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Chris Michaels

Posts from December 2012

UPS driver steals an iPad Mini and gets caught on video
You shouldn't steal...you never know who is watching. He was caught, arrested and he returned the iPad Mini.
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Topics: Human InterestLaw_Crime

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The average weight gain during the Holidays is...
The average weight gain between Thanksgiving and New Years is 4 to 5 pounds. The main reasons that people say cause their weight gain during the Holidays are:
  1. More Social Gatherings
  2. More rich comforting foods are available
  3. More Stress
  4. A limited selection of fresh fruits and vegetables
  5. Less physical activities
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Chicago TV Reports Fake Plane Crash (Must Watch)
You have to see this! WGN News out of Chicago was reporting a plane crash and things start to get funny when they say "Where are the fire trucks and help?" Then they realize...oh, they are filming a TV show "Chicago Fire."
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