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Sheryl Stewart


Crazy News Quiz for Tuesday, Oct 13 (How to avoid a ticket)

Q- Experts say that you are more likely to avoid getting a speeding ticket if your car is missing this. What is it?

A- Bumper stickers! Experts say you need to drive a car that does NOT stand out in any way. Bumper stickers are a sure way to catch a cop's attention (especially if you have some snarky saying about the police or government)

In researching this question, I found some articles with some great advice for avoiding tickets. ...and the hefty fines none of us can afford anyway!

From MSN Money: (click link for full article)

As long as running late is an American pastime, people will speed. And there are ways to protect yourself and your premiums. First, reduce your likelihood of getting snagged by the speed gun in these ways:

Penny-wise = pound foolish. Police will frequently key on an auto that has problems such as broken headlights, taped-over taillights or a missing front license plate. Spend $3 to replace a burned-out license plate bulb and you may save hundreds of dollars later, says Matisyahu Wolfberg, a policeman-turned-traffic defense attorney in New York.

Stay incognito, Part I. Driving an arrest-me red sports car doesn't guarantee you'll get pulled over, but it doesn't help avoid police, say defense attorneys. Ditto -- albeit to a lesser degree -- any expensive car. Consider a Camry over a Corvette and you may save money in more than the showroom.

Stay incognito, Part II. Ignore the general pace of traffic at your own peril. "You're a pack animal; don't stick out of the pack," says Casey Raskob, a Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y., attorney who focuses on traffic-related cases. Passing police cars is verboten. Stay in the right lane when possible.

Keep your eyes peeled. Scan your rearview mirror often while driving. Look for possible spots far ahead where a patrol car could hide. Also, watch how professional truckers drive, and slow down when they do; they've got far more experience detecting Smokey.

Don't be sticker shocked. Pasting a Police Benevolent Association sticker to the rear window isn't a license to speed. That jig is long up, says Raskob. Wisecracking bumper stickers -- "Bad Cop; No Donut" -- won't endear you to The Man, either.


10/13/2009 11:54AM
Crazy News Quiz for Tuesday, Oct 13 (How to avoid a ticket)
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