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Sheryl Stewart


Brand NEW Train right here!

I'll just say it, with no shame, I love this song....and I probably haven't said that about a Train song since "Drops Of Jupiter" was new. Seriously. This is catchy, upbeat, and I can't stop humming it. what do you think? Post a comment. I will pull a random comment (doesn't matter if it's good or bad, so be honest) and give that person a pair of passes to our Buzz Happy Hour Lounge with Uncle Kracker and Howie Day @ aLoft Hotel next Tuesday, August 19. Good luck!


08/11/2009 8:31AM
Brand NEW Train right here!
Please Enter Your Comments Below
08/11/2009 10:08AM
Very catchy, I can see similarities, but it's very upbeat. =) I like and will be waiting for the new album.
08/11/2009 10:08AM
I loved it! Its a little more my style than other Train stuff so I'm definitely digging it. Can't wait to hear the whole album now!
08/11/2009 10:35AM
Wendy Levingston
lovin the new train song..
08/11/2009 11:05AM
I like this song but not as much as thier older music like Free which had a little bit harder edge to it.
08/11/2009 11:20AM
Brittney Waugh
I love all their music! Especially this song
08/11/2009 11:24AM
Great song...I think it will be a big hit!
08/11/2009 11:54AM
Whitney Herrick
I really like it! the lyrics are cute and it is very upbeat. Certainly a song I wouldn't mind getting stuck in my head. I still love drops of jupiter though.
08/11/2009 2:24PM
Thanks for the link, can't wait to hear it, no sound right now. I love train and I'm sure it's cool. When is their new album out?
08/14/2009 11:29AM
Love it.......Thanks.
08/18/2009 6:38AM
bruce lee lawson
kinda catchy tune..going to be stuck in my head all day..i DIG it !!!
08/18/2009 7:59AM
Very catchy tune....might need to buy this one!
08/25/2009 10:57PM
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10/25/2009 10:13AM
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06/14/2010 8:58AM
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