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Charlie Sheen Gives A Beyond Generous Gift!

It’s a battle of new music! A big announcement came from Justin Timberlake yesterday! In case you missed it, he tweeted the words “I think I’m READY” along with a video that shows him walking into a studio and explaining why he hasn’t made music since 2006. The video ends with a countdown that ends Sunday at midnight. There were reports in August that a new album wasn’t on the way anytime soon, but he is definitely releasing new music! Who else can we add to the list? DESTINY’S CHILD! I’m not kidding! Beyonce announced on her Facebook page as well yesterday that the group will be releasing its first original song in eight years! I can’t wait for both!
And what is Lindsay Lohan like when she is cast in a film? Well a writer for New York Times Magazine who spent time with her on set is spilling the details. For starters, she goes on extended crying rants and acts jealous of her co-stars. She even locked herself in a walk-in closet with her friend and refused to come out to shoot a love scene! AND She also brings up references of her dysfunctional family. After rehearsing a scene with a costar where she had to be thrown to the ground, Lindsay Lohan bounced back up with a smile. When the director told her good job that was great, her response… Well, I've got a lot of experience with that from my dad." AWKWARD!
Britney Spears is leaving the X-Factor! Whether she decided to quit before she was fired will now never be known but if she knew she was being fired and decided to quit first, smart thinking on her part! The story that they are sticking to… Britney Spears has made the decision not to return because she wants to concentrate on her music… ok then…
Did you ever think  you’d see Adam Levine and Nicki Minaji in K-Mart, let alone together?! WELL, IT’S ABOUT TO HAPPEN! They are both singers and now judges on reality singing shows so it’s only natural that the two would both put on lifestyle lines in the same store! Adam Levine and Nicki Minaj are creating a line that will have clothes and accessories that are affordable and will be placed in Kmart and on shopyourway.com! The collections will launch sometime this year! Those are the only details out right now! I wonder if Adam Levine will have more than just white t-shirts for sale!
And trouble in paradise for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The two were together in London for New Years Eve but it’s being reported that the two are now fighting like cats and dogs! The even bigger rumor, Robert Pattinson is so fed up with Kristen Stewart and it’s just a matter of time before he ends the relationship! First they were getting a house together, now they’re fighting… How do we keep up?
Speaking of not being able to keep up, it was reported yesterday that Harry Styles dumped Taylor Swift because she didn’t trust him and kept nagging him about his relationship with other women and how he acted. Now, even MORE details are coming out! I feel so bad for the girl! Now, sources are saying that Harry Styles kicked Taylor Swift to the curb because she rarely put out! Are you kidding me? He apparently got bored and wanted to party it up and enjoy being young. Taylor Swift on the other hand is so concerned that the public will think she gets around because of her serial dating that she refuses to put out! That’s why all these guys dump her, she won’t give it up! Taylor  Swift tried her hardest to please Harry, but their lifestyles were just too different.  That would actually make a lot of sense, but good for her sticking to her guns!
Is Bethenny Frankel the cause behind her divorce from Jason Hoppy? Jason Hoppy thinks that he wife has romantic feelings for one of her Skinnygirl colleagues. He doesn’t think that she cheated on him during their marriage but he does think she EMOTIONALY cheating on him. In my opinion that can sometimes be ten times worse. He also thinks that this emotional cheating was going on for months! She stopped communicating with him and completely withdrew herself from the relationship.
And add this to your list of reasons as to why you should further love Ryan Gosling! Back in the day, he bought out some girl’s entire stock of Girl Scout Cookies and then handed them out to strangers on the road. Jimmy Kimmel called him out on it because he said five or six years ago two of his friends told him that Ryan handed them several boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and then drove off. Ryan Gosling confirmed it was him and then said he regretted it because it was an impulse buy that he did since he was inspired by one of his own dreams as a kid. When he was a kid, Ryan Gosling sold cellophane for his dad and he had a dream that he would sell ALL OF IT. Never happened, so he did it for this girl and he didn’t realize how many boxes he was going to have. He didn’t know what to do so he just started throwing them out the window of his car to people on the street! So he became the creepy guy with Girl Scout Cookies haha!
From one good deed to another, Charlie Sheen needs to be acknowledged this morning! That’s because he sent a twelve thousand dollar check to help cover the funeral costs to the family of the photographer who was killed last week trying to take pictures of Justin Bieber! Sheen’s comment: "A tragic incident like this erases the line between the photographer and the subject. It's an unforgiving moment that begs us all to be human and work as one to prevent this in the future. As parents, we are all not supposed to bury our children. My deepest condolences to the families involved." Charlie Sheen decided to help after a photog who was friends with the photog who died and approached Charlie Sheen and let him know that he was trying to raise money to help the  family with the funeral expenses. WELL DONE CHARLIE!

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01/10/2013 5:53PM
Charlie Sheen Gives A Beyond Generous Gift!
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01/11/2013 4:19PM
Emotional affairs?
emotional affairs...hmmmm....not much to say about that, but the Girl Scout cookies speak to me...I think I need to get a supply of yummy Samoas. Charlie Sheen donated money to help someone out...how nice...did the right person get the money? --P. Tucker
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