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Daily Dish

Daily Dish - Friday June 3, 2011

So apparently Bradly Cooper is dating OLIVIA WILDE...how happy am I about this..I LOVE THEM..what a pretty couple..incase you dont know her..she is from HOUSE..and he ...well..its hard not to know him these days...Hangover..Hangover 2..and we cant forget his loving character in WEDDING CRASHERS! xoxo



Willow Sage Hart...she sounds delicious..just kidding..but doesnt that sound like a summer tea.....very pretty..and very fitting for Pink and her hubbs..so happy for them...love her.

Kelsey Grammar really threw the gas on the fire when he decided he was going to file for primary custody of his children with Camille Grammar....she is NOT taking it lightly..she filed the other day for primary custody herself...this is going to get ugly...dont mess with a mama and her cubs...whats wrong with you Frasier?


Justin Timberlake denies that he is seeing Ashley Olson....his reps deny it too....

so we'll see what happens with that..I love when people deny their relationships then come out 2 months later as a couple? Uhm? Did you think you had us fooled? really? I have to say though..I do side with JTs reps on this..he is probably NOT dating her....


Craig Brewer set to write and direct a new TARZAN FILM..so excited..no it wont be filmed in Memphis..hahaha..but we wouldnt expect it to be...or would we? hmmmm

Ps..if you are looking forward to the NEW FOOTLOOSE..its release date is set for oct 2011


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06/03/2011 4:01AM
Daily Dish - Friday June 3, 2011
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