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Check Out Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake On SNL HERE

Cold Open - Bring It On Down To Wrappinville... by IdolxMuzic
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This Version Of "Baby It's Cold Outside" Is Hilarious!!!
If you missed SNL this past Saturday, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake were great. This skit with Jimmy Fallon doing "Baby It's Cold Outside" was the last skit of the night. 

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Airline Surprised Passengers With Christmas Gifts. So Cool!
The Canadian Airline WestJet recenlty asked all the passengers what they wanted for Christmas before taking off. When they landed, the presents came out of the conveyor belt at baggage claim. This is the coolest video I think you'll see all Holiday Season.

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Top 5 Things That Will Cost Less After The Holidays
There are quite a few things that we can buy AFTER the Holiday's cheaper. Here are 12 items that will most likely be cheaper in January. 
  1. Big-Screen TV's - HDTV's are generally 10% cheaper the last week of January than on Black Friday. Stores are trying to get everyone to buy a TV before the Super Bowl. 
  2. Furniture - New models are usually released in February and August. So stores give their best deals in January and July to clear out the inventory. 
  3. Skis - You can get a better deal on Skis after the winter season
  4. Bicycles - September is the best time to buy with discounts are large as 25% or more. Manufactures bring out newer models in the fall. 
  5. Cars - The last week of the year is the best time, because dealers will negotiate more. They get manufature incentives based on the calender year, so it's their last chance to cash in.
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Top 10 Smartphone Apps
A new study found out the top apps that people use the most on their Smartphones. Here are the Top 10:

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Candy Crush
4. Instagram
5. Youtube
6. Amazon
7. Gmail
8. Angry Birds
9. Google Chrome Web Browser
10. Google
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You'll Never Guess What The Hottest Item For Black Friday Was This Year
I would think that Big Screen TV's would be the hottest item on Black Friday. Not this year! According to Walmart, they sold 2 Million Televisions and 2.8 Million 29 cent Towels. Yes, 29 cent Towels were the hot item this year. 
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Amazon Planning To Deliver Your Packages With Drones. MUST SEE THIS!
I watched this and said NO WAY! How can they pull this off? But, Jess Bezos...The founder and CEO of Amazon was on "60 Minutes" this past weekend and announced the newest Amazon venture which is delivery using FLYING ROBOT DRONES. 

Hey says if Amazon can get FFA Approval, they'll be able to deliver your packages by flying robot drones within the next four to five years.

The service will be called Amazon Prime Air and they will be able to deliver your packages within a half hour to an hour. CRAZY! Check out the future of Amazon below. 

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