to having just that! She won’t have too much time to rest though because she has the leading role in three movie franchises coming up! She’s going to be really busy! Congratulations to her!
Did they actually do it? Earlier this week I reported that Charlize Theron and Sean Penn were getting very serious and were headed towards getting married and having a child. Well, Charlize Theron was just spotted wearing a sparkly ring on THAT FINGER! So after six months of dating, it looks like they definitely they are definitely taking the next step! Reps for both Charlize Theron and Senn Penn had no comment, of course!
Alyssa Milano isn’t complaining when it comes to being pregnant. She’s speaking up and saying that not only does she love being pregnant, but that you also can gain all the weight you want! She said, "A female body is not made to look good in a bikini. It's made to give birth and have a baby and be a cozy companion for it afterward. And for my body, that meant putting on a lot of weight. I didn't indulge in fast food or junk food, so I knew it was a healthy weight. I just realized: This is what my body needs to do to have a healthy baby." So go ahead, GET HUNGRY!

It’s sad that it might come to this! Sandra Bullock was so petrified after that stalker got past her security team and got into her home with a machine gun that she’s ready to give up acting! She wants to live full time in Texas and get out of the business! Plus, she has her four year old son to worry about. Can you blame her?
We’ve been waiting for this day, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting married! The only catch? It won’t be real haha! It’s going to be ON SCREEN for their new film, By the Sea. It’s going to be pretty cool because they haven’t been on screen together since Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2005! So it’s still going to be pretty cool to see them share the moment on screen, even if it is fake... because it’s probably the closest thing we’re going to get to the real deal! We can imagine right?
I never thought I’d see this day! Taylor Swift giving love advice! She came to a fan’s rescue this week who asked her for advice on Instragram. The fan said she had the biggest crush in the world on a guy who she says “will never like me back” and asked T-Swift what to do. Taylor Swift actually replied and told her, “No matter what happens in this situation, I want you to remember that what you are doing is selfless and beautiful and kind. You are loving someone purely because you love them, not because you think you’ll ever have your affections reciprocated… Feel good about being the kind of person who loves selflessly. I think someday you’ll find someone who loves you in that exact same way.” How wise of Taylor Swift! She certainly has enough dating experience to give the advice! Still cool of her to do!
Bill Murray is seriously the best celebrity ever! In the past few months he spoke at a random fan’s bachelor party, photo-bombed a couple getting engaged and now he got ice cream just because he was asked to! When the owner of an ice cream truck heard that Bill Murray was shooting a movie a couple doors down from him, he invited the whole cast and crew to get free ice cream. AND BILL MURRAY CAME! The owner was so happy he got to meet his idol! Keep being awesome Bill Murray!

And he did it again! Jimmy Fallon got us all laughing last night. Ever wonder what Morgan Freeman would sound like inhaling helium? Now we know! Watch below!

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Adele's One Year Old Wins A 5 Figure Settlement Against The Paparazzi!

Glee star Naya Rivera shocked us all yesterday and married actor Ryan Dorsey! It came out of nowhere because she was just planning her wedding to Big Sean in April and has only been dating this guy for three months! They’ve been friends for four years though. The best part though is that it was easy for her to plan because a lot of the ceremony was what was planned for her wedding to Big Sean, INCLUDING THE DATE! Even the wedding gown was the same designer of the dress that she bought for her first planned wedding. Can we say REBOUND?
I don’t even know what to say about this one! Justin Bieber went to Disneyland over the weekend and got to cut in front of the line! But he didn’t cut the line because he was Justin Bieber. He also cut the line because he put himself in a wheelchair! I’m not kidding! He even posed with a fan in the wheelchair. She took a picture, posted it and wrote, "I love how he just pretended to be a normal person on a wheelchair." Of course Justin Bieber’s team is saying that he was dealing with a knee injury from basketball and only sat in the wheelchair to rest for a few minutes. Also they’re saying that he wouldn't need the wheelchair to cut lines because Disney already escorts him in and out of the rides to avoid huge crowds.
Lady Gaga isn’t apologizing for how she looks! She was criticized for looking heavier during her concert over the weekend, but she took to Instagram to fight back. After the performance, Lady Gaga posted a black and white picture of herself and wrote, “Curvy and Proud!” Good for her! Gaga has struggled with bulimia and anorexia since she was 15!
Adele 1, paparazzi, 0! Adele’s 1-year-old son Angelo will get a 5-figure settlement from paparazzi after Adele sued a British photo agency for ruining her son's "milestone moments." Adele accused the agency’s photogs of illegally taking and posting pictures of her little boy during his first family outings. Adele considers these his milestone moments, and she claimed that celebrity kids aren’t public property so the paparazzi have no right to invade their privacy. AND SHE WON BIG TIME!
Britney Spears is expanding her empire! She’s coming out with a line of sexy lingerie this fall! She posted a sneak peek of it on her Instagram account and it looks like her collection is going to be pretty fabulous. She captioned the picture by saying, "Coming very soon...The Intimate Collection, by yours truly. Just a peek at what's to come. xo" There will even be comfy sleepwear! The best part is going to be the reasonable prices. Prices start at just $17!

Looks like more star power is coming to The Voice this season on The Voice. Pharrell Williams has snagged Alicia Keys as his team's guest adviser! This isn't the first time that Pharrell Williams and Alicia Keys have worked together! They’ve collaborated before on music. So how about the rest of the advisers for the season? Well, new coach Gwen Stefani has her husband Gavin Rossdale, Adam Levine has Stevie Nicks and Blake Shelton is using Little Big Town. The Voice comes back September 22nd! I’ll be watching!
When a fashion trend is in, it’s in! Taylor Swift looks picture perfect all the time now, even when she leaves the gym! But she SWEARS that wasn’t always the case. Everybody has that one trend that they can’t believe they fell for and went with. For Taylor Swift, she looks back at her embarrassing photos and finds them “tragic.” Why? She said, "My style forever was going to be cornrows. I took my school picture with the cornrows. It really thrust me into what it's like to not have anywhere to sit in the cafeteria."  Can you imagine T-Swift with cornrows? Yeah, me either!
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Cameron Diaz Abruptly Ends An Interview! Click Here To Find Out Why!

 Don’t talk about friends or her personal life! Cameron Diaz cut an interview short on a radio station in Australia after the host made a nasty comment about her best friend Drew Barrymore. Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel were doing the interview for their new movie “Sex Tape, and it started because the co-host said one of the little girls in the movie looks like a young Drew Barrymore. That’s when the host chimed in and said this: "Let's hope she misses out on the Drew Barrymore drug years, because those were a great thing to watch, but not so good to be in, I'd imagine.” Cameron Diaz jumped in to defend her friend, sternly saying, "I'm sure Kyle you've never been through a drug phase, have you? Or alcoholism, or anything like that. You're pretty clean? Always did it right? Congratulations." The radio host kept it going by mentioning her boyfriend, Benji Madden, who she hasn’t spoken about publicly yet. Cameron Diaz didn’t respond and the co-host tried to move on and ask Jason Segel about his weight loss. But after he answers the question, Cameron Diaz politely cuts the interview short. Hey, at least we know she’s a great best friend!
Half the battle is over! That’s because one of Sherri Shepherd’s two custody battles is now over! The View co-host went to court yesterday for a hearing to see if her ex-husband’s petition for temporary physical custody of their son would be approved or denied. The Judge sided with Sherri Shepherd! Her ex-husband claimed that Sherri Shepherd was neglecting their son through "poor parenting choices” like her busy work schedule. Sherri Shepherd said, "I stand behind my character and integrity. You can't hold me down – I'm a wonderful mama." Looks like she proved it!
More details out today about Adam Levine’s wedding! Not only was it at a gorgeous location and had gourmet food, but the guests were also treated to a night of live music with performances by Stevie Nicks, Maroon 5 and Sublime! Oh and yes, Adam Levine performed at his own wedding! It was a dancing crowd and everyone was dancing the night away! Self absorbed or just having fun?
President Obama is trying to cover things up! The rumor going around was that he was going to be on “Jimmy Kimmel” today. BUT, looks like he pulled the plug on the appearance because he didn't think it was smart to do a comedy show in the middle of two international crises. This is because word got out and everyone started judging him. Apparently President Obama COMMITTED to the appearance and everything was so far planned that the White House had requested Social Security numbers from everyone on the staff and ran background checks on all the employees. Smart move Obama. Sorry, Jimmy Kimmel!
Looks like everything is fine and dandy! I’ve been hearing that Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage is done for a while now! The latest rumor is that after their “On The Run” Tour is over, they are going to call it quits! Well, Beyonce decided to try and show us that everything is fantastic, and she did it by posting a family photo on Instagram. It’s a picture of her 2-year-old daughter Blue Ivy being lifted into the air by her and Jay Z. A picture’s worth a thousand words…

Shia LaBeouf is getting his act together. He’s been seeing going to AA and now he even has a support system to back him up! Shia LaBeouf is about to co-star in the upcoming World War II movie "Fury" with Brad Pitt and I’m hearing that not only is he taking his outpatient alcohol treatment program seriously, but the thought of embarrassing Brad Pitt during public appearances is especially sobering for him. So Brad Pitt is helping him stay sober! Nothing wrong with that kind of motivation!
Even though we’re all looking forward to seeing “Guardians Of The Galaxy” in theaters, one person wasn’t happy when it was being filmed. That would be Zoe Saldana’s husband, Marco Perego! She said hugging her during the filming of the movie was a pain! Blame it on the green paint! Zoe Saldana said that the makeup for the movie got on almost everything she owned, including her hubbie! It ruined some of her clothes and even her driver wasn’t happy. She said, “Every time he'd see me wearing a small dress, he was like, "Oh my god, she's going to stain the leather in my Audi.'” Understandable! It’s not easy being green!
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Jason Biggs Apologizes For Bad Joke!

Jason Biggs is taking it all back! He co-hosted on The View yesterday and issued another apology for joking about the Malaysia Airlines tragedy hours after it happened on his Twitter account last week. He said, "I certainly meant no harm; there was no malice, but I was stupid. It was poorly timed. I've always tried to find the humor in situations… it's a knee-jerk reaction for me, it's how I cope. I have nothing but sympathy for the victims and their families," he added. "I've learned my lesson and would like to move on."" When everything happened, Jason Biggs tweeted, "Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?" Yea, not good! This is the first time he’s spoken publicly about it.
Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West not going to make it to their one year wedding anniversary? That’s what’s going around! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have hit a rough patch because they spend weeks apart thanks to their careers. When they get together, things get intense. Kanye West admitted that,  “Both me and Kim had to learn how to communicate as a team. These are two LeBrons.” But Kanye West swears that he’s happily married and has actually learned a lot from Kim Kardashian! I guess we’ll have to wait and see if they make it!
Taylor Swift is causing problems! Not just her, even her security team! And it’s all going down for her Rhode Island neighbors. Taylor Swift, who owns a $17 million beachside mansion in the area, knows what it’s like to get spotted by fans. Well her security team was harassing diners as Taylor Swift ate breakfast with two friends in the neighborhood. Taylor Swift and her two friends took a table toward the back of the restaurant but her two security guards took a seat at the bar, eyeing the other diners. Her team ran around the restaurant yelling at guests who touched their cell phones. If someone took out their phone, they screamed, “NO PICTURES!’” All that for a meal she could enjoy? I hope they were amazing eggs!

It’s been 5 months since Phillip Seymour Hoffman died of a heroin overdose. But now we’re just learned what happened to his money and estate. After 25 years in the business he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his earning and he got his exact wish! Phillip Seymour Hoffman had told his former accountant that he didn’t want his children to be considered 'trust fund' kids," and because of that he left his entire $35 million estate to his partner Mimi O'Donnell. Hopefully she uses it for them wisely!
Tim McGraw is finally speaking out about slapping a woman in the face during his concert in Atlanta! If you missed it, he did it because during the concert she ripped his jeans! So why did he do it? Tim McGraw said, "It happened in a split second, it was pure instinctive reaction, I think you just got to move on. "Nobody feels good about it, but there's nothing that could be done about it." One detail he left out? Tim McGraw shook the woman's hand off his pants FIRST and THEN HESITATES and before reaching down and smacking her in the face. It’s on video! But the interesting part, the cops in Atlanta side with him and say the slap was justified!
This could be more serious that we thought! Charlize Theron and Sean Penn apparently have a lot to fit in on their trip to South Africa this summer! Charlize Theron is shooting a new drama, and then there’s of course get married and adopt a child! That’s right! Us Weekly is reporting that the couple wants to get married VERY SOON! AND, Charlize Theron already has her adopted son Jackson and wants another child! If it happens, this would be the third marriage for Sean Penn and the first for Charlize Theron. I still think they are an odd couple! But hey, love is love!
Zac Braff wants to make one thing really clear… he doesn’t date celebrities! Well, that is he doesn’t date people more famous than HIM! Zach Bradd has been linked to Taylor Swift. He says that’s SO not true and even though T-Swift is a sweet girl. Zac Braff says he’s tried to avoid high-profile romances ever since he dated Mandy Moore because “when you date another famous person, that’s when they really hound you. They follow you everywhere you go.” Star power times TWO! HAHA! One star is enough for him! 
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Casey Kasem's Body Missing, Adam Levine Married!

Legendary actor James Garner passed away over the weekend. You mainly know him as the star of "The Rockford Files" and "The Notebook!" He also was the original Bret Maverick. An ambulance was sent to the actor's home in Los Angeles and he was found dead when they arrived on scene. He died of natural causes. James Garner was one of the first actors to have success in both television and film. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.
This is making me depressed today! Adam Levine is officially married! He tied the knot with Behati Prinsloo over the weekend and now they’re officially husband and wife! They got married in Mexico in front of 275 people and all their celebrity friends were there from Robert Downey Jr. to Adam Levine’s Maroon 5 bandmates! All the bridesmaids were Victoria’s Secret models! And that’s not even the best part! Jonah Hill officiated the wedding! He was cracking jokes but was also nice and said sweet things! The two have known each other for a long time! How funny! A comedic wedding! Love it! Behati Prinsloo’s dad is a minister and he also gave a blessing during the wedding! So sweet! But my man is off the market!
Kim Kardashian’s stepbrother Brody Jenner finally is giving us the answer to the reason why he didn’t go to her and Kanye West’s wedding in Italy but went to her ex’s wedding. He said, "There are a few reasons that came into play on why I didn't go to Kim's -- one thing being it was in Paris, which is a long way away. Reggie Bush’s wedding was right down the street.” The second reason is she didn't let anybody know in the family until a few weeks notice. He said, "By that time I booked stuff that weekend. I was working and had DJ gigs." But Brody Jenner said the biggest reason was that he and Kanye West barely know each other. He said, "To be completely honest, I don't know Kanye. Like at all. I really don't. I've had one conversation with him that maybe lasted 15 seconds or 20 seconds. I've known Reggie for a very long time. Reggie dated Kim for years and I developed a very close relationship with Reggie.” We’ll let you off the hook!
If you didn’t know, Taylor Swift wrote a piece for The Wall Street Journal about the future of the music business. Well now her actual writing ability has been questioned. Margo Miffin, a professor of English at the City University of New York graded her essay and pointed out her flaws. So what’s Professor Mifflin’s opinion? That Taylor Swift has a strong, effervescent writing style.. But the piece has serious focus problems. It skids all over the place."  She gives Taylor Swift a B-minus haha! Not as good as George Clooney, he got an A-minus! Better brush up on your writing skills Taylor Swift!
It’s time for a raise! Afterall, if you’re multi-time award winning actors you deserve it right? That’s what the cast of The Big Bang Theory are thinking! They’re renegotiating their contracts, and they want a BIG raise! Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, and Jim Parsons were making about $350,000 a year, but now they want $1 million an episode! Their show is one of the highest rated on television in the US, so going into the 8th season, they think they deserve a huge pay raise! Hey, the cast of Friends did the same thing! Well, they better figure it out soon because filming is supposed to start on July 30th! We need our Big Bang Theory!
People are pointing fingers and placing blame when it comes to the television show “American Idol” failing! Fox Networks Group chairman and CEO Peter Rice said “American Idol” is “aging gracefully” but needs to do a better job of finding contestants who “capture the imagination of the public!” He says that his one complaint is that they haven’t found a great contestant in a while and the past few winners haven’t been superstars! Yea, something tells me that the problem is way bigger than that!
The fighting continues! Casey Kasem passed away last month but his body is now reportedly missing! His daughter Kerri Kasem  is saying that she’s not surprised and that they “ expected something like this to happen." Kerri Kasem’s publicist claimed that their stepmother and Casey Kasem's wife removed her husband's body from a funeral home in Washington state. She’s denying the whole thing! Casey Kasem's wife and children have been fighting for control over him for years. Hopefully he can just rest in peace.
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