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Alec Baldwin Deserves An Apology, Kind Of!

It’s time to take a stand! If you missed it, I reported yesterday that there were rumors that Khloe Kardashian got the boot from co-hosting The X Factor… but now sister Kim Kardashian is saying hold on, just wait a minute…people lie on the "daily" and when she was asked what happened, she replied with "Probably nothing." My sources are saying that no final decision has been made about Khloe Kardashian being let go BUT Simon Cowell is definitely thinking about re-staffing for next season.
An apology is in order for Alec Baldwin! Another story that leaked yesterday was that he called a New York Post reporter a racial slur, followed by telling him “I want to choke you to death.” Well guess what? The audio tape of the incident has been released and it proves his innocence! Turns out that there’s no mention of any racial slurs at ALL on the tape! Plus Alec is caught saying “I want you to choke to death” instead of “I want to choke you to death,” which is what he said he did. Not much better, but a heck of a lot better than what everyone was accusing him of!

Everyone get excited for this! Are Pixar and Disney about to release a fourth installment of Toy Story? We all thought Toy Story 3 would be the last since it had a great ending but there are rumors floating around that there will be another one! I’ll let you know if there is any official confirmation but I say we can totally go for Buzz Light Year to the rescue times four!

More baby news! Yesterday it was Fergie and today Mario Lopez! Turns out Mario Lopez and his wife are expecting their second child together late this summer. What’s cute about it, their two year old daughter Gia broke the news on Extra with a big sign that said she was going to be a big sister!

Speaking of babies… looks like the boys are already chasing after Jay-Z and Beyonce’s baby Blue Ivy! Alicia Keys revealed that her son Egypt has a crush on their one year old daughter and even kissed Blue! Jay-Z apparently wasn't too happy about it and called Alicia Keys' husband and said watch your son! HOW CUTE! I’m sure he was joking but I love the idea of Jay-Z being a protective daddy!
Shocking announcement from Clive Davis! He revealed in his new memoir, The Sound Track Of My Life yesterday that he is indeed bisexual. Clive Davis has actually been married and divorced twice, and spent the past 20 years in relationships with two men. So what else did this annoucement start? Kelly Clarkson going after Clive Davis! Yesterday, Clive Davis started speaking about his new memoir where he talks about working with people like Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen, and more in addition to his sexuality! So who else made the list? Kelly Clarkson! The second that Kelly Clarkson found out what was written about her, she went to her blog immediately! She wrote, "So I just heard Clive Davis is releasing a memoir and spreading false information about me and my music. I refuse to be bullied and I just have to clear up his memory lapses and misinformation for myself and for my fans. It feels like a violation. Growing up is awesome because you learn you don't have to cower to anyone - even Clive Davis. First, he says I burst into 'hysterical sobbing' in his office when he demanded 'Since You Been Gone' be on my album. Not true at all. I cried because he hated [Because of You] and told me verbatim that I was a "sh*tty writer who should be grateful for the gifts that he bestows upon me," Clarkson says. "He continued on about how the song didn't rhyme and how I should just shut up and sing. This was devastating coming from a man who I, as a young girl, considered a musical hero and was so honored to work with. But I continued to fight for the song and the label relented. And it became a worldwide hit. He didn't include that in the book." YOU GO GIRL! That’s why we love her!

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02/20/2013 5:31AM
Alec Baldwin Deserves An Apology, Kind Of!
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