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Crazy News Quiz for Tuesday, June 16

Q- An 18 year old in Romania is suing her tattoo artist for giving her more than she bargained for. She asked for 3 of these, but he gave her 56. What are they?

A- Stars on the face!

18 yr old Kimberly says she asked for 3 stars on her face.....took a nap...and woke up with 56 of them! The tattoo artist says he gave her EXACTLY what she asked for. Her dad & boyfriend freaked out....which is why she is probably suing tattoo guy. She says she is too embarrassed to go out in public now....sounds like a case of extreme tattoo regret to me.....exactly why I won't get one.....and oh, yeah, there is the pain issue.....

Here's a link to story if you want to read more!

Check out the pics below! Does she look embarrassed & humiliated (or even sad) to you? Nope! Love the broken "sexy" belt buckle, too, btw. Ha!


06/16/2009 10:13AM
Crazy News Quiz for Tuesday, June 16
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06/16/2009 10:29AM
Sleep...through a tattoo...on your face...don't think so! I have 3 tattos and I don't believe anyone could sleep through one especially on your face like this girls. Thinkin dad and boyfriend didn't like them so she is using all excuses. Wow!
07/07/2009 10:56AM
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