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Chris Michaels

Posts from February 2013

7 Foods To Eat That Helps With Weight Loss
Eggs over Bagels...a study shows that eating two eggs a day over a bagel will increase weight loss. Check out the other foods to eat that can help with weight loss HERE.
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I wonder if this works?
Get this...apparently in most Elevators, there's a secret trick that skips all the other floors and goes straight to your floor. You ever been in an Elevator that stops every floor? We'll according to this trick...you can skip all those floors and go right to yours.

Next time you're in an Elevator, press and hold the "close door" button and "the floor number you are going too" for 7-10 seconds. It will skip all other floors and go right to yours. Most Elevators do this trick and apparently Pizza Delivery guys have been doing this for years.

Try it and let me know if it works!
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Star Magazine is claiming Britney Spears didn't sing on her last album

Star magazine is claiming that Britney Spears doesn't even sing on her own albums anymore.  The father of a woman, Myah Marie says she was paid to sing seven of the songs on Britney's most recent album, "Femme Fatale".  But Myah says she was just a background singer. 

Check out the video of Myah singing Britney Spears "Hold It Against Me"

Check out the official video of Britney Spears "Hold It Against Me"

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Don't Mess With Kelly Clarkson
Clive Davis is a a Record Label executive who discovered huge artist such as Whitney Houston, Carlos Santana, Mariah Carey, and more and he is releasing a "Tell All" book in a few months. We'll apparently in his book he talks about Kelly Clarkson and Kelly didn't like what was said about her...particularly a part in the book that talks about Kelly crying in his office.

Kelly went off on Clive and you can read it HERE.
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